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Everyone loves first Peter but I've got a weird nostalgia for the second one, too

What happened to Family Guy is a genuine tragedy. But it'll never end because it's somehow still so popular.

Can thank your favorite channel adult swim for bringing FG back from the dead.

god, its the eybrows
its were always the eyebrows

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Give me a fucking break, the Simpsons family don’t have eyebrows either.
Unless you count their hairless eyebrows.

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eyebrows are important for showing emotions, so yeah

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Unironically completely 110% soulless vs S O U L
Like why even make an updated opening? Kids like crisp stiff lines? Is that’s what’s holding back zombie Simpsons? Huh Foxney?

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I don't get it. Phantom Menace alone had more practical effects than the whole original trilogy combined.

The problem is where the new effect focused, it doesn't matter that Episode 1 had more practical effects than the entirety of the OT because the focus shifted away from those practical effects to green screen: The trilogy

Sorry user, you're a victim of anti-George Lucas propaganda. The Prequels are full of practical effects, you seem them constantly.

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su lost its charm after season 2

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You just know some Korean lost his rice privileges over this

None of those character where endearing, unlike early Peter. Peter used to be a guy that just wanted the best but was too much of a fuck up to make it happen

NuPeter is a psychopath.


these are the same

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>Like why even make an updated opening?
The move to 1080p. Upscaling the old opening would look blurry/pixelated on modern devices, so it needed remaking. Of course, it didn't need to be horrible, but that's a different issue.

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>in the first example roger is fully shaded, making it easier to blend with the real-life background
> the second example is gif slapped carelessly into a background, it doesn't even have a shadow so it looks like he's floating.

Amazing how tiny lines can make such a difference


No, but the way that computers were used to solve these problems was undoubtedly bad. You can do computer animation/cgi without it looking hollow and soulless, but that costs money so it's obviously right out.

fuck you user, made me chuckle

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I remember reading they actually wanted and were perfectly able to make the animation in the HD version nice and smooth like the original but a suit WANTED it stiff.


Kys Sethfag

>none of the Simpsons were endearing
Literal billions of people disagree with you there.

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>i am taller than peter

Literal billions of people are niggers
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It’s stiff animation that looks TOO clean. It’s a cartoon, for fuck’s sake. Let shit bounce, stretch, and move around. It’s not a computer problem, it’s an animation problem.

How sad
Wtf they even cheaped on SU?

"too distracting, we want the focus on maggie and the unibrow baby"

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They would've been better off just tracing over it

And despite that most of them still don't have taste nearly as shit yours.

I hate you can see them try desperately to recreate Roger's colour scheme but the usage of digital art can't replicate the dusty 'sheen' of the hand-drawn celluloid art.

It hurts so much.

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It's pretty good, but with such quality looks more like something they would do for a commercial.

The first one has a nicer smiling.

Peter’s eyes are actually focused on something and the eyebrows give him a kinder expression, the later ones he looks less genuine.

He was a jolly man

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Below average bait. Only worthy of being pointed out.

Which is very stupid because its a effect you can add easily, most animation/drawing programs have it. A bunch of twitter artists use it to hide how plain their drawings look.

Good animation is for children movies. Stiff animation is for adult cartoons.

everything about this show is a complete charisma and soul void. I would love to say that Macfarlane should have taken that flight in 9/11 but then we wouldn't have American Dad. Family Turd is a lame excuse for an animation

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>Modern family guy is… LE SOULLESS!

Fucking sick of this reddit tier take. Nu family guy is funny as fuck and i’m tired of pretending it’s not. It’s the perfect show for when you just want to turn off your brain and relax to some comfy gags

Zoomers, this is your mindset

Fuck off you old sack of shit you probably think Monty Python is funny

It can be

Well, didn't you see Terminator?

Jesus christ

Why do americans do this