What's going on with her hair ribbon thing?

what's going on with her hair ribbon thing?

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It was always like that, right back to the model sheets.

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As an 80s kid growing up I was always looking for girl that looked like Jeanette. I never have

Met a girl like that in highschool. She was into me. I was too insecure to ask her out.

You absolute buffoon.

Never noticed that. It looks like she tied the ribbon too loosely, the final loop got undone, and now it's awkwardly dangling like that. Its purpose is probably characterization; it shows that she doesn't bother to take care of her appearance that much. Otherwise she'd get the ribbon out and tie it better.

Never forget what they took from you...

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I knew a girl like that in elementary school, she would for whatever reason put her hand in her pants, touching her ass. Then after I moved two towns away, randomly saw her years after when I was in the 8th grade, and she got even more attractive. She had this look that she remembered me before.

And here we go

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I once met a geekish Chinese girl that had all the characteristics both physically and emotionally and in fashion. She also had bad breath and acne, for me that was a plus.

She had a high resemblance to Irma from TMNT. Was there a thing for homely nerd girls in the 80s?

>Was there a thing for homely nerd girls in the 80s?
What do you mean, 'was'?

Is there any now? But if there is. Please share me some adorkable waifus from this era.

Obvious first choice:

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The Purple Small Horse

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That's not what waifu means.

nice skirt

You are technically correct, but Babs is still Best Girl™

Good stuff.

Oh wow, the thread survived, I had left it when it reached page 10 for the second time.


If you say so, I have to take your word for it haha

That's one CUTE Jeanette!

Ok boomer

Be honest, do you feel proud of yourself?

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right, its the mermay

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Good shit. Thanks user.

>was part of the Chipmunk fandom
>was part of a very autistic fan forum in the 2000's
>Sploosh was our holy grail, as it had a Simon/Jeanette kiss.

she likes to be violently strangled with it

I miss old forum.

what made her so fuckable that the other two just didn't achieve?

Glasses, nerd, skirt, not blonde. Easy.

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>draw cute girls
>give them animal noses
>call them chipmunks
This is not okay.

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I would like to see a Jeanette version of this Irma pic.

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They are QUITE alike.

Wouldn't the Chipettes looks lovely in heels or peeptoes?

Holy heck, nice work user.

Tanks, I only wish you guys could see the other pics made after that one. Now I'll have to make that actually CAN be posted here!

I sure would have liked to see it as well. Do you have a place you post your stuff? Like a Baraag or something?


That's no user.
That's Smeet.

Yeah, I see the name. I guess I just feel it's in the spirit of this site to refer to everyone as user even if I recognize the art style or if they have a name. But maybe that's just me.

Working on something user.

I've never done requests before or lewd shit really. What is and isn't allowed and won't get the thread nuked?

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Lurk more faggot.
A name without a tripcode is retarded and queer, because everyone can use the name. Just like I'm doing now. 4chanX also has a forced user option..

>What is and isn't allowed
Technically, censoring nipples/genitals makes is a-okay.
>won't get the thread nuked
It will be nuked regardless, because jannies are faggots.

That's why you can make lewd cute shit.
Like the Breezo of Doom.
Or make them unsteady in stiletto heels.
If you really want to, you can make the boys walk on them as if they were born with it.

>Willingly becoming a tripfag
Fuck THAT noise, I'll never willingly get one.

VERY cute.
Found full size.

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Imagine being an Infinitechan tripfag because you're lonely.

Can't guarantee it'll get done before this thread dies but i'm working on it. Any other requests for the back burner?

I kinda want to see some lewds of Jeanette with Irma

Cooming notwithstanding, this thread does make me yearn for my early childhood in the 80’s/90’s bleedover period, when the poofy hair and pastels of the 80’s still had purchase in pop culture and grunge was just setting in.

>What is and isn't allowed and won't get the thread nuked?

I once got banned despite cutting a pic off from the neck down.

What's "Tasteful, Artistic or Classy" to one is "Lewd and Porn" to others, but no one here knows where that line truly lies, as art is subjective.

I'd say...anything showing exposed breasts or sexual penetration should probably go to /aco/.

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Very cute. Thanks for hunting it down.


The artist of this is a dumbass. He overdid it to the opposite direction. And it's a known fact that people in general are much more OK with male feral monsters than they are with female ones. This isn't the game dev being biased, this is capitalism.