It's time for Marvel to admit that the America Chavez experiment failed

It's time for Marvel to admit that the America Chavez experiment failed.

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How dare you say that to an opressed Latinx POC?

it didn't though, people are liking her in the movie
strap in for 15 more years of forced comic book relevance

are they though?
(I admit the actress is charismatic)

>blocks your path in ESG

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Socialist liberals will NEVER admit their pet projects are failures. Look at how badly Biden failed in implementing his socialist agenda. It goes all the way from politics down to comics. Marvel won't admit they failed because it would make woke culture look bad

Believe it or not. Like ITSV Miles. MoM has given America Chavez a personality

>Socialist liberals will NEVER admit their pet projects are failures.
They can't. There's too much money behind it.

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Only liked her in that one futa pic

i remember reading some cringe worthy shit a few years ago but honestly in the movie shes fine, the only people who have a problem with her are people with double digit IQs because she wore a pride flag and had 2 mothers

I'm not going to eat ze bugz as much as the next guy but this image was created by a GAN.


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Say something nice to the folks ruining all of your favorite media.

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In weimerica, marxists masquerade as liberals so they can gaslight gullible retards that all their socialist policies are about love and tolerance, and not just destroying the country as fast as possible

oh okay it's a /pol/ thread

Raimi did the right choice and gave her very little dialog and a very basic character arc everyone can like, if it was any other character people would be mad but for america that shit is a massive improvement

It's a facts thread.

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Total comic sales are somehow reaching the peak levels of 1990s.
I have no idea how this could be possible however.

Just re-re-re-re-reboot it as her slaying pussy left and right. Make it like 80's She-Hulk. Just coomer bait and double entendre

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Haha this is so weird guys it's almost like we're all slaves given the illusion of choice to prevent us from breaking our bonds.

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>Marvel admitting that one of their all new all different diversity hires failed
We can't even get rid of miles.

it really makes you think

Haha yeah but then I just get excited for [product] and I'm back to square one.

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Bullshit. Source?

It just shows that the writers are marvel are the problem and not the characters. You get good writers, we'll get good stories

>the writers are marvel are the problem
If only it were so simple my friend.

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You'd think there'd be a couple of holdouts at least.

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And then it starts getting weirder haha.

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why does larry fink want everyone to be a brown transvestite?

Larry Fink is a puppet like his buddy and BlackRock co-founder Robert Steven Kapito who made news recently. They don't care about any of that nonsense, they just want to be rich and powerful and rub your nose in it.

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It's funny people are into the cute bubbly Whitemerica version of MCU while the comic aggro-dyke version fades into irrelevance.

After the Spiderverse film Miles is definetly a success. All they had to do was give him a personality.

Other way around you retarded faggot.


>They don't care about any of that nonsense
Then what's the entire point of their ESG scores that force companies to pretend to like niggers and trannies?

That's a huge question. The small answer is it's like a government bailout.

>(I admit the actress is charismatic)

but she is an uggo

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To expand:

Say you're Disney. You're on the S&P 500, you're essentially "too big to fail". But you're failing anyway. You need cash to cover costs and to expand in the crumbling financial system (in order to prop that system up so you can continue milking it for all it's worth before it collapses for good).
Along comes BlackRock and Vanguard, basically quasi-governmental fronts for the same very wealthy people. They have a bunch of money and they would just love to invest in your company. There's just one catch, you have to play into this ESG scheme. In practice this just looks like "wokeism" to the end consumer, but the ESG scheme is far more esoteric than that.

The fuck is this

A list of the largest stock holders in Paramount Pictures, the number of shares they control, what percent of the stock they control, and what all of their stocks in Paramount are currently valued at.

As you can see, Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street together control about 25% of the company. These three corporations control similar shares in 90%+ of all S&P 500 companies. This has a cumulative effective that turns them into virtual monopolies. That is, they would also control 25% of all of these other major shareholders like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley etc. When you add it all up in reality they control a majority of the almost any given major corporation this way.

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It offended me as a faggot because of all things they go with the nu-flag with the tranny and BLM shit just plastered on it.
Objectively the lesbian universe is fucking weird. They handled it the best they could by just presenting it without comment and as such it doesnt stand out anymore than the fucking paint universe.
The movie just brings into the fore all the problems with American Chavez as a character, namely, that she doesn't fucking have one. "Spunky Latin girl" is a stereotype, not a personality. Having gay moms is a life circumstance, not characterization.
she's fine as a prop but as far as her very obvious attempt at LGBTBBQ pandering, she fails, and that is literally all she fucking is. A goddamn prop meant for the fag community cooked up by some LA "latinx" bulldyke with a chip on her shoulder.

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If all this wasn't bad enough they also control any would-be opposition to "wokeism". It's a forced dialectic.

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Seeming champion of free speech Elon Musk's company Tesla.

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And it never really stops

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It just keeps on rolling

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Every culture war you think exists

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You are now vaguely aware of the confines of your prison.

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Wow, its almost like identity politics are a cancer that was invented by the upper class to distract midwits and useful idiots from classism or something, what a shocker...

only american can say "socialist liberal" with a straight face

The difference is it has a name and a face now.

Please point me to one writer/artist who will admit their creation was a complete and utter mistake on mankind.

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Any modern political ideology is just liberalism with extra steps.

>an agitprop tool meant to tear western capitalism apart is just weaponized by them to further oppress the masses
>the useful idiots still embrace your stupid socialist ideology wholesale but now they can be coddled by merely throwing a rainbow sticker or a negro on your products once a month, once a year
>those that'd ostensibly support western market values are further entrenched
I fucking hate this world.

Yeah? Got a problem buddy?

Seeing how good the character is received with Dr. Strange 2, I'd say it's actually being a success.

marvel don't give a shit about comics.
normies will still go to see whatever garbage they adapt for the MCU

literally yes, most people you would consider as "communists" are massive liberals

you're literally doing it right now you marxist faggot

doing what? telling you the truth?