ITT: You're tasked with coming up with a new videogame for the last cartoon you watched

Give genre, plot, and mechanics with as much details as you want

Hard mode: It has to be a cartoon which never had a videogame

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Smiling Friends. I'm thinking a Hit & Run style sandbox game. You play as Charlie or Pim and talk to Mr. Boss to get your mission. Those will be to cheer up the clients from the show, like Desmond, Mr. Frog, Shrimp, etc. You can mess around in the city or do your task which will essentially just be reenacting an episode. You can explore Smiling City, the magical forest, the spooky forest, frozen hell, DaveLand, etc.

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mr pickles
you have to play sherrif and find your way around the hellscape thats his kennel, like alien isolation? the game where you hide alot

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

This but updated to the current roster.

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Amphibia platformer RPG

metal gear rising for kids
>open world norrisville
>some missions are recreations of several episodes
>unlock various weapons as you level up
>bruce combat

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Bob's burger
You play as bob managing the restaurant and wild unpredictable things happen you have to deal with
Every day ends up with a cutscene

How the hell do you add RPG elements into a platformer


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Kinda like Order up?

Would McFist become Senator Armstrong?

I remember playing this

Kappa Mikey.
>You get to play as Mikey as various episodes of LilyMu play out. Missions to prepare for the show and deal with "the villain of each episode arc" are portrayed as minigames ala Feel the Magic: XY XX/Rub Rabbits.
>One episode arc as an example: Ozu hires an popular local idol singer to sing for LilyMu in a special episode but it's shown that the idol singer only appears at night. It's then shown that while the idol singer appears, Yes Man is strangely absent from Ozu's side. Yes Man is revealed to be the idol singer in disguise.

>The Owl House
Seems pretty simple. Semi-open world (open levels separated by regions) Collect-a-thon platformer where your level traversal abilities are improved as Luz learns new Glyphs.
Plot loosely based on the show but with a few side-stories that you can progress through as you unlock new abilities. So there might be some little subquest that you start in the early game that you need end-game abilities to fully complete.
Focus on the map becoming easier and funner to traverse as you unlock new abilities.
Also special side missions where you play as the other characters and have a different skillset from Luz. Like a level where you play as Willow and your moveset is entire plant-based, a Gus level that's illusion-based, Amity abomination level, etc.
Has elements of games like Psychonauts, Spyro 3, and similar games.

Telltales style game might work for it.

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One of my favorite games!

Why did licensed games stop existing and/or got downgraded to shitty phone games?

Because game development for consoles got more expensive.

Ahh, a game about Dr. Rockzo from Metalocalypse where he collects bumps of cocaine. Brilliant work, user. Give this man a FPBP

>Telltales style game
user, I...

I attribute it to the fact that there's less of an audience for it because kids, liscensed games's prime money makers, just aren't watching as many cartoons anymore because of YouTube being a thing. The only recent liscenced games I can think of are Samurai Jack and Nick brawl stars.

This and also most of the publishers found more stable properties or refined their models as to what profitable games look like to their investors and as such generally are less interested in taking deals with other companies that will take larger cuts when they can instead scout smaller game companies that can be bullied much more in terms of finances and direction.

Easy mode: Jackie Chan Adventures open world fighter set in 2000.
Hard mode: Kevin Spencer open world adventure.

Daria adventure game. Yes, there's Daria's Inferno, but I'm talking like Lucasarts-Telltale kinda game.

Saying Hit and Run is basically cheating in these threads. Make it a warioware clone or a dating/friend simulator

The last thing I watched was family guy and it already has two good games so idk since they already did a Brian and Stewie game make it so it’s like that one episode where they hang out in cutaways all episode.
you travel from cutaway to cutaway there’s something destroying all the cutaway worlds and the griffins have to stop it. I’m thinking maybe a meta thing with Disney taking over the show or just rip off drawn to life and it turns out all these cutaway worlds specifically were written by a guy who died and with him gone they’re all fading away

We need a new double dragon game anyway

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because television is a dead medium.

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I'm sad now

Oh, this is easy.
Cel shaded SBCG4AP style episodic Adventure game. Five episodes by the shows writers, each episode you control a different Belcher, starting with Louise, then Gene, then Tina, then Linda, then Bob.

It was already my most wanted game from Telltale before they went under.

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Me too man, me too.

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>Xiaolin Showdown
There's already a Game for that but here goes.
A Pseudo Party game type thing
Basically, you have to go around and Collect the Shen gong wu Scatter around a Giant Map or collection of Maps. Like the Great Cave Offensive or Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
All the while the Heylin also Roam the Map looking for Them. If you reach the Shen gong wu while a Heylin is nearby. you enter a Showdown.
Which is a Random Mario Party Minigame

The story is more like A Mario party story mode. where the player goes through all the maps and fight a Heylin
You fight Robots and said Heylin or Other players to stun them/steal their Shen gong wu

Hard Mode
>Mao Mao

I imagine it would've gotten a Ps2/Gamecube Arena Beat em Up But I don't think there are enough Generic Mooks to serve as Fight Fodder.
So Instead. Its still a Beat 'em Up. But like Monster hunter. where you have to Chase the Big Monster around the Map to defeat it before it causes too much damage.

Randy Cunningham never had a game? Missed opportunity....
Also, I was thinking of it being an RPG platformer type.

Soooooo Papa's Burgeria except you're a middle aged man with 3 kids and a wife?

SuperMonkeyTeamHyperForceGo Brawl!
>Arcade FighterZ type of game
>Each monkey or character has different combos suited to their abilities
>Different levels with different backgrounds, blah blah blah

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My version is you play as Bob and you get a vasectomy so your life wouldn't be a living hell.

Sealab 2021 management sim where you're tasked with making it a full week before the entire station explodes. You have access to a time machine which randomizes the seed and scenario, a semi-reliable radio, and are friends with Hesh.

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Infinity Train rouge-like puzzle platformer.
Every new run you're given a random number and traverse the train solving puzzles and completing cars to get it to 0 or die trying

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Xiaolin Showdown
>2d Beat-em-up
>Minigames to represent showdowns

Frog Souls from From Software

>Not, a LA noire styled game Where you play as pim and Charlie having to make people smile.

>Challenge mode that changes certain rules for the game
>Scenario where every pod is Pod 6
>Scenario where you're trying to get everyone safely off of Isla De Chupacabra
>Scenario of getting Stormy and Quinn back to Sealab with a Shark blocking the way
>Scenario where you're trying to stop doppelgangers from sabotaging Sealab
>Bizarro scenario where the rules for all of the characters change
>When you get a game over it cuts to a frustrated Meatwad and Shake
I'd play it

SF would make for a good Sam & Max-type point-and-click adventure.

Family Guy. Instead of something like the PS2 game and "Back to the Multiverse", I want to try something different.
>A WarioWare clone but the microgames are based on cutaway gags
>Each character's stage plays out like a regular episode that gets periodically interrupted by cutaways
>Characters have microgames themed around their interests
>Peter's microgrames have no specific theme like Wario; they involve inserting himself into TV shows and "THIS IS WORSE THAN THE TIME I" gags
>Brian has microgames based on classic movies and literature
>Stewie's the Orbulon of the group and gets brain-teaser microgames
>Lois gets cutaways based on everyday life like Mona
>Chris, Meg, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe also have microgames
>The Drunken Clam is this game's Club Sugar, and more characters show up there as you keep beating stages
>The final "boss" microgame is an extended Peter vs. Giant Chicken fight
I think this'd work.

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>American Dad
Hitman clone

>smiling friends
easy, point and click adventure

A Totally Spies 'action/adventure' game
>play as either Sam, Clover or Alex
>3-player co-op
>game has two gameplay styles
>stealth segments similar to MGS
>beat em up segments similar to Batman Arkham
>Beverly Hills as an open hub world where you can buy outfits and upgrade gadgets
>a multiplayer 'search and destroy' game mode

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mario kart + south park

It already exists. It wasn't that good though.

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>The Owl House
I could see a Hexside MMO similar to Wizards Online or something.

>Old school Lucasarts era point and click adventure game.
>Features beautifully hand drawn sprites, new environments and backgrounds from the original show.
>Features a nauseatingly large amount of dialogue with the original voice actors. New characters get a chance to shine and character interactions that never happened in the show get developed.
>Main gameplay involves swapping between Anne, Sprig and Hop Pop for dialogue choices. Depending on who you are, NPCs will treat you differently and events will play out in new ways.

this is such a bigbrain take i love it

They could probably do it again with the bigger cast of characters and more racing games to steal ideas off of

There's a bunch of franchises you could do a tell tale game with. I legitimately think Scooby-Doo would be a good one.

Shit this brings back memories

Honestly we just more 3d platformers.

I think these are the best projects yet

>You're full of shit Mr. Shrimp. The truth is you hated that bitch

Wait that's just transformers dvastation with a randy cunningham skin

Side scrolling beat'em up

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Platforming collectathon with some harder to reach collectibles for the 100% completion

Not really much else you could do with Bluey.

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