It should be illegal for people who draw like this to make web-comics

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>I can't enjoy reading a book unless there are pretty pictures in it.

Sour and stupid.

Stop boot licking mediocre artists, you fag.

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If you think anything should be illegal you're a faggot.

Well...yes, isn't it the main purpose of art to make it look good, or at least interesting to look at?

Well of course, good sir

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this is the classic 'teehee I don't want to learn anatomy so if I make it simple then you can't call it bad' bullshit that makes me hate the majority of artists these days

I mean, if the joke is funny enough to make up for it, I don't mind. I mean shit, I used to read Dinosaur Comics.

All I'm saying is that artists who draw characters like this need to reevaluate their career choice.

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Demand your money back

I didn't buy this, it was a screenshot from another thread. What do you mean?

but what if the guy actually can draw and he just simply wanted a simple look for a simple joke?
Surely you're not suggesting he draws a well detailed render for what looks like a 4 panel joke comic

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The point of any drawing that isn't an anatomical rendering is to use visual shorthand to communicate an idea to you without having to write out the concepts or try to elucidate other concepts that are harder to capture with words. If you're not interested in what's being communicated because of the method with which it's being communicated you're free to ignore it.

But webcomics is exactly the right medium for this soulless zero talent trash?

I think it should be illegal to arbitrarily make anything illegal on a whim.

Bets on OP being mad because the artist is making money out of his drawings?

>Well...yes, isn't it the main purpose of art to make it look good, or at least interesting to look at?
Do zoomer really?

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If you don't get what I mean just read what this guy said!

If there were ever an apt example of "peak midwit" that would be it. Annoying hjgh school physics teacher tier.

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It doesn't have to look good as Manga, I'm just saying that I'm tired of everything on social media looking like a mix of asdf movie and storytime animations. It's stupid, talentless, and soulless!

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>good as Manga
opinion disregarded

tripdubs of truth

I'm in it for the dragons user, not men in shiny pants.

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And he's made a career off of wikipedia articles and Megan.

I mean, so am but still.

I don't read Manga, that was just an example.

>but with mass appeal
Why do you think it's so common?

Sour grapes because no one wants to read your web comic with a super detailed art style.

He drew a cute dragoness so I'll forgive this one.

This comic died when people realized no one was ever actually going to fuck the dragon.

personally,i don't mind the actual quality of the art. i just fucking hate what this specific art style represents.
all of these comics scream "i want my shit to be used for shitty reddit memes"

srgrafo moment

>OP ACTUALLY wants to make it illegal

not OP but ever heard of hyperbole?

Yes, murder and rape should be legal.

It's on the lower end of humour but it's by no means the worst.
It at least isn't wordswordswords or a story that goes nowhere fast.
>Annoying hjgh school physics teacher tier.
No, annoying physics teachers refer to him, he's not actually qualified to teach children.
>"i want my shit to be used for shitty reddit memes"
This certainly is a sad state of affairs.

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He is right though, a dragon would love you more than a human "girl"

yeah like that sorta shit

you can replace "the real treasure is friendship" with any opinion the redditor in question might dislike.

hi, elliot rodger here.


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They had it coming.

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there is a scente of femdog nigras in this room

stop acting like an entitled little bitch. nobody fucking cares what you want you sniveling little homosexual. they did what they wanted, and all you want to do is cope like a fucking 40 year old tranny.

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whomp Whomp!


Let's see you do better.


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Books are a non-visual medium. Comics are a visual medium. Seethe and dilate.

god i wish this comic didn't die. it was starting to get interesting
it died because of the tumblr nsfw ban

Best part was he got a chad-hating forum
shut down.

>thought this was a chad human/monster thread
>it's this instead

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Shirt like this always screams "front page of reddit bait".

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This guy has decent art, his jokes are just especially soulless.

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such words make me ill

This is more like if the book was written entirely in 3 word sentences

1,000% agree

Damn shame

We went from #Believewomen to #Karens in the span of three months.

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>artist is making money out of his drawings?
Unless Odd1out is the artist, then this is unlikely. There are so many :) faced marshmallow characters out there. It's a veritable sea of mediocrity, just copies of copies of copies of copies.

That's one old looking baby.

>I've been ripped from the void and placed in a flesh prison to suffer for years then die.

He's a dwarf from Russia, I think he's a boxer.

That's not important, I'm sick of people congratulating mediocrity because it's the only thing we have now.

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I hate marshmellow people but if you're drawing a daily comic alongside your day job simplification is necessary. Even fulltime cartoonists do it.