Look at this skeleton

look at this skeleton

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The Walten Files 4 will be released after most of humanity has died off as a result of war and famine.

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in the meantime please donate more money to Martin's patreon

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I hope he puts that Patreon money toward a tablet and better animation software, he can't be drawing with his finger forever.

Didn't your last thread just get auto-saged zoom zom?

Look at THIS skeleton.

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my "last thread"?
I'm afraid you're mistaken, This is my first thread.
and I'm certain it's on-topic, if that's your concern.

Look at this scav

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>Deletes half of his videos cuz 'muh dad'
I was naive thinking he wouldn't do it again.

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So why are you talking about that garbage here?

at least it's nothing important lost, house in the ocean was always shit.
As opposed to everyone else, I don't think Monument Mythos was a fluke. Or maybe I just don't want to believe it was. I think the problem is Alex is too committed to his past bad ideas. When he starts something new, something standalone, he does a decent job. Early Monument Mythos was good. The first few HITO videos were passable before it was connected to the Crescent King, then it devolved into inscrutable navel-gazing and meta wankery. Cornerfolk is still good because he hasn't tried to ruin it with deepest lore yet.
Alex is trying to build this big connected universe, perhaps out of the desire to give his work more purpose that arose with the death of his father, but he's really bad at it and also nobody gives a shit. he needs to start something new that's separate from his other work and he needs to keep it separate so he can tell a proper god damned story.

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Analog horror sucks now

What the hell is even the appeal of this series. I've seen a few episodes and just seems like the most boring, derivative, by the books thing that just copyies everything squimpus did along with using every other anolog horror trope with no twist what so ever.


I suspect it just appeals to kids that grew up with FNAF, it's trying to appeal to nostalgia and to bring back that sort of mystery that would get those kids to watch hours of theory videos about FNAF. It's just nostalgia.

Never ever.

Broodhollow is a comic, and discussing Straub's body of work is also on-topic.

>and also nobody gives a shit.
Most do. Yea Forums is not his primary viewerbase, despite what you've fooled yourself into thinking. Same for Straub, or Remy. They don't make these series for anyone here, for most it's just a passion project (or in the case of Walten, an elaborate money-laundering scheme).

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I see a total of two posts discussing anything about Straub's work you disingenuous faggot.

I could never get into Local 58. it's a bit too much of an anthology for its own good, nothing gets the time to develop or grow into more than one it is because its dropped entirely after the video ends.
'cept for the whole moon thing, but that's boring and the moon is an impotent shitter anyway.

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Kris doesn't really elaborate on much of anything. Broodhollow went on for YEARS, with at least one gap between major arcs, and we never truly found out what was going on. Things seem unconnected but are supposed to link up based on unprovided info because Straub tends to not get around to that point.

You're entirely right that none of them make their content for anyone on Yea Forums because the intended audience is entirely below the age requirement to post here.

I lost all interest in the channel when it turned out to be some generic as fuck "human harm planet human bad" shit.
That and Straubs autism when it came calling his series about aliens when it's actually about giant space monsters from space. Just seems pedantic.

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You post on a board for comics made for 12 year old children. Kindly get over yourself.

I wouldn't mind as much if the stuff we did get was interesting, but it's not. I maintain the Contingency is the only L58 video worth watching and even then I think it's overrated.

Man fuck I forgot to remove my image.
Everyone should still go watch MD-PTV for some actually good, well made Fnaf horror.

>I lost all interest in the channel when it turned out to be some generic as fuck "human harm planet human bad" shit.
Where are you getting this from? He's never defined the reason why HIS THRONE is here.

>That and Straubs autism when it came calling his series about aliens when it's actually about giant space monsters from space.
He's also never said this.

So you're a zoomer AND a capeshitter. Not surprising with taste that shit.

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Analog horror sucks and is not real horror.

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>actually good, well made Fnaf horror
that's an oxymoron

Not really but ok.

Difference of opinion then. Show For Children is probably my personal favorite. Followed by Fastest Available Route.

Kill yourself furfaggot.


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>Not really but ok.

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thanks, I'll have to give it a watch.
Show For Children is decent, I had forgotten about that one (even though it's the entire basis for this thread)

Hey what was those fnaf videos that showed an actual decomposing animal called again?

I still don’t understand how a bunch of hacks all using a shitty VHS distortion filter on their stuff became some gay little genre on YouTube. Is the cycle going to repeat with unregistered hypercam 2 “horror” videos for the next braindead generation of kids?

I miss when these threads were fun. Nowadays it's just a bunch of angry people mad about analog horror and the unhinged wojak-spamming ZoomerBro from Yea Forums. May as well be a Yea Forums thread.

Out of Placers has more originality than any of the garbage posted here.

That's the stuff made by squimpus, he also cucked out to youtube and censored it, but that's not pic related, see for that source

They can still be good if you just ignore the angry spammers who don't have anything to say anyways.

Cadavre predates Local58 and Show For Children by several years. He first showed up in Broodhollow.

I never understood whether that meant broodhollow was important to channel 58, or if he's just an artist signature whos who shows up in all his work. Reading the webcomic certainty didn't clear things up.

They were never fun zoomer, people were always telling you to fuck off back to YouTube or at least /x/

There's analog horror stuff I really like, but basically can't be brought up or discussed here. If I want to discuss horror stuff, I'll just stick to other boards or off-site. Nowadays, I mostly just come to Yea Forums to shitpost and make autists violently mad because this place is good for nothing else.

I only ever went here for these threads because that's where the mods themselves forced them. People tried on Yea Forums and got deleted, while these threads normally go fine while here. Lately they've been dying more but I feel that's just the weird hate spam making people do exactly what you said, just go somewhere else. It's a shame but makes sense in the end.

Local58, Ichor Falls, Candle Cove, and Broodhollow are all apparently connected due to Local58 broadcasting in all those areas at some point and those names being referenced at points. Which has unclear implications (though Broodhollow is so far back that it's unlikely any events in Local58 or Candle Cove will impact it).

>Candle Cove
Man, it's always weird to remember he made that too.
Also shows how analog horror is just, the new form of creepypasta.

well there's also been a drought of new stuff
I think the genre is on its last legs, people have realized how stale it is and are moving on to other styles and formats.

So you admit to being board tourists that only come here because of general mod apathy. Not surprising in the least. Even more reason to tell you to fuck off, especially when /x/ exists.

These threads were lively here until the guy who thinks exclusively about children and other autists started hate-spamming them, yes. I'm pretty certain almost everyone who posted here has just migrated to other places and didn't bother saying where they went since the autists would just follow them. It's sad, but that's the fate of most good topics on this site.

>good topics
It's not even Yea Forums

what's a guy gotta do to get mods who care about thread derailment of this frequency and caliber

How entitled can you be? As says, you have a board dedicated entirely to your specific niche interests over on /x/ yet you insist on coming here because you prefer the “community” for whatever reason.

Start paying them?

Delete the site and go elsewhere. The mods quite literally do not care, about any board. Some of them even engage in the thread derailment themselves or will allow literal porn and other garbage to get spammed everywhere.

You mean the same mods that have been deleting this shit with ever more frequency? lmao

They'd just run away with the money.

alright fuckface, I'll humor you
>local 58 is connected to broodhollow and has Show For Children, which is literally a cartoon
>Mandela Catalogue samples clips for Beginner's Bible
>Walten Files and Thalasin are entirely drawn
>Squimpus' and Battington's work is 3D animation
>only one that you could say doesn't belong is ALEXKANSAS' shit but with it being so closely tied to this other shit you might as well toss it into the pot
now fuck off and don't come back

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>my shitty forced general counts because r-r-reasons!
Still not Yea Forums retard

You WILL look at the scav

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user, don't try and reason with him. It doesn't matter. Everyone has told him the same and he either ignores facts, dodges acknowledging the point, shifts goalposts, or tries to act like Yea Forums doesn't accept shit like MCU films because of them being connected to comics, or web animation like RWBY.

He's probably the same autists who keeps trying to get Godzilla threads moved to /m/ too, and is always ignored. Now watch him reply to himself or to these posts doing everything I just listed.

He's also a wojak-spammer, so it's even more funny when he calls people board tourists given every wojak poster is an unironic discord tranny.

I'm barely even half of the posts that shits on you zoomers but nice conspiracy theory. You would be more at place over at /x/ than you know.

I know, but sometimes you just gotta say it

what do you guys think of the new TMK shit

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