Shocking moments in cartoon history

What are some of the most shocking moments in the history of western cartoons oriented to children? the ones that make you say, how in the world did they allow that?

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who cares? this went nowhere and you knew the character would survive because kids show

it's a shame the show couldn't deliver, the potential was there.


Dana sold this to her audience as a great personal victory in her crusade for gay rights. All it was really is an experiment by Disney to test the profitability of Woke market. At the end of course it failed miserably

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That one time a character died of overdose


As far as the show is concerned, this might as well not have happened.

This pic is sad. Instead of helping the poor bastard get up, the person behind the camera wanted to spread humor at the guy's expense. People suck.

Fuck off.

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People fail to realize the stab is not a moment of Marcy's development but Andria's. Once he let a friend space with the box, not again.

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sorry your show sucks
like something cool next time.

Did this aired in TV?

Bravestarr did it.

This looks fucking awesome. What is this cartoon?

Streaming, this aired on TV though and probably cursed the show to go straight to streaming.

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What do you mean?

Infinity train. It has a bunch of other cool deaths too

Kek lake's face never fails to make me laugh here.The guy was a non human character tho. What they did to simon now i think was the final nail in the coffin for the show. Specially cause many people felt the writers made him irredeemable evil for pure shock value, when previously his character had shown empathy and kindness

Any Gay agenda pushing shit in cartoons since its the current push, I grew up wanting fun/action/adventure etc not a reminder that I could tongue fuck my best friend if I wanted to.

I'm against all relationships in cartoons gay or straight, kids need to explore their imagination and have fun before they grow up and become miserable to reality and not be manipulated by some creators opinion on fake cartoon relationships, the real world if far more complicating and it only confuses those stupid little morons more when you give them a unrealistic fantasy related to reality.

See That guy is just a owl show shill

I wasn’t asking you.

>Double down in woke content in front of Florida's senator
>Makes witch verse seemingly to spite Dana, the creator of Disney's wokest show.

>I'm against all relationships in cartoons gay or straight
Hear hear. Fuck fujos.

It's a matter of perspective, really.

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I remember how shocked I was as a kid when Keef got his eyes ripped out.

ReBoot had two practically back to back:
- The hero of the story and main character for two seasons get shot into a cosmic horror realm and the portal closed behind him. The season ends and the studio works on another series before a new season begins.
- When that new season finally arrives, it takes only 4 episodes for the plucky kid character, who is struggling to take up the missing hero's role, to get in over his head and get his eye violently stabbed and is ALSO thrust away from him home with little hope to return.

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The murder-suicide in LOK was a pretty big deal at the time. And then again in Book 3 when a woman's head was blown up.

Even still you'd think that literal impaling would be too much for parents. It certainly was too much for disney and we were lucky it leaked

If you think that then you definitely have to see amphibia , Op pic is just some of what happens to her for being delusional and selfish. If you hated mabel, Marcy's arc is a vindication of that.

Yes and no.
The fact that this was allowed is somewhat shocking. They could have done the off-screen or shadow injury instead.
Sadly, you were right about this injury going nowhere. It would have been nice if the CORE said that without its help, Marcy wouldn't have survived.

Well this looks like the kind of show to watch while on drugs

Star Wars

Just having a laugh mate

>many people felt the writers made him irredeemable evil for pure shock value, when previously his character had shown empathy and kindness
Never understood why so many people came to that conclusion, that just makes his downfall more tragic, if they did want to make him irredeemable they wouldn't have shown those qualities in him.

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>It would have been nice if the CORE said that without its help, Marcy wouldn't have survived.
>stabbed through the heart with a lightsaber as wide as a shovel
Gee, user, I wonder what would have happened without that handy bacta tank.

Do you even watch the show jobsha only knows how to lose. She is going to lose her crush to a frog for fucks sake

Poor Dot. She lost her boyfriend and little brother back to back.

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The time they put satan in a stop motion movie about mark twain to introduce children to the concept of lovecraftian style existential horror.

I know there's a bunch of gay stuff in cartoons these days, especially in Craig of the Creek, but pic related still felt super crazy to me.
The episode revolved around Kelsey, an 8 year old, coming to terms with the fact that she was gay. She was struggling intensely with the feeling, which led to her getting advice from 2 young adult lesbians she isn't too familiar with.

It just seems dangerous to normalize coming-out to adult strangers. It would've been better if she had the conversation with her father instead.

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This is the kind of faggot that complains a MC haven't been nedstarked by the first 5 minutes of episode 1

Not really a moment
The whole show's design philosophy is a waking nightmare

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Shadow Riders also had a couple of shocking moments.

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Jesus Christ. i said shocking not disgusting. wtf is going on in the industry? I guess is true that is full of pedos and they are masking it with woke shit.

Every time someone died for real in Brave and the Bold, it was shocking the show was mostly silly action adventure but then someone blows up.

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>8 years old
ffs no fucking 8 year old should think about shit like this

Grand, now the thread will devolve into nothing but pearl clutching /pol/shits

yes but these shows are written by nearly 30 year olds who can't shut up about it. they've substituted gender queer theory for a personality and don't know they are in a cult.

Could you rephrase this into English?

Retard, WE are not the demographic that Disney caters towards for shows. The only thing that needed to be added is that once Marcy told the core to fuck off. They made a response that it was a shame for her to side against them since without their help. She wouldn't be around. Maybe isolation would change her mind.
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Weird how this moment went from “king establishes himself as irredeemably evil by coldly murdering the little girl who saw him as a father figure” to “guy gives his stepdaughter (who he totally genuinely cared for both before and after this) a shiner in a fit of rage because he got all pissed remembering something his ex-girlfriend once did before panicking and driving her to the hospital”

>robin sees slade everywhere
>gets his ass whooped but nobody else can see him
>turns out robin is on some drugs from slade's mask
>starfire finds him and he starts yelling at her for "letting slade get away"
>the team find robin in slade's old hq getting beaten up by nobody
>robin yells at his friends
>gets shot in the back by starfire and knocked out
>he gets restrained and later cured
>cyborg says that it had to have been triggered by someone
>slade is still dead at this point and doesn't come back until the start of the next season

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Here's one from a show that was very mediocre - Tuca & Bertie - except for this one single moment:

All day long Bertie's been encountering nerve wracking moments with men: her super comes in her apartment while she's showering, she gets catcalled while jogging, etc. So she goes to some women's class and gets some confidence to push back, specifically saying, "Get outta my space or I'll break yo' face!" Later, she's apprenticing with a famous and handsome chef she clearly has an attraction to, despite having a boyfriend. The chef is making his famous roux and progressively talks more and more about how passionate it is, leading to him literally grabbing Bertie's head and forcing it down into the pot, in a clear show of dominance.

Bertie, shocked and disheveled, immediately excuses herself to the bathroom. And then shoves her hand down her pants and masturbates to orgasm.

Genuinely surprising, a counter to everything they had talked about that episode, and an act that should have had lasting effects. But then they did jack shit all with it and went right back to stupid cliche plots. Didn't even bother with season 2 (thanks for wasting cash on that [as].)

>if they did want to make him irredeemable they wouldn't have shown those qualities in him.
Thank you. Hell they even reinforced it by showing his beginnings as a young, scared child that met the wrong people at the wrong time a few episodes before his death. this is an incredible scene and is just layered with so much shit I'm amazed that Gumball was allowed to exist on TV for as long as it did
excuse me what the fuck
I'm not even joking, it's not like I doubted a lot of grooming shit being promoted with how open they are about it but my god, the boomers are fucking right for once

I would not called a fit of rage he simply did what had to be done. He knows exactly why he is doing it. Does he feel bad about it? absolutely. But to him this is the path to redeem himself for his past failures and that's why he does it.