Well, well, well look who has to come back to save Spider-Man. Missed me didn’t you Yea Forums?

Well, well, well look who has to come back to save Spider-Man. Missed me didn’t you Yea Forums?

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> DanDan Slott will return to the Spider-Verse this summer with a new five-issue anthology miniseries introducing wild new multiversal variants on Spider-Man — but don’t get too attached! August’s new Edge of Spider-Verse is all in preparation for what Slott and Marvel are billing as the final Spider-Verse story: End of the Spider-Verse, coming later in 2022.

“Marvel has decided to do the unthinkable, go big, and bring the saga of the comic book Spider-Verse to a fiery conclusion,” Slott told Polygon via email. “Yes, that’s right. Later this year we shall all bear witness to THE END OF THE SPIDER-VERSE!”

Of course, few things ever truly end in the never-ending world of superhero comics, but pretending like they will is half the fun. “If you ask me, it’s madness,” Slott waxed enthusiastic. “Why would they do this? WHY? They could’ve milked this spider-cash-cow for decades. That said, if you are going to do it, going all-out in a blaze of glory is definitely the way to go!”

But before the end of the Spider-Verse will come a new Edge of Spider-Verse, a spiritual sequel to the 2014 anthology of the same name that tied in to the original Spider-Verse crossover, expanding on the backstories of different Spider-Persons from alternate universes. Hitting shelves in August, the new Edge of Spider-Verse is an opportunity for various creators to add new characters to Spider-Man’s multiverse in the same way that now famous characters like Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir were introduced.

Fuck this self-inserting man-child.

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>ending the Spider-Verse

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unironically yes

>Slott tells Polygon that Night-Spider is the persona of world-class thief-with-a-luck-superpower Felicia Hardy from a universe where she got spider powers instead of Peter Parker, with a costume designed by Kris Anka.

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>Well, well, well look who has to come back to save Spider-Man. Missed me didn’t you Yea Forums?
Yes, we did Stan, but aren't you dead? And why did you post a photo of Dan Slott?

>run out of good Spider-Men to kill
>low quality OC like is what they've deemed good enough to tease with
Yeah, this will be even more forgettable than the last Miles wank.

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No thanks I'll take Nick Lowe Spidey any day. It's great so far Lowe really knows how to make the series feel fresh for old and new readers alike!

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>Felicia Hardy
>with a costume designed by Kris Anka
Maybe you should've let a straight man do a straight man's job, Marvel.

Nick Lowe is still editing Slott's book you ignoramus

Why, don't you like villain Ben? Slott came up with that one. Whore MJ with other men too, actually.

you must have actual autism if you couldn't sense the sarcasm in that post

You're shit at jokes and sarcasm
>I prefer this book edited by the guy fucking up the comics over this book also edited by the guy fucking up the comics
Take your ass back to Yea Forums, try again zoomie

>make spider-felicia.
>make an outfit that explictly defines how FLAT she is.

We can't have anything nice, can we?

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wait a fucking second, that's Anya with the Hunter's tattoo and its likely 616 Anya because she was in charge of that multiversal squad for a while. That's neat.

At least this put greater credence to the fact that he is off FF Slott can't do two books at once.

daily reminder

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I see Slott has been watching a lot of Rob Roy and outlander

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>no archive link


Don't forget this

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>Slott in all likelihood browses Yea Forums or is at the very least aware of internet nerds and their opinions on him
>still keeps making the same types of lame choices in his work
What did he mean by this?

So politically correct put downs.

What a douche.

So Dan lurks here to steal our ideas too?

So who's he going to kill off this time? My money's on Kaine (and not another fake-out).

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he should kill all of them and then himself

I'm convinced he was the one who made this dumb post:

Is Kris Anka physically unable to draw breasts and hips or does he just hate women? Costume's not even that bad. Would look good on Miles.

>Would look good on Miles.

Nick Lowe has gotta go

God I want this fat kike to just shut the fuck up

Yes, he is.

this fat faggot is here in this thread right now, shitposting amongst us. Say something nice to your favorite obese pedophile Dan Slott.

Miles would work better if he came out as gay. It's been obvious from his first appearance.

Wow, Anka ALMOST had a good design for once but as usual he ruins it in some way. Put the spider on the front, take away the webbing design and it looks way better.

Dude's so gay he's physically disgusted by the female body and tries to draw them as men.

What a fag faggot

I bet Dan Slott uses CTRL-F and searches for his name in these threads. Hi Dan! I miss when your stories weren't so mean-spirited.

Most people just double down when criticized.

After seeing a picture of him, it all makes sense. He looks like one of those extra creepy gay dudes.

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>END OF Spider-Verse
>just after Evagoblion
SLOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT stop stealing our shit

Now where have I seen this before....

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People seem to forget just how much damage this man caused to the character over a six year period. He didn't even provide Black Cat a proper redemption arc. It's only through selective memory and Spencer's work that Felicia was able to return to the forefront. At least it's better than MacKay having complete creative control over the character.

Him and the Spider office in general.


You can fuck off too Spencer, I forgot who had them make amends but that was before you.

It was Spencer, you dipshit. In particular, ASM #10 and ASM #16.HU.One of the few good storylines to come out of his run on ASM.

Slott and Bendis concurrently wrote conflicting stories to try and clean up the Queenpin mess on their way out the door.

Fuck you I like Spencer, bring him back.

>Slobb is stealing from me too now

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Let Spider-Man be a dickhead, that's literally the whole point of his persona. Slott just can't cope with the fact he's morbidly obese.

Spencer burned his bridges by taking that Substack deal and I doubt anyone will buy his garbage comics there after how his Spider-Man run turned out so everyone gets what they deserve.

>At least it's better than MacKay having complete creative control over the character.
MacKay's been inarguably the best writer she's ever had.

No, I remember now, it was some Venom issue.

>bring back Spencer
can't wait to have yet another mystery villain dick around for three years while nothing happens until it's revealed to be the Stacy twins (again!) because uhhhhhhhhhhhh Harry recloned them (this is Harry from pre-OMD but before he had a drug overdose, the first one. Actually, it's the Harry that for a brief period of time had a Fu Manchu, let's go with that)

In this thread we say fuck you Spencer. I'll start.

Fuck you, Spencer.

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What are the chances that Slott brings back SpOck yet again, even if he's a completely separate person to avoid clashing with whatever Wells is doing with Otto?

Most of Spencer's Spidey run was good though, lot of canon cleanup. The only issue was how things ended, which there's evidence of editorial fuckery.
Hey Slott, fuck off

Dropping meaningless references you looked up on the fandom wiki doesn't make you any better than Slott, Spencer.

What references? He undeniably was cleaning up the garbage loose ends of others, Slott included. But go ahead and try and explain
>Felicia hating Peter
>Doctor Connors's sinister feral lizard family
>Dead Ned Leeds
>Kraven being alive
And so on as being good things

Slott's run was the only time I gave a fuck about Spider-man post-OMD/BND.

Good stories stand on their own merits, not because they fixed a mess another writer made. Additionally, HBO's Game of Thrones started out strong too but they fucked up the ending so badly that nobody talks about it anymore. That's Spencer's run, notable for how awful its ending was.

MacKay is awful. His dialogue for Black Cat is unbelievably trashy, his characters are recycled trash, and his stories are bunch of inconsequential heists. Jed is incredibly lucky Marvel gifted a no-name writer like him a character that can sell on covers alone.

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Yeah, OMD/BND was bad, but Slott is just something on another level entirely.

I still had an enjoyable time with Spencer's run. I'm sorry you didn't. The ending reveal was muddled, but then again there was no good way to undo Sins Past and he merely used the tools available. Plus it was very apparent things were going on behind the scenes.

So yeah I'm going to say Spencer was better than a decade of Slott or the Beyond shit

Sure thing, Slott

Don't you have a "marywhorekek" to post or something?

Don't you have another failed Nextwave pitch to shove on an unrelated book?