Fuck you Michael Waldron

Fuck you Michael Waldron.

Fuck you.

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Wouldn't the fact they are both Peter Parker tell you that?

Mysterio was talking out his ass. He didn't even know that the multiverse was an actual thing and somehow managed to hit upon the same numbers.

Fake news

Tom Holland growing into Jake Johnson is a fucking horrifying image.

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All universes are named based on which number Mysterio uses to bullshit about the Multiverse

>what is separate continuities

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Was Spider-Verse Miles confirmed to be in the Ultimate universe?
It'd actually be hilarious if the movie confirmed that Ultimate Spider-Man was kino whereas One More Day ruined Spider-Man's life forever.

It's not referring to Far From Home.

But Multiverse of Madness. Where Earth 838 Christine refers to the MCU as 616.

Is Michael Waldron MCU's worst writer?

But they have different MJs, and Aunt May is different

just editorial name the mcu stil called earth 19999

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This shit is so stupid. It's obviously an easter egg.

... That makes no sense.

The MCU is the live action version of 616

Who is Michael Waldron

>>what is separate continuities
ESL-kun, pls go

I'm sure that'll go down just fine and casual moviegoers won't take it at face value to the point that Marvel will have to make them either say the right number 15 times the next multiverse movie or just flat out make up a whole different ok inverse structure just to pander to the people wanting to call it 616.

I think it's worth noting that 838's institute was obviously counting universes from their perspective, so their numbering isn't likely to line up with any other universe's count.

comic multiverse - earth 616 comic
movie multiverse - earth 616 movie
animation multiverse - earth 616 animation
there you fucking go you dumb fucks

Didn't wanda destroy every copy of the darkhold in the multiverse, so either you accept adaptions are different, or the next time the comics use the dakhold, it's a continuity error.

And on the comics side, earth 19999 was destroyed and rebuilt during the incursions, and yet the movie universe wasn't.

Both the comics and the movie contradict this shit, so who cares. The comics can have someone travel to the "movie universe" and kill every person there and it won't effect the movies.

This means 1610 is the Spiderverse films

obviously, but I do wonder why, from their own perspective, they'd label themselves 838 rather than 0, 1, prime, or something like that.
Like, what parameters do they use to determine the number a universe gets, if they're not starting with their own position?

That's the problem, innit? There was the implicit idea that all of those were one multiverse, now they're many.
That said, things like the TVA from the MCU being different from the comics TVA, or America being "the only one in the multiverse" already confirmed they're not all in the same mutiverse.

No, that title clearly belongs to the Firpo brothers(The guys who wrote Eternals)

The hack writer of this movie and the Loki show.

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Earth 199999 is comic version of the live action 616 so if they wanted Tom Holland for a Spider-Verse comic they could use him without effecting the movies

Nicholas Hammond is also Peter Parker so by your logic he should be the same as Tom Holland’s.

Yes, they are the same character

The 616 of the MCU is not the 616 of the comics, it's just referred to as the "main universe" for the storytelling of that medium. Pretty sure this entire problem was caused by Diisney/Marvel flipflopping on whether the MCU exists alongside the comics in any way that would enable a crossover

>obviously, but I do wonder why, from their own perspective, they'd label themselves 838 rather than 0, 1, prime, or something like that.
>Like, what parameters do they use to determine the number a universe gets, if they're not starting with their own position?

Perhaps they have some sort of algorithm for sorting universes based on some sort of radiocmetric dating equivalent. Or their version of Merlyn gave them the idea.

in this instance, the post is referring to the concept (singular) and not the subject in question (continuities-plural)
you should see yourself out for being a drooling retard

Try and justify it all you like, user, you fucked up

>new IP

She is probably wrong.

holy hairline

There's a simple solution to this:
Comic 616 is universe 616 set in the 1st dimension.
Sony 616 is set in the 2nd.
MCU 616 is set in the 3rd dimension.

Only dumbasses actually think the movie universe being called 616 means anything. Just tell normies who get confused that the number is a reference to the comics which are designated as 616. Anyone who answers with anything other than “oh neat” may then be dragged out back and shot to free us of their stupidity.

Take your meds, schizanon

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Did we really need a movie to confirm this?

Christine is wrong, the MCU universe is 199999

Why do people attach such an emphasis on a universes numerical designation? Like there could be a whole bunch of "616' earths, hell a new universe is created every time sneezes, why would you have a designation for everyone of those?

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This is why you pay attention to canon, because words and numbers have meaning.
oh wait I forgot nobody making this shit gives a single fuck about what they're working on.

You're both entirely correct but unfortunately people here don't seem to care about storytelling, themes, characters, or art. Only plot, lore, power levels, and muh worldbuilding

I thought MCU was Earth 99199 or something

But Holland's spiderman isn't a Jew.

She's from an organisation that deals with multiversal threats, why would she be wrong?

It's not Waldron's fault that people make retarded connections based on numbers though.

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And this is according to whom? A random autist editing the fan wiki?

Hey if wikipedia gets away with it, any random fankwiki should too.

Wikipedia does require verifiable sources though, even if you disagree with the source cited. This is just made up.


>Wikipedia does require verifiable sources though
People still believe this?
Contrary to what you might believe, the New York Post really isn't a valid source.

Because she used her universe catalogation, but also because writers have shit for brains

Cope you fucking niggers, the MCU was never part of the comic "multiversal" continuity.

you're correct, but that's not the point

>even if you disagree with the source cited.
Where was New York Post used as a source?

>It's not referring to Far From Home.
Read the comment retard

yet Tobey and Andrew are, and the were in No Way Home

In the script the dead Spider-Man with the 'Web Cave' was 616

you're dumb

That's just 838's numbering system for the MCU.