I still can't believe this art became canon

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Forming a threesome with Anne and Sasha during a sleepover with Marcy.

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>he couldnt believe the quirky-main-brown-girl-spirited-away-to-a-magical-place and the mandatory-school-bully-whos-secretly-a-little-tsundere werent gonna get together

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Sprig and grime are pussies

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Sashanne is just a miracle of this universe.

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These songs sucked and dragged down the scenes as a result

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>still using tanks
Should've brought NLAWs

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I'm gonna keep bumping this one cause it's funny.

Does Sprig realize Leif is his ancestor?

Marcy is now canonically the second biggest cuck next to Andrias

Probably takes time to get them to downtown LA.

Why would Marcy be there? She's going away in the finale

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Forgot to take her out of the back picture.

Endgame right here brothers

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She had 2, TWO, chicks trying to save her. Literally a princess in the tower, adopted by the king, with two prince charmings.

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They were lesbians all along?

and the link poster

not yet if ever, but let's be honest, none of them were straight

>ruins your superpower ancient high-tech empire
>sends most of the world back to dark age
>gets away with it and dies old happy and surrounded by loved ones
Is there a more hateable cunt in recent animated history?

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Nah, it's just yurifags and lesbians projecting.


Marcy got humiliated and traumatized at least.

Kind of the frog's fault for not investing in non-music box tech.

She's still alive.

The amalgamation of their most brilliant minds couldn't invent wireless data and got defeated by a cable, it's safe to say Amphibians are dumb as rocks

It was a good investment. No other source was nearly as powerful.

how did amphibia become so polluted without the concept of combustion
they don't use fossil fuels

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>none of them were straight

They've gone the entire show without mentioning how cute boys are, and they're TEEN GIRLS!!! Mabel and Star couldn't even last one episode without being horny for boys


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Anyone has the Mega to a 1080p version of "All In"?

Maggiechads got the last laugh.

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Maggiechads are a wholesome folk.

I'm still pissed they didn't do the Marcy's cloak still bursts into flames gimmick.

Totally ruined it for me.


Marcyfags will use this thread.

You mean maggiefags.

No they're not.

Andrias killed thousands

And now he’s half dead

of plant life.

Caesar killed thousands. Who cares.

So he could kill billions

It was by design, i can see Andrias's team of inquisitors, kidnapping the newt tesla

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LA trannies are not people is fine

California can't afford any high tech army all resources go to free healthcare to immigrants and expenses to clean their streets

They should make a small Marcy doll that fit in a shirt pocket.

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>earth military are powerless before andrias' army
>mr x, boonchyys and x's assistant cant take them on
Uh why didn't they outfit the army with the same weapons they were using?

I kill billions each time I wash my hands
Therefore I'm stronger than Andrias

Star, she single handed kill the magic across multiple universes, she give zero fucks about the consequences...just for the pleasure of suck mexican dick

my joy comes from being a hater, and so, i live to see the girls not have any romance between each other

Experimental tech

According to liberals not having free abortion and Alphabet people made the pollution much worse

If you had a tiny Marcy would you torture them?

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>another thread necrobumped by some fucker because he was upset people weren't using it instead of the other one

Army too busy blowing their money on hookers and cocaine.

There's still a chance she went on to have a shitty life.

That's according to you and the messages your tinfoil hat sends you.

I would just berate them emotionally all day.

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>7 Amphibia threads
You win frogchads. Us owlfags are the lesser fandom.

Remember when Sasha and Marcy were supposed to be on the same wavelength?


How the fuck are you always the third post in every amphibia thread? Like every time. I’m honestly impressed

Everything that transpired is all their fault

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Remember when Sasha and Marcy were supposed to fuck graphically on screen for three hours?

I'm a little lost, is there any young boy that can properly point me to which way is the /amph/ thread?

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>That one time straight chad made yurinigger stay awake the whole night so he could necrobump his thread
The pettiness around this parts is astonishing

I would hold her in my hands till I die from crying. How would she even live tiny like that? Tragic!

Surprisingly it was six hours.

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I'd kill it immediately lest she destroy the world

Oh yes, definitely. I don't understand why everyone else don't see that. Just because they're cute, doesn't exempt them from their crimes.

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Grandpa just do what you'd usually do... Go with the majority.

That's Yea Forums.

The one with grime and Marcy.

>Women destroy society with their decisions
we ought to return to the good old times

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I've made a commitment and I'm seeing it through to the end.

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Actually, what makes the pollution worse is animal agriculture and the left are hypocritical and want to eat animals and the right are obsessed with their space fantasy daddy elon larp to tackle the issues we have on this planet, plus they're all fat fucks who eat animals.

Basically, the left and right are equally stupid and both dodge the actual issues plaguing our ecosystem.

"These pollution and environment issues are very complicated..."
No, actually they're fucking not. Stop destroying the oceans with fishing and littering(which everyone thinks "huh Adam? Fishing not bad fishing good for pllanet" fishing destroys the coral and not only the fish deemed "suitable for eating" but many many other sea creatures via bycatch. I could go on but I don't need to just do the research yourself. Animals are not meant to be consumed because of environmental and health factors.)
If people wanted fucking solutions and answers, do this:
1) stop paying for animals to be needlessly exploited
2) stop needlessly exploiting animals
3) invest in vertical farming (which is literally not only the safest form of farming but it allows for farming in barren areas, et cetera et cetera)

Space is pretty cool and epic dude but maybe billionaires should focus on the planet we are currently fucking up, and not looking to fuck up another one by repeating the same disphit mistakes somewhere else.

How yuri is this show

I respect that.

there's only 1 canon yuri ship, two minor characters. that's about it

fuck off veggie

We have a guy that literally has gamed wars between exaggerated 'factions' to crash these threads for months. I'm surprised by nothing at this point.

God speed you Marcy loving/hating son of a bitch

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We can’t even get companies to use metal and glass bottles instead of plastic ones. They’ll fuck up this planet until it’s too late.

The yuri is left to fanartist efforts.

Plop her onto a soft pillow while providing her with warm tea and a delicious cupcake, and then I will make her watch Amphibia and all of the adventures Anne had without her and all of the mistakes she made.

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You really think Anne enjoys the feeling of Sasha's fit, muscular body ravaging her tight little Thai pussy until her stringbean legs can't stand up anymore? All while Marcy flicks her bean in the corner of the room? Who would enjoy that?

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