Official not bait not prebump thread. Pocket Marcy is a miracle of the universe

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This isn't going to end well.

Rate the Finale (Again!)

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Post Swap AU

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Pre-bumping Marcy hate threads.

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My bad I mean Penultimate Episode. 9/10 for me btw.


fuck LA/10

>One (1) episode left

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Cute baby girl

Endgame right here brothers

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9/10 might get higher score once the final air i feel they go together

Remember the predictions for this show when it was announced? How did your predictions end up?

Bros, new Maggie just dropped:

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The timing on this always bothered me because I saw it as that "Squidward opening eyes" scenes

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>2 threads
>one made way before the bump limit
why does this keep happening

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The same as every one i guess was more excited for owl house but it turned out a dumpster fire and this show is topcomfy


Tribe/doomfag is awake and has like 3 phones and 2 tablets

frogs can no longer be contained in one thread. We must make like Andrias and conquer

I perfected Maggie’s return and redemption, Sasha Jobbing, Beatrix’s return, and Marcy was in mental jail.

1 more week and I'll be free

Retarded newfags.

1 more year

>none of the girls will be lesbians, you're just an incel who can't recognize friendship
>however Spranne will happen even though they are just friends because [insert wall of cope here]

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So do you have a boyfriend back home?

there's still the journal

I want Calamity Anne to give Maggie a wedgie.

This happens often. Usually we just go to the thread but because Marcyfags are pussies another one was made.

>maggie "redemption"

this is so fucking retarded.

That's a lazy background.

Noodles, wings, or thighs, what'll it be

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I don't shit on the Spranne friend because he's not obnoxious like the yurifags, we all know no romance between the main friends is happening.

I don't get it either, especially since Sprig already has a girlfriend

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>Noodles, wings, or thighs
Almost made me want to eat, nope, not today.

He's one of the most obnoxious people here.

Checked, I think they just don't like Ivy.

I have no quarrel with spranne dude, his spam is minor and singular, twigfag tho has to go

He's pretty annoying.

hate darrel

King Sprig will have many wives, Ivy is just the first.

I'll always lament the lack of proper Marcy and Sasha focus throughout a lot of season 3, but Pocket Marcy makes me smile.

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is she supposed to explode?

9/10 needed more buff Sasha

God Marcy is autistic as fuck.

ironically Sasha vs Darcy was more hype than Anne vs Andrias without the need of sakuga and shitty music to ruin the mood

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7/10 like the rest of S3B

barbarian pussy

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3 awakening scenes for Anne? Fucking really Matt, just couldn't help yourself

It's just how it is.

just keep watching

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I hope they do something with their dynamic in The Hardest Thing

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where's frank?

Matt just straight up said he didn't think about it.

What dynamic? it always has been about Anne and Sasha when it comes to actual explored relationship, Marcy is always the third wheel.

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>mere seconds together and they already shine
We've been robbed.

Is Grime cute?

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Isn't the first time.

Embrace it.

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I'm not aware of every OC from around here, who's Frank?

This is inaccurate. Sasha would leave her tied up in a dog crate to starve to death. Dehydration will get her first.

how the fuck do you people still exist

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Anne is for _______
Sasha is for _______
Marcy is for _______

Marcy and Sasha
Anne and Marcy
Sasha and Anne

How the fuck do you still come here?

anne dumb

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Cooking Thai food
Going through endless unfulfilling relationships
Dying because she's some kind of abomination unfit to live

I bashed marcy relentlessly in season 2 but I love her now after All In

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Go away.

This pic is sending my sides into orbit

Eternal darkness

can someone make some art with this but with pocket marcy?

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Anne is forbidden
Sasha is forever
Marcy is forgotten

Kek love the office memes

Requesting this with Pocket Marcy!

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