That's right conspiracy buff

That's right conspiracy buff.
I spent 75 million dollars on a fake presidential campaign. All just to tick Superman off.

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Remember when 75 million dollars was a large amount for a political campaign?

And all the power he gave up

why is lex Luther so fucking bald?

my favorite explanation is radioactivity from overexposure to kryptonite

cancer. then double cancer.

Also, how does the questions mask work? sinec his hair is clearly visable.

Realistically, even when this was airing, $75 million wasn't a huge amount of money. Lex was a billionaire, and back then both the Republican and the Democratic campaigns would still spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

My theory is that Lex basically pulled a Trump. He's Lex fucking Luthor and he's running for president. He must have gotten tons of free media attention from the news networks, so he didn't have to spend as much as a normal politician would.

he was bald before kryptonite became a thing. that is to say, pre super man in metropolis.

that piece must be harmful to people


superman chest looking like a trailer truck

Well is it possible he's just talking about how much of his own money he personally put into the campaign and the rest came through normal fundraising/contributions?
(he's right)

Ah. So the spray both changes haircollor and loosens the mask? thats odd.

Also, he just looks beat up.

I really liked this rendition of Lex growing up. Felt like he had more style, more allure. This Lex is actually fuckable, on top of being rich and a genius.

Was it all because he was black?

I like to believe Trump was watching cartoons one night after fucking a porn star and this episode gave him the idea to run. Except instead of Superman it was Obama.

can't believe they put /pol/-tan in a cartoon.

how is that guy a /pol/ tan? he's Clearly a /x/ fuck

Why is everyone in the DCAU a fucking ginger

Not in the Byrne origin, i.e. the only one that matters.

the potato crisis really turned gingers into dc superheros

I think it's really just a flex. Like 75 million is nothing to him. That said, it's a fairly substantial amount of money, technically, and not even a multi-billionaire can go around throwing around 75 mil on literally nothing. For instance, if 75 mil just went up in smoke from a billionaire's bank account, it would probably raise some eyebrows.

So while the amount is inconsequential to him on a personal level, it's still not an amount he can just throw away all willy-nilly. So to Luthor, it's simultaneously nothing significant yet at the same time well worth the investment of pissing off Superman.

If anything $75 million is cheap, compared to the costs of making his regular schemes.

Except he's right, so it's /int/.

When I was a kid I wanted to be Lex Luthor. He always got to hang out with the hot chicks like Livewire and Mercy.

An artist misktook Lex to be the Ultra-Humanite (who was a bald man at the time) and drew Lex bald. Then they just went with it.

The Question was the best character in the show.


Don't know why but this made me burst out laughing

Should've had a spin off. Should have his own movie, should have his own miniseries, should have his own cereal and I want huntress riding his dick cutter-girl style in all of them.

The mask has a wig

The gas that he uses doubles as an adhesive for the mask and a dye that changes the color of his hair and clothes. He's a ginger.

The real question is what did Braniac want to be president for.

I would've got them all

At least he's not pig-like in appearance.

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That's after 40 stolen cakes.

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How terrible

thats after Huntress and Supes saved him from cadmus after they kicked the shit out of him for stealing their secrets

DCAU question is a red head to look more like Rorschach. It's also why he's called ugly.

He's black

He used to love Superboy. He prayed to Superboy every night before he went to bed, thanking him for the life he was given. Then a lab accident involving Superboy happened and he lost his hair in the process. He got really pissed as a result and declared Superboy his archenemy.

Lex Luthor is a creepy fuck.

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Trump had talked about wanting to run for president since the 80s little guy.

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Well the thing about presidential campaigns, atleast from what I understand, is that most of the funding are donations from voters or corprations. They way I interpreted the whole thing was that Lex just paid for his campaign entirely from his own pocket, which from what I understand is unheard of at such a scale.

Question x Huntress best ship.

Even people who self-fund their campaigns take donations because duh, free money.

It's still a baffling amount just to troll someone, even if it's small for a campaign.


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>Please! I go through everyone's trash.

The real question is why did he designs robot body for him to go into that was also bald?

Essentially this, There are basically two ways to become president.

The bottom up approach where you start out as a small politician and work your way up gaining support through corporate promises and associating with other majoe politicians. Eventually getting elected to higher positions and then finally getting the clout of one of the major political parties who backs your political campaign for president through its primaries. This is the long arduous approach that takes years and creates experienced candidates but ones at the behest of everyone they made promises to get where they are. Some examples are your political families like the Clintons and Bushes along with career politicians like Nixon and LBJ.

The other option is the Top Down approach. You Essentially are a huge figure to the american people through your personal exploits. You either use this influence to gain the support of a major political party or that party approaches you to run. This makes for a rather inexperienced political figure but it also means this individual at the behest of themselves rather than corporate or political elites. Some examples are Washington, Trump, and Eisenhower.

>why is lex Luther so fucking bald?
Because he's Jeff Bezos.

No you have that backwords

for you

Because it's an exact copy of amazo. Who is also bald.

The second option of course means a popular but inexperienced candidate will lean on the party for wonks and experienced personnel.
Eisenhower had Vice-President Nixon to do his politicking for instance.

Disney movies cost more, it's pocket change.