Secret Wars with no Hickman

>Secret Wars with no Hickman
why bother?

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Wait why are people assuming it's the newer Secret Wars? They'll probably just use the name and loose plot of the first.

>wanting to adapt any Secret Wars other than the original
What's wrong with them?
What's wrong with you?

Honestly no Hickman gives me hope. Maybe it won't be DoomWank

they name drop incursions in Dr Strange

Is the whole Hickman era (F4, FF, Avengers, Infinity, Ultimate Comics, SW) worth reading?

>Matt Ramos
I don't like him already.

I'd love if its an adaption of the original secret wars... They could have Strange or another entity scoop up the symbiote and imprison it after it was found on earth...spidey could find it the same way in comics.

2015 Secret Wars sucked fat dick

the original secret wars was a mash up of places too


What is the point of doing secret wars when you've barely established a multiverse?

Is the plan to bring back every marvel property ever to exist for the battle royal? because if so they've kind of ruined the fun of that by partially doing it twice already with NWH and MOM. Is the gimmick going to be classic avengers vs new avengers when they eventually give RDJ and Evans enough money to return for one last picture as variants of themselves?

Honestly, you know what would actually be really fun but could never happen. A live-action adaption of Avengers vs Justice League.

Have the incursion be against whatever the DCU is by the time they are ready and just have the avengers Fight them to see who's earth survives. Batman is all "us or them" against cap'n marvel while superman tries to find another way.

Ritesh is a faggot who should kill himself. He's right that the magic behind any story comes from it's creators but every adult is already aware that Marvel is a corporate entity and ideas created in that work-for-hire setting will be exploited for every cent the suits believe possible. The reason consumers still engage with corporate IP in spite of the inherent soullessness is the chance that some creator will happen to come along and, however briefly, impose their individual vision on the system in a way that resonates.

Hickman's run on Avengers was just bad. Too many characters with a lot of them like Captain Universe and Starbrand not getting any sort of payoff and of course Doom basically hijacking the story due to them needing to put FF on hiatus because of Ike's war against Fox.

Ask again in about 10 years, because that's probably how long it's gonna take. They're literally just seeding stuff for the future apples like with the infinity stones.

>Wait why are people assuming it's the newer Secret Wars?

Largely because of how the MCU emphasized multiversal shenanigans with recent material like No Way Home/Multiverse of Madness and even Loki. The only big overarching story that Marvel has that could fit what they are doing is Hickman's Secret Wars/Avengers/New Avengers.

Secret Wars is a longterm plan. They are probably going to get Fantastic Four movies first before we get to Secret Wars.

I can't imagine after 3 shitty movies and watching Reed get turned into string cheese that there is anyone out there who would actually bother with the F4 again

Because that way it might not suck ass this time.

DCEU is a joke. MCU crossing over with them would legitimize DC with zero benefit for the MCU.

>Ritesh is a faggot who should kill himself.
He's lurking this thread too. He just deleted the OP tweet.

Oh Definitely. The only good DCEU movies are essentially standalone and any attempt at world building has either fallen flat or been mediocre.

Even then a marvel vs dc movie would be the highest grossing film of all time. Even if you made an entirely new justice league just for the film.

The general public would eat it up just on the whole death battle obsession.

DCEU is kino BOP is better than NWH no cameos needed for that film

I mean a lot of the modern Secret Wars is based on concepts introduced in the original. At the very least it kind of has to be a fusion of the two.
I mean are you really just going to skip straight from Beyonder to Beyonders (plural)?

>Marvel Studios' Secret Wars is a really sad phrase desu
Why? Jim Shooter made the first Secret Wars to sell toys. You wouldn't say "Toei's Super Sentai is a really sad phrase desu" or "Hasbro's Transformers is a really sad phrase".

If they were smart they would make this the next Infinity Saga.

Is that fag not aware that the Hickman Wars were not the first or even the second Secret Wars?
'Marvel Studios Secret Wars' could be anything. Age of Ultron, Civil War and Infinity War barely have anything to do with the stories they're named after beyond loosely sharing the premises.

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Why do people fellate Hickman for rehashing an old event that was done twice before he got a chance to do it?

Absolutely. Highlights are FF, Avengers/New Avengers, Secret Wars. Don't listen to contrarians on here

Hickman talents took a fucking cliff dive many years ago. I don't want him touching anything I'm remotely interested in.

The original Secret Wars was better

I mean no Hackman increases the chances of it being good
What a rat.

They're clearly trying to ape their 2013 (?) Marvel NOW phase. It makes sense they'd copy the flagship Avengers title at the time, but the MCU is lazy and doesn't wanna put in the work or spectacle.

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>Captain America is black
>Thor is a woman
>Ms. Marvel is debuting
>The Illuminati are having a multiverse dispute
>Professor X dies
>Morbius got a solo-outing
>Moon Knight & Mr. Knight

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Is the first one that good though?
the eve rpresent toy selling goal was overemphasized in that story

>Hawkeye and Kate Bishop are adapted with Fractions storyline

Hey Ritesh, your JSA takes fucking suck.

Avengers x Justice League will happen in your lifetime


F4/FF have nothing going on.

Infinity is trash.

Ultimate stuff was just pure fucking retarded with Maker going full retard over and over again and plot threads constantly getting dropped for no reason.

I don't know. That takes too much from the individual movies.

I remember reading New Avengers 1 by Hickman and thinking it was the best comic I'd read ever.

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and what happened now? you don't think it's the best comic you've ever read?

Secret Wars is bad. The buildup was okay, but the conclusion was absolute garbage. They spent all that time building up to a clash between 616 and Ultimate world and then showed basically nothing and had it end in five seconds. The story behind what was happening all along was also retarded, fucking Doom and Strange asspull crap. And then Battleworld happened and it was beyond shit.

The only good thing that came out of Secret Wars was Old Man Logan getting dumped into 616.

Well no, user. I read a lot more comics. It's still high-tier capeshit.

I don't know maybe the ILLUMINATI AND INCURSIONS, retard?

As Marvel stories named Secret Wars go, it's the only one that had any real entertainment value, regardless of whether it was produced to promote toys.

This'd be a kino opening

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Yeah, with him.

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No, user, he's the Maker

Don't worry too much about Sam, he's only a temp. He's going back to being Black Falcon and a girl will be Captain America.

Here's your new avengers

Captain America (Rikki Barnes)
Thor (Jane Foster)
The Totally Awesome Hulk
Black Widow (Monica Chang)
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
Viv Vision
Ms Marvel

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I doubt Marvel will have two Hulks desu

>have I mentioned how much I hate white people?
>btw, I made myself the token Indian friend to white lefties with skeletons in their closet so they can prove they're not racist while I leech off their clout
Ritesh makes Rich Johnston look like a man of integrity

I tried reading Secret Wars, I was bored out of my skull. Besides, how is this supposed to work without the Ultimate Universe or some other significant continuity being introduced?

F4 film where he meets the council of Reeds.

MCU is incapable of creating multi-faction event movies because they won't create a universe of superheroes. Civil War would've been vastly improved if it brought up groups of hero imitators and wannabe supervillains and we got shit like the Slingers brought up as a team operating out of the West Coast.

Have Defenders, Agents of Shield, Inhumans, Runaways take place in their own other universe

Have FoX-men canon as their own other universe

Blow up those universes

Nah that’s Miles Teller

Nobody really gives a fuck about him is the issue

loki 2 might introduce squadron supreme

>Is the first one that good though?

It actually is. It starts off with the King of All Cosmos deleting all the stars from the sky, then a group of heroes and villains have to go down to a mosaic-planet to play Katamari against each other. Then you have a lot of character arcs for both bad guys and good guys, Janet Van Dyne sleeps with Magneto then makes the Lizard her pet, Hulk has to hold up the entire fucking Himalayas, Spidey pimp slapping Titania like a pinball (the same Titania who beat She-Hulk to death one issue earlier), one of the most epic fights against Galactus, all the super villains cozying up in the suburbs of Colorado and arguing it about who needs to use the bathroom, and it has Doom being Doom (straight up murders Kang, uses Ultron as his robot maid, steals all power from Galactus, steals all power from the King of All Cosmos, kills every super hero with a wave of his hand, then loses).

And I probably forgot half of it.
It's way more memorable than Hickman worldbuilding for 3-5 years into a big event, particularly because it isn't some complex cosmic controversy, but just the Beyonder wanting to see a big-ass super hero brawl. So it's 12 issues of a huge super hero brawl full of banter, which makes it REALLY entertaining.

you convinced me.