"Muh Phoenix" Storytime

I did this around the same time last year, and it was a lotta fun--so I'm running through it again.

Let's enjoy ourselves some dated references and quality humor, starting with Round 1.

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God bless you OP.

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The only good thing that came out of this event.

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>tfw avengers vs x men was running around the same time I started coming to Yea Forums
fuck. where does the time go

why the FUCK does the upload consistently continue failing?

Damn, I forgot Sam has been around for this long.

Yea Forums itself is trying to forget about AvX.

Haha, you just got Phoenix'd

Oh, it's because of the hentai. Forgot I had this edited version for Yea Forums use.

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>image during storytime


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Between this and DS2 I kinda want to post Illuminated

what image user

I gotta say it's pretty cool that Hickman managed to drag Hope out of the limbo that is being a new(ish) character during a Marvel event. Also, if she's a Summers does that mean she thinks of Scott as her grandpa or something?

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Nuzlocke is the one who invented Mugga right?

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I'm 90% sure, but I could very well be wrong on that.

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>my mugga
still makes me laugh

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>Now usually we'd just dismiss this as a mutie problem and have a good laugh about it

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Now for a brief intermission between rounds.

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OK. I get it. Fake dialog over original art.
Which means the writing credits are fake too.
Anyone know who wrote the parody?

>People don't remember muh phoenix anymore

too much time has gone by

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Fucking based. Let's go, my mugga

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Nuzlocke, dude. As in the guy who (sort of accidentally) created the Pokemon playstyle

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What is Illuminated, user?

Based Cap and Tony

It gave us this gem and for that alone it should be remembered. Like seriously just that I have nothing else positive to say about it.

It's like this but about the Hickman new avengers book with the illuminati

He did?

Cool, where As in the Nuzlocke playstyle, not the actual Pokemon gameplay