Don't call it a grave, this is the future you chose

Don't call it a grave, this is the future you chose.

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i don't care

>Replied in 30 seconds
That's a new record.

>Another fucking East vs West thread
>Another Bookscan circlejerk thread

Aren't most of the Big 2's graphic novels for the kids market? This chart is for adults. Also manga gets 0 floppy sales which is where the Big 2 or at least marvel cares more about.

The fuck is Spy Family?

>Aren't most of the Big 2's graphic novels for the kids market?
Some of them used to show up on this chart as well, like Watchmen, the Teen Titans stuff, Batman/Fortnite, etc. etc.

>another month
>another thread
>still posting the wrong graph every time
baka my head
For the non-retards, here’s the right rankings:

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>100 comic shops
>16,000 retail locations
Yea, I think I'll stick with the latter.

>The fuck is Spy Family?

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Sounds like the premise to a bad Nicktoon.

Some Spy comedy/action/family drama taking place in a fictional setting based upon cold war east vs west Germany.

>This chart is for adults

> Aren't most of the Big 2's graphic novels for the kids market?
They are for the old people

>another chart that labels TPBs as GNs

Both ignore Scholastic's total dominance, because it doesn't push either side of the false narrative.

I love this cope. "Sure, you can't even fucking give away Superman comics and drum up interest, but look at these children's books that get sold in bulk to libraries and schools! Our industry is fine."

Anyone who points out the utter failings of American comic books gets accused of being a troll.

It was

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Scholastic is actually for kids, and said dominance is about 4 books which take 95% of all the sales, the rest of the Scholastic authors struggle to pay their rent.

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Ah yes, no wonder just reading the title made my stomach churn.

What cope? I don't give a shit about what sells and what doesn't. I'm not even the user you were talking to before.
If you want to discuss comic sales, then you have to talk about Scholastic out selling everything. Because they do.
Capeshit and shonenshit are just that shit for kids. Any adults reading either needs to open a real book just as often.
You just don't want to talk about Scholastic, because it doesn't push your narrative of "mAnGa Is BeStEsT".
Turns out that kids want to read about dogs who are police officers and other dumb shit.

And? It's an EvW thread. They're only about sales.

Not my fucking problem.

One Piece not even in the top 20? Western consumers have the worst taste imaginable

God, you are so pathetic. It's just funny. This is only American sales, too. The only country that even cares about standard floppy DC and Marvel comics, and they are getting raped by manga, which sell countless more copies in their home country, and elsewhere around the world. But you are just coping over literal children's books.

>If you want to discuss comic sales, then you have to talk about Scholastic out selling everything. Because they do.
I dunno about that one chief.

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>company wars autism

Whether it's DC vs Marvel or Scholastic vs Viz, some things never change.

It's adult
One piece isn't adult
Neither is Spider-Man
op is retarded

Kind of embarassing.

>Big japanese publisher opens up subsidiary in the US, calls it VIZ Media.

>Does zero promotion, just translates their manga to english.

>Dominates the western comic book market.

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>One piece isn't adult
It's more just that One Piece isn't that popular in America.
The last time it showed up on the top 20 was in August 2020.

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Can we finally acknowledge the clear decadence of the industry/storytelling in the West?

Alright. I'm too lazy to look it up. But TOILET BOUND HANAKO KUN. Is this some sort of fucked up toilet witch trap shit?

What's the point of saying the list is adult then?

Beats me, seems like they just refer to everything that's not for elementary schoolers as "adult"

It's a comedy about a girl who believes in a local urban legend of a ghost that haunts the bathrooms at school and grants wishes. She decides to summon that ghost and hijinks ensue.

guys i'm old af and can draw. should i not try to be an american comic creator? is this shit real? will we always be beat out by weeb shit?

you know the manga is garbage right? damian is carrying the entire thing

It's cutesy girly shit.

The DC offices right now:

>SHIT, we've been completely kicked out of the top 10, quick, who else can we turn into a faggot?"

surprised to see boom there, desu.


>list of kid's comics
>b-b-but it's totally for a-adults, guys

and then this BTFO your narrative. Because One Piece is totally adult, right? Eat shit, nerds.

>use slur as a joke
and you wonder why no one takes you seriously.

why does it matter what it is? if it's selling, it's selling.

Where do you think you are ?

use of the word fag bothered him. he is a confirmed faggot. Well done on outing faggots in an anonymous forum dedicated to comic books.

No, the fact that you feel psychotically compelled to constantly make this shitty, rule breaking thread each and every single fucking day makes you a troll.
"People" like you have been scientifically proven to be mentally ill, and detrimental to civilization. Therefore, you all both need, and deserve to be subjected to immediate, involuntary, and indefinite institutionalization.

The fact that you feel psychotically compelled to enter a thread you can just ignore, and then bump it by complaining means you're retarded.

Ignoring cancer only exacerbates it, fuck off back to your quarantine zone and proceed to kill yourself when you get there, Yea Forumsutist.

Honestly the most disgusting part about that is that almost all of that shit sucks too. I hate Viz and I hate Jump and I hate people who willingly read Jumpshit.

Ok faggot.

I've never even heard of half of these.

The newest FOTM manga turned anime

Yea Forums already had enough sales threads, don't bring em to Yea Forums.

Nobody chose this, it was chosen for us.

>adult graphic novels
>everything here except for Berserk is written for children

Blame Americans for that.
In their mind anything that isn't on par with The Loud House in terms of content is considered inappropriate for children.

When will comics catch up?

i love east vs west threads.
they allow us to comment and discuss about the real problems in the industry and what it lacks compared to the Manga industry.
this threads can be very helpful and constructive, if people actually listened.

Hearing the ravings of an emotionally crippled manchild who thinks he's Japanese isn't constructive, retard.

wholesome series about an spy guy who needs to adopt a daughter for a mission and later an assassin girl joins the family, also the little girl has telepathic powers.

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look you can call names all you want.
but if the no one in the industry acknowledge their own problems then there is no way for the industry to improve.