How did sony do it?

How did sony do it?

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i enjoy MorbPosting

Based, keep on Morbin'

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wait, there's a morbius movie? like, Michael Morbius? the guy from spiderman? that morbius?

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Marvel really peaked with this new morby movie

Based caveanon

>when your movie is so bad that you have to force cringy memes in an attempt to make it relevant

There is, and it's pure kino.

>when you suck so hard that the fucking blue hedgehog comes to cuck you

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It's crap, but why is Morbius getting dogged on so hard? You'd think it was Catwoman-tier by the way people are going on about it.



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Holy shit, people are still going to see this?


A weird nigger synthesis of people who are tired of Capeshit and MCUfags.

my theater is still sold out for every showing. still can't get a seat

I had to kill a guy to get a ticket, I impersonated him and now I live with his family.

You could’ve avoided the trouble with MorbyPass. $19.99 a month for guaranteed first picks in select theater rows. I’ve never looked back.

At this rate The Bad Guys will take its place too and kick it out of the top 10.

Wonder if Strange will beat those two in subsequent weeks.


>350 morbillion dollars
how? not even avatar and endgame can compete

Snoflyfags are literal cattle

I kneel

>You'd think it was Catwoman-tier
It is

>destroys the MCU

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I liked the scene where Jared Leto says "It's Morbin' time" and Morbs all over the villains before saying his iconic catchphrase, "You just got Morbed by the Morbster, baby."

>not his real iconic catchphrase, "morba morba"
you're a fake morbius fan

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because it's so retarded. nobody gives a fuck about morbius; at least the venom movies had the justification of venom being popular, despite his origin hinging on Spider-Man.

morbius without spider-man is just... lame. i'd rather go find a better vampire movie to watch if spider-man isn't involved in the story.

>morbius without spider-man is just... lame.
b-but michael keaton showed up in the end! they will team up to fight spider-man!

so why did morbius flop so badly?
was the movie really that bad?


Strange has only been out one weekend while The Batman has been out for two months and the Chinese propaganda film has been out for four.

It if has a typical performance for a MCU film of making 5.5 times its domestic opening, Multiverse should at least fall into the $900M-$1B range.

How bad this movie? Is story too cliche?

>morbius without spider-man is just... lame

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He's right. That comic is lame

>starts the Morbius Cinematic Universe


Honestly I'd take it even further. Morbius isn't even cool when Spider-Man is involved

it was just mediocre, plus the bad pres with Leto probably didn't help

Morbius is better without spider-man

Morbius sucks

Why? Story & plot is fine to me

kek so its andrew garfield universe all over again tease out but in the end sinister six movie never happened

Because literally no one knows or cares about Mobius. Fuck, I barely know who he is and I've actually read the first like 30 years of Spidey's comics. He's such a nothing character whose stick was already done by The Lizard decades before and gets double cucked by Batman's Man Bat.
They could have at least done a movie about man thing or rhino or like anyone that's not some z lister.

>Because literally no one knows or cares about Mobius
So what? That like first iron man movie out

>Jared Leto is still made fun of for his previous comic book character role
>yeah we should definitely make him the lead of a comic book film
What stupid Sony exec thought it was a good idea.

Iron Man was a decent movie

this is probably the worst post credit scene in all of superhero flick, vulture was sent to the morbworld because of the no way home spell? how does that even make sense?

The logic of it doesn't matter. Sony couldn't give less of a shit

Ironman wasn't an a lister but he was easily a b or c lister. He had his own show, was important character in the marvel universe for decades and more importantly was flashy but smile enough to be appealing with a great actor to play hi.
Morbius is a literal z lister who isn't even an interesting character in the comics.

>Morbius is a literal z lister
>made 350 morbillion dollars
>z lister
okay hater

>people like joker
>lets cast that joker actor jared leto
thats probably what they thinking just see the planned sony movie about luchadores sony casting some hispanic musician just because hes popular

Riding off the pack of marvel. Look at the fucking promo stuff for him lmao

Will El Muerto make big bucks too? Bad Bnuyy is popular

Despite all his stupid shit he still does somehow have fans

Will the sequel outgross the original? Is it possible to make a better movie?

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It'll be a buddy-roadtrip movie with a name like that

Is there any way of saving Sony's Spider-Man Universe at tihs point?

You know the lack of Spider-Man wasn't even that bothering to me, I expected it even cause Sony obviously doesn't know what to do with their Golden Cow, what surprised me was how fooled I was by the 'People are strange' trailer.

I love me some Lost Boys, and when I heard that I thought "Huh, well it might not be a good superhero movie but maybe it'll be a pretty good vampire movie."

I've not been this mad at a movie since the live action Avatar movie.

yes, ditch the stupid spider-man shit and go full morbius cinematic universe.