Grime is great.

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Grime is without a doubt my favorite Amphibian in the show, I really wish he and the toads in general got more screentime

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Yeah same here. That so with Sprig was pretty good too.

Best character free

Confusing Marcy by making several official Amphibia threads.

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what's your endgame with these posts?

Endgame right here brothers.

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Anything confuses her.

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2int is contagious.

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Was she evil all along?

If you fuckers aren't gonna post more Grime then I will.

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Good episode.

Grime ain't a simp

He's all right

My favorite bit of that episode is Sasha trying to barge in and join him and him just pushing her out with a trick.

Very cute.

nothing wrong with traditions

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he just her friend cause he want some pussy

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What food would you order at the Boonchuys' restaurant?

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So what ending are we getting?
>Anne stays on earth and never sees the Plantars again.
>Anne stays on Amphibia and never sees her friends and family again.
>Anne dies/ascends
>Anne gets to travel to earth and Amphibia

You forgot one:
>Anne returns and dates Maggie

Nothing. I hate Asian food.


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What is Pad Thai

Delicious noodles

Okay maybe that.

Seriously I love that Anne has a lovely for cooking, it makes her feel reliant.

No Amphiba thread is official.

None I eat real food.

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It's the "white person has been dragged into a thai place by hipster family members, work colleagues or prospective friends" meal
It's the Tuna and Cucumber Nori roll of Thai

Some people here, have commented on how lovely Anne's long, noodle-like limbs are. I'd like to press hot cigarette butts into her exposed arms and legs while I sit on top of her to keep her from struggling

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Ah, how quickly and effective she cleaned those dishes. She is in fact a woman after all...

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Dude we both know the moment you touch her she'll beat your ass leaving you crying in a jail cell being forced to wear a dress for a guy named Bubba.

I am going to kidnap Anne and force her to live with me. I am going to beat her every day, teach her to make my favorite food, maybe shashlik and a nice meaty omul, and make her drink kvass every day until she is drunk out of her mind

Slava Ukraini

She's gonna scream rape while pointing at you the moment you show signs of going anywhere near her within 6 feet.

>Attempt to do this
>After the first few butts, Anne activates her devil trigger and breaks free
>All her burn marks disappear
>A minute later, you have a fresh canvas again

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She'll scream alright. I'll make her scream all night

Amazing how Marcy never got the temptation to have sex with her friends in The Core's fantasy simulation

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How can you if you're jailed in California?

Curious. Did you have that kind of mindset already when you were 13 user?

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I had it when I was 10

EGF is still the episode that put them on the map.

How would you feel if a timeskip epilogue just ends up being a montage of the various characters in the show like Over the Garden Wall?

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I'd be fine with it. Can't say for everyone else tho.

These two girls? they're dating and are a couple.

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For anyone looking to skip S2.

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>the moon is only a threat because the Core hijacks it as a sore loser tantrum and not any lore related reasons

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These three girls? They're dating and are a couple.

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Forcing Marcy to Listen to Leadbelly Recordings for 72 Hours Straight or Else I'll Throw Her Bionicles in the Trash

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Someone was hungry while drawing for All In

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Lief's warning that using the box too much would cause disaster would carry more weight if using the box actually caused the moon to fall in the first place.

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Anne's noodle limbs look so fucking weird next to Sasha and Marcy here

What did Aldo mean by this?

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How would the girls fare as Puella Magi?

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>Sasha got more muscle
>Marcy got curvy with those Red Velvet with Ube Frosting
>Anne is still a stick

This injustice must not stand!

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I just realized the battle in the Beginning of the End takes place in the Newtopia shallow waters, the three armies really just teleported from Wartwood to the center of Amphibia when that trip used to take weeks, nice way to completely ruin the sense of scale like when characters started teleporting around in the later seasons of GoT.

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Wouldn't that count as lore related, if The Core is capable of possessing and transforming the moon?

Didn't the characters in GOT go from Winterfell to King's Landing in just three episodes?

We SAW everyone jump on a bunch of killerpillers and fly to Newtopia. Marcy did the exact same in season 2 with Joe Sparrow, you twat.

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Anne better get home

I'm talking about the armies that went on foot

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A couple of besties!

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You've got me there. I am a fool.

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How can you?

No. They're in love. It's open-ended. STFU!

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I want to stick my hand up Anne's skirt, and slap Marcy's ass