ATHF Complete DVD Collection Announced

For the physical chads among you; ATHF is FINALLY getting a full release on DVD, previously collections only covered up to the first seven seasons. It will include the movie, but no word of extras, Boston or any other specials yet;

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Will it have the Shake Like Me episode?

Back of the box

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disney is doing blu-rays i don't see why warner can't
win regardless

Yeah in 2022 it's ridiculous that a 20 disc DVD boxset is coming out when they could easily cram it onto probably 1/4 of that amount on BD-25/50s, especially when the last 3 seasons are actually HD

Wow, the day after my birthday. Wonderful.

Though why a DVD?

they were truly....a happy meal.

No episodes being cut?

They don't even care. Their AT and SU DVD boxsets have all the episodes in 480p, but none of the extras included in the original standalone releases. Yet for some reason, they bothered to release TTG and Samurai Jack blu-rays.

Absolutely not

They'll probably re-release the dvd with that episode on it and not bother to take it out out of laziness

Probably to get it to as many people as possible, blu ray has been around for a decade or so but how many computers that still have disc drives can play them? Besides it’s not like the animation is something that requires super clear definition

First few seasons are in SD so it may not be worth it

Always happy to see a complete set of any cartoon but I can't believe we're still dealing with DVDs in 2022.

Last time Warner did it was for Samurai Jack Season 5 and I think that was only because season 5 was broadcast in HD

Love the box art. Very soulful.

The individual season releases has the epitome of soulful design, really lush products

>Its called the "Baffler Meal" like the episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast that the Aqua Teens made their first debut in.



This is great, been waiting almost a decade for ASYKW to be on DVD, and it's nice to see the rest of the seasons here.

Probably, the back cover art looks like it's using the same dvds for the seasons that have been previously released. WB's home media department is unironically cheap. I'm doubtful that they'd go through the effort to remove one episode that never caused any ACTUAL uproar when it first aired.

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The irony is that there was an actual episode with actual blackface in it and nobody gave/is giving a shit.

Will it have the spanish dub that was made for the first 4 seasons though?

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And Aqua Teen's seasons are so tiny. They could fit it all on like 5-7 blu-rays.

Its not 2008 anymore.

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and? My physical media is more reliable the collapsing streaming services.

This box art is so nice. Reminds me of old [as] bumps and how they used to advertise the show.

I don't care, I want a new aqua teen movie, one that will bait random people into watching it and thinking it would be a high quality animated movie with cgi and shit, but when they see it, they will see the normal show.

I'd rather own things than have a license for them. Fuck Agenda 2030

Cool finally. Till they make another season. I just found a volume 3 dvd at a flea market I think from 2004. It’s in ok shape

at least they can’t take episodes off your DVD

You know you can just download them and store them on a harddisk/NAS.

>They don't even care.
This. They know people will buy it and not care about HD content being downgraded to shitty SD on DVD.

Dvd? Really, how are dvds still a thing when blu-rays exist

When Robot Chicken were releasing blu rays they were able to put all 20 episodes on 1 disc. Most [as] shows do actually. VB has all it's episodes in a season on 1 blu ray too.

... does it have the Boston episode?

Surely there'll be a BD release too right? There have been too many HD seasons for me to justify getting the whole collection in DVD.

Regular Show was able to fit like 28 11 minutes on It's season 2 disc. They could probably fit 30 Aqua Teens on each disc depending on special features. And it's not a visual heavy show so I doubt it takes up as much space.

They’re cheaper to make and you only need so much definition for a show like this, wasn’t it made in flash or something?

Seasons one and two have Blu-ray’s now? I own the whole series in dvd but I wouldn’t be against buying a complete series box set

was thinking the same thing how the fuck are they justifying a dvd wouldnt it be cheaper/same for Blue ray i didnt even know they still made dvd's

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There are a lot of channels that switched to HD around 2007-2009 and they don't have HD masters from before then. With this (and Futurama and some others) they could have mixed formats in the box sets, but they usually don't for some reason.

Surprisingly they remastered Samurai Jack 1-4

>everyone here losing their mind because its not bluray
DVDchads we won

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I assume the licensing for the bluray format would make it more expensive then dvd.

Caveman technology.

"Oh my God, why do Greyhound Buses still exist? Don't these people know about airplanes?"

That's you. Why do you care if I have no desire to move from DVD to BRD?

>CDs ever being reliable
fucking when? PS1 discs are starting to rot. This is the fate of all physical media.

Just pirate and back up like a sensible person. This box set is for fans that want other people to know they are fans. Super gaudy and too little, too late for 2022

>DVDchads we won
enjoy your MPEG-2 compressed crap.

>12/30/2000 11:57pm

is that when it aired? I thought it aired at 4 in the morning

How much?

SD content belongs on DVDs. No reason to needlessly limit what devices it works with.
To make a /vr/ comparison, it's like making a rom hack that only works in an emulator.

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Because you are keeping all of us back.


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BD can store higher quality SD content.

There's simply no reason to still use physical media in this day and age though. Gates was right.

Bro, I just finished getting all of the volumes that exist late last year. I want to be mad, but I can't.
Aqua Teanbros, we're going home.

I know what I want for Christmas

Amazon link there says $112. Makes sense, though it's a bit steep unless it has anything more than just episodes.

Assuming the collection isn't missing a single episode, it is nice that the whole series is available now.

Going off the fact that the Blu-rays could fit 14 TV half-hours on a single blu-ray, and the fact that there's 70 TV half-hours of aqua teen in total (not counting Boston or the movie), that means that all of aqua teen could just barely fit on 5 disks.

Of course I think the movie's included here, so it would've been 6 disks had a blu-ray version been released anyway.

>everyone here bitching about DVD
Aqua Teen was made for DVDs. It's one of those things where the format very much fits the tone of the content itself, like how Infinity train was made on VHS or how Regular Show almost got Laserdisks made.