Gunnerkrigg Court

Chapter 85: Page 7

Hope there's no problems with their plan!

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Pffft, that's amazing! :D

Wtf I love Loup now?!

Their plan is to beat his ass with a pipe.

in the true British spirit

Wait, I thought that the green-eyed boy is Loup's humansona, what is going on?

A+K+R think they have the drop on Loup, but its really the other way around

They are Arsenal fans afterall

Annie and friends made a plan to do something to Loup while Loup is among said friends. My guess is he's just humouring them with some magic bullshit to be in two places at once. He might even fake his own death.

Yes. Yes he is.

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He's pretending to be retarded. I wonder what his play is here though, besides dodging the suspicion that his skinsuit isn't 100% authentic. So he gets his wolf self caught, what's the next step of his master plan?

Loup is playing with them, enjoying to make their plan fail during the day and plowing the feisty redhead every night

His wolf self wills himself to escape.
He may be nuts and not in full control but I don't see how they expect to catch him.

>he said arse anal

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>I don't see how they expect to catch him.
They have a pipe.

That 'pipe' is a hi-tech tool to manipulate terrain, creating the cover they are currently hiding under. I doubt they'll try to bonk him over the head with it.

The point is moot, though, seeing how it's already failed very spectacularly and comically.

>I doubt they'll try to bonk him over the head with it.
And that's why they're doomed to fail.

Likely true, actually, Loup seems to be made out of the dirt around him in some of these panels. They could probably dispel the fake Loup with it.

I continue to notice they're putting a lot of faith into these humanbots that they literally just met and barely know, but at least this time there was a time skip of a sort, so I can imagine they've maybe spent some time getting to know them before trusting them with this plan.

Before it was just annie telling human-loup top secret information, but now it's trusting both of them with their lives.

Pretty sure that "pipe" functions more like a magic wand. An earth- manipulating magic wand to be specific.

Loup's gonna disapear and laugh at them, that's what will trigger Kat's giant net plan.

But can it crack his skull?

I think it'll probably be a snare, not a net.

you aim for the knees

Depends if Kat has taken up baseball/softball to keep Paz's interest

Against that huge, idiotic mutt? I wouldn't call the pipe THAT durable.

Why are they covered in mud? Camouflage?

This whole time we were getting ready to prank a god

That's a shadow, it happens when something is in between a surface and a lightsource.

I can see Annie taking her boyfriend with her, but what's the other slut doing with them?

Lana can no longer allow Annie to be alone with her crush. She doesn't really want to be there hunting a psychotic sparkle dog but if she doesn't want to get cucked she doesn't have a choice.

She's Annie and Jerrek's cuckquean.
Or Annie is Jerrek and Lana's?
This needs to be established.

What doofuses.

Based Loup

Yeah, Loup is getting better with every page.

it'll be a net, but tiny.

Ah, the Fortuna method.

and they will put it on the pipe and try to catch Loup with it like he's a little butterfly

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I think Loup's doing this to separate himself from Jerrek. After realizing the problem with Omega, he wants to just be a boy for a while.

Huh, and here I was thinking maybe Annie suspected Jerrek is Loup,and was leading him on.

Dang firehead girl, seducing a god....

I could stare into these eyes every day.

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Annie's insanely attractive honestly, I can see why so many dogs want to knot her

Annie’s thing is to rally people around her to help. Her old posse (Andrew, George) is busy with woodmageddon, so she made a new posse instead

The cute redhead has returned. And Annie I guess...

Imagine if Loup made 2 Kats.

Celebrating the victory with Annie, in a way that would surprise you

It'd be really funny if Loup made the two Annie's return for himself and Jerrek who's also technically himself, ha ha


I hope their plan is using some machine Kat came up with, or that the entire court is backing them out of view, because they are incredibly fucked if they plan to take on an unhinged, coyote-level god alone just with fire and a wrench.

>Hiding from a nearly omnipotent and omniscient God
>In a tree

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Wait, why are these two robeople involved with Loup now? Why do Kat and Annie trust them with this?

He's Annie's boyfriend now.

Pft, he's totally Lana's bf.

Crashing this plane
With no survivors!

No, Lana is his friend with benefits. Annie is his cuck gf.

a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes and between chapters, so I guess 'Jerek' talked with Annie a few more times and was trusted enough to help out with their plan. Lana just tagged along with him.

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>loup angrily berating Lana in his mind while Jerrek blushes as Lana strokes his cock

I-is it Loups birthday and they are going to surprise him?

All they boys is Lana's boyfriends

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the trick is that the red head is actually loup in disguise and he's forgotten.