ITT: come up with short newspaper comic ideas and give constructive criticism

ITT: come up with short newspaper comic ideas and give constructive criticism.

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be white and write in a token black characters out of some misguided attempt to prove you're not racist to those who are actually racist.


people who draw like this have no talent, change my mind.

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Oh Boy! A Yea Forums monster fucker thread! Give me your best shit, fuck my life up.

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Two parasites in the stomach of an unfortunate Ugandan child make slice of life conversation and philosophical musings
Why would I change your mind? You're right

A monster fucker comic WITH token Black characters?

That just sounds like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

An orange chihuahua that likes to eat meat loaf and he pees on everything he likes baths not sure on a name could just call him Taft.
His owner is a female a woman named Jane Archiebuckle

Change it to the inside of an animal and put it in a magazine for pets like the kind you’d see at the vet

A guy who looks like Howdy Doody breaks into people's houses at night and steals their stuff. Humor comes from the secrets he learns about his victims while digging through their possessions.

The comic is funny but the third panel is insufferable to me. I hate the deep face, like the type of shit you'd see in a tomska or popular "draw my life-esque" YTer. It's not cute, it looks fucking stupid, and it completely ruined the comic for me.

Sophomore in college who works a late night job at a gas station where weird, but still realistically grounded shit occurs?

>For example:
A guy who just got out of a car crash walks into the store, however his left arm has been ripped off, so he's bleeding all over the store, but the guy doesn't seem to notice due to being high on drugs.

So while the one-armed guy is walking around, our main wagie character walks behind him, cleaning up the blood that's been spilt. After getting what he wants and paying for it, the guy walks out of the store before dropping the ground dead.

After that, the wagie cracks a morbid joke about how the mess he made costed him "an arm and nearly a leg".

Jesus Christ, you turned my unfunny shitpost into a hundred dollar idea

A cockroach and a rat living in New York making commentary on current events
There is a squirrel who is a count and a pigeon that the rat is constantly trying to eat

that's what i was thinkin' man!

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I say that cause i know theres gonna be some contrarian fag who thinks otherwise, they're probably an odd1sout bot licker or somethin', ya know?

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that's actually a really good idea

*BOOT licker* FVCK!!!

come up with your own ideas faggot

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A girl dealing with the challenges of large breasts, something inspiring and to bring attention to an often overlooked problem in society.

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Call it Just a Dummy and have the covers look like a mad magazine where he’s like digging through someone guys sock drawer and finds a dildo or finds peanut butter in a dog kennel and he just looks at the audience knowingly

>This summer Rob Schneider has really been screwing around..
>and he’s about to find out that what it’s like to hit a home run when he has sex with a nail!
>Rob Schneider’s new movie Nailed it!

Maybe a pack of trash-digging racoons commenting on their finds would be better.

She runs on the track team but her tits get in the way. Gets rid of the well she only had tits cause she’s fat shit people would say cause the bitch runs track. Make her coach a pervert where she has to struggle with if she wants to report it or not but eventually she does and wins the big event all on her own regardless of her coach being a pervert and her big tits being nothing but an obstacle she overcame all obstacle

Woah woah woah. COONS?
In this day and age? user our paper is not a place for your racism.
Now a group of crows who steal shiny things for a pretty white womans attention now that is an idea

Racoons. Hard R.

That shit might fly in a Tarantino film but we have morals and integrity here we publish Garfield and Cathy for Christ’s sake

Heh, I bet you made that guy feel like a real dummy!


If you made this:
Shut the fuck up, user

If you didn't
Good shitpost

God lives with a roommate and gets up to wacky antics, causing the roommate to say the line goddamit

Damnit, God!

Buck Chuck
A young slave gets into wacky situations trying to meet his cotton quota or escaping his plantation. Includes a modern version that's an urban Democrat voter

A housecat tries to murder its owner everynight only to fail hilariously and for its attempted assassination to be mistaken as some harmless and cute mishap that they owner gushes over and posts to the internet.

you've inspired me to make another

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A human gets pulled into a universe of eldritch abominations and incomprehensible horrors.

As he is a human in THEIR universe, his physical, non-magical body and adherence to physics is their equivilent of an SCP and he's imprisoned in a containment facility alongside others of that universe's SCPs (Like "a bowl of fruit" or "A common housecat") and the comic is about his interaction with the scared shitless Eldritch abomination researchers.

I don't like the ears, makes him look like an anthro axolotl now make him interact with an anthro axolotl girl

And it's named Punxolotl.

Perry Bible Fellowship motherfucker.

I wanna fuck the whore with a cigarette in her mouth

Donkey would be proud

Dragon x Knight is very common!

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What the hell are you correcting?

>constructive criticism
bestialism isn't constructive btw

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Link the tweet

Even Yandex failed me...

Fucking retard dragon you don't own the concept of fire.

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I've been thinking of giving it ago.

The comic would be about a dragon stable boy. A princess lives alone in a tower with a dragon guarding it. The ironic part is that the stable boy is the same age as the princess and they hang out a lot even disguising her and take her into town.

Just a slice of life of the dude who takes care of the dragon poop. There's a more sinister undertones of the king using his daughter as bait to lure prince's to kill so the neighbor countries are easier to take over

Rate this one-shot, Yea Forums. Tell me if it's good, meh, shit.
I think it's kinda lengthy depending how I have my artist draw it.
>3 people; 1 blonde guy, 1 brown haired guy, 1 latina with glasses.
>Panel 1: They're yelling at 2 lesbians, making fun of them and telling them to take a hike out of town and never return.
>Panel 2: Blonde guy: What do you call lesbians who live up north? Klondykes.
>They laugh
>Panel 3: Blonde guy: What do lesbians do after an argument? Lick each other’s wounds.
>They laugh

>Panel 4: An interracial couple walks by, a latina and a white guy.
>The blonde guy: Aw the icecream man got my order wrong. I said wanted my ice cream chocolate or vanilla, not mixed.
>Panel 5: They laugh awkwardly and look at each other. The blonde guy looks suspiciously at them.
>Panel 6: He grimaces realizing they have a thing for each other. The brown-haired guy says he has a surprise for the latina and to wait there with the blonde guy.
>Panel 7: The latina confesses she actually has a crush on the blonde guy and asks him out on a date.
>Blonde guy thought's: (That's disgusting.) Blonde guy's answer: Yes, but on one condition.
>Panel 8: The latina grimaces.


>Panel 9: The brown-haired guy returns with a red heart-shaped box of chocolates and roses.
>Panel 10: He looks shocked and agaped. His hsboc cracked and chocolates dropping from it, all of his rose's petals falling off.
>Panel 11: The latina is making out with a Jessica Rabbit-looking redhead woman in high-heels, dress and everything. The redhead woman "Oh yes, yes, fuck me, X" they're both drawn from the side so the audience knows what's going on. The latina has red lipstick marks all over her face.
Panel 12: The brown-haired guy leaves in shock.
>Panel 13: Latina: You have some really weird fetishes. It is revealed the redhead was actually the blonde guy in disguise wearing a wig.
(end here or continue below?)
>Panel 14: Latina: How would you like it if I dressed like a man?
>Panel 15: Blonde guy: Heh sweetie, that'd be an improvement over your Mowgli-looking ass.
>Panel 16&17: They argue, the redhead slaps her and leaves.
>Panel 18: The latina looks shocked, with lipstick kisses and some of it smeared over her face.
>Panel 19: Some passerbies: Heh, typical dykes. Their relationships never cement.

>Panel 18: The next day the 3 people wait at the bus. The latina staring heartbroken at the blonde guy with a slap mark on her face, the brown-haired guy staring shocked at the latina and finally the blonde guy with the biggest grin on his face staring at the audience.

Deleted scene: the brown guy separately ALSO confesses in private to the blonde guy his love for the latina starting at panel6 which would make this far lengthier than it already is.