IDW Sonic: Imposter Syndrome # 4

The finale of this series is finally here. Lets see what happens. Bonus FCBD story too.

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What misadventures will our favorite punk tenrec and long eared fox get up to this week?

almost jobbing to Metal Sonic

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These 2 are vicious when they’re synched up. They’re fucked over when they’re apart, which Starline didn’t really think about.

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>metal almost got them

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I hope these 2 dolts manage to find their own path to take. They’re my favorite IDW original characters.

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Hope Starline gets Snively'd

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Knuckles if the world ends so to does the master emerald.

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This is embarrassing. This completely kills Surge's current potential as a compelling villain.

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It's okay, I'm sure she'll be demoted to being a plucky tsundere frenemy in a few months.

They really are just Trunk's future versions of Android 17 &18.

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Long Eggman is long

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So Surge is weaker than basically everyone

Metal will make her EAT THOSE WORDS!

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R8 them

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>"You ain't got the heart! You ain't go the soul!"
And you've never met Sonic.


If only a famous treasure hunter could help him explore the island.

Starline is going to lose. Horribly.

Starline you stupid bastard, in what world does an Eggman not taken down seem like a time to be relaxed?

This is a man who has, by himself, almost conquered the world multiple times and has only been stopped by what equates to an act of god or Sonic going super sayian. Sometimes both at the same time.

You deserve the beating that's about to commence.

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I understood that reference.


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Hoping more like designated Ryona slut

It feels like the comic is gearing up to have Surge handily lose to Sonic anyway, even without this Metal fight. I'm hoping the result is going to be Surge and Kit striking out on their own to be villains, instead of them being absorbed into Sonic's gang.

Last time Eggman gave him an upgrade he actually deposed him, unlike Starline's half-assed attempt. Current Metal Sonic is probably still running Vista since that little clusterfuck.

Metal has had it rough.

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Is Starline seriously unaware that Eggman prefers to manually pilot all his machines by default?

>There are people who actually want this jobber in the movies instead of Shadow.

You have to understand that most people's image of Metal Sonic comes from that one poorly written OVA.

Guys this is way more embarrassing for the Impostors than Metal Sonic.

Keep in mind this is the guy who planned to betray all his allies (two of whom were unrepentant killers) and recorded himself saying so and saved the fucking tape.

He's not the brightest lad.

>Poorly written

Is it though? Metal is supposed to be this big deal, a robot that's supposed to be equal to Sonic. And he got beat by two newbie upstarts teaming up against him. Honestly, feels like Metal only exists these days just to job to both heroes and villains.

Eggman is a man who knows what he wants.

It kind of was. Metal Sonic had no reason to consider Sonic the "true" Sonic. In the entire OVA it was proven time and time again that Metal was superior. Even at the end, who rescued the president and the owl? Not Sonic. He was way too late. Metal Sonic was the one to save them. And then the OVA had the gall to have Metal Sonic, for literally no reason, decide that, no, he needed to die and Sonic needed to be the only Sonic.

The OVA's message is completely at odds with itself. It wanted to make Metal Sonic completely superior to Sonic in every way, and then at the very end it just had Metal Sonic kill himself for no reason. That's shit writing.

In the games, at least, Metal was never equal to Sonic. It has a pretty hefty loss streak and I'm pretty sure Knuckles and Tails can kick its ass too.

He kicked Surge's butt pretty easily while unprepared and having no idea what she was capable of.
He probably would have demolished Kit if they didn't prepare that combo attack fast enough.

Base Metal Sonic bas become a jobber for years.

Metal bros.... we're Vegeta....

Metal has always been a jobber though. I fucking love Metal for his design and general character but he’s never come close to winning, even when he became a literal God.

Starline didn't think about many things. Literally the only reason they ever figured him out is because he kept vlogging like a dumbass.

Surge is weaker in power, maybe, but also has near instant healing powers

Problem is Sonic has ridiculous endurance. He can probably keep going longer than she can.

Oh, sure. Just giving the basic power scaling I've noticed so far. Surge's maybe not as fast and not as strong but has artificial absurd levels of endurance and is relentless

>Eggman actually likes Sonic's trait of respecting his opponent (most of the time)
>Eggman actua,ly expected Starline to come back to him sooner or later
Surprisingly soft-hearted of this version of the doctor.

It's time.

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Starline you absolute tool. You complete moron. You total idiot. Eggman pilots the vast, vast majority of his machines directly. There's nothing TO control. You're going to get your ass stomped into the ground.