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How come shows like Big Mouth creep me out but Venture bros has a literal recovering pedophile character that I enjoy and even root for?

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The writing.


in most cases of 'how can X do this well but Y do it so badly?' the answer is that everything else is well made and works, thats it

--and the artstyle.

Venture Bros is aesthetically pleasing to look at, while Big Mouth was intentionally designed to be disgusting.

an art style that doesn't make your eyes bleed

Life imitates art I guess
That too, the art of Big Mouth molests my eyes more than the kids.

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What is a "Rusty Venture" anons?

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I think Brocks’ version is the correct definition.

It wasn’t his fault the government made him into one and he takes his molestol

Because hatred is constantly shown to not like this and want to scape the sickness the government gave him and then dump him.

He truly cares about the safety of the people he cares and is all around good guy

I must have missed that, is that a MKUltra reference within the show?

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He was made into a super soldier but the side effect made him wanna have sex with little boys
So he takes medicine to prevent this
The show often establishes that the government is messed up in the show

Not explicitly at least, I think they made a few MKUltra jokes thougb

Seargent Hatred is the most unequivocally good guy in the entire show and yet he has these shameful urges. A tragic character.

I remember the Super Soldier Serum explanation and the medicine is why he has the tits but I don't remember him mentioning that the medicine also affected his weird pedophilia. I thought that was always just a a part of him.

It always pisses me off when I see people rag on Hatred since he's genuinely a good guy on the road to recovery. I guess some people just want to look at the past and judge from there instead.

Why should you not root for someone who wishes to change himself for the better?

How come I enjoy chicken prepared by a professional chef but I get sick when I eat it raw from the dumpster?

Past matters too

Both. Hatred on Big Mouth style, even written exactly the same as he is in the show, would be a bit too gross for me to relate to.

Because while it has a pedo it isn't made for pedos.

Imagine being in a coffee shop with Jackson Publick and Doc Hmmer and being the biggest weirdo in the room.

It does, but I'm a strong believer in redemption. Although, I can't blame people for holding resentment if they were directly affected by something as serious as being sexually assaulted. Still, as an outsider I think someone like Hatred would be a pretty cool guy.

They gave Action Man the same formula and it's implied that it made him nuts too
Would certainly explain why he killed that baby

why did you post a screencap when you could have just saved the image

OP here, please don't get me wrong the comedic tone of the show aside Hatred to me is the kinda guy who completely despises those desires and is a genuinely good person

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The pedophilia was the entire reason he was taking the medicine, it's called nomolestol for god's sake, what did you think it did, give him AIDS?

I never knew this but suddenly princess tinyfeet makes a LOT of sense.

I keep seeing this posted, but is there actually a source for this story besides a youtube comment?

Plus the fact that the ACTUAL evil pedophile is Captain Sunshine, the additional irony being that Hatred is ex-villain and Sunshine is a "hero".
No idea, just found that in a random google search

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The commentary states the Captain Sunshine is not actually a pedophile and the joke is that he looks like one because he was bad touched by the previous Captain Sunshine. I guess that explains why he is mentally stunted.

Oh really? I assumed that they were both pedos, and it's the logic of that people who've been molested as kids tend to also become pedophiles

Thus is a MJ case, abuse chilld grow up to became a very mess up adult, no a pedo just a weirdo.

I read this as Mary Jane at first and wondered what the hell they were doing with spiderman now

Really? fuck Desmond then

it was a werewolf

It was a werewolf.

I’m not if they aren’t punished

>The show often establishes that the government is messed up in the show
The OSI's meant to be operating mostly outside of government knowledge so the government likely wouldn't have known the OSI was fucking around with flawed super soldier serums that turn men into pedophiles. It's more the OSI is fucked up in that after they realized they fucked up the serum. They brainwashed Hatred into becoming a Super Villain aligned with the Guild so they had a way to both keep an eye on him but also a way to wash their hands of him.

This reminds me of how they said Kevin Conroy felt really uncomfortable playing him, after learning he was gay it actually makes the whole character much clearer

Was the opposite. It was Doc and Jackson who said they were really afraid of making Kevin Conroy uncomfortable. But when they did the recording, Kevin said he got where they were coming from regarding Captain Sunshine being a manchild and threw himself into the role. Was one of the funniest and most memorable guest performances in the series.

Yeah the doctor straight up said "Ok, Hatred. Time to make all those little naked boys in your head go bye-bye now" when they were about to inject him.

It made you unconsciously realize that not everyone who is mentally ill is a deranged monster and that some of them realize they have a problem but have difficulty controlling it.

Where the hell did you hear that?
This guy is right since the commentary says that Conroy was quite enthusiastic about the role to the point where Doc and Jackson had to tell him to tone it down a bit

It was a little bay-be.

Venture Bros goes out of its way to give each and every character flaws and redeemable qualities. Not to mention, you can logically see why they have developed some of those flaws. It does a great job of humanizing characters, and giving us reasons to either like or hate them. Even showing that these characters aren't static caricatures, but dynamic ones that shape themselves over the course of time.

it's extreme hand holding

It’s when you stroke your genitals with your pubic hairs as if you were stroking a beard and then finish prematurely

What was his end game?

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Because in the Venture Bros it was a literal joke for comedic purposes, in "Big Mouth" it's all globohom grooming propaganda.

But Yea Forums loves an anime made for pedos (boku no pico)

It was caused by government drugs.
He apologized for it.
Literally a former supervillain so there's that.

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There's nothing wrong with liking naked little boys

I actually think MJ was protecting those kids from the actual pedos, you'd probably find way worse skeletons in the closest of his record producers and that would just be a start.

He had a commissioned pic of himself surrounded by naked little boys

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What, did Henry Darger paint this?

I pay $300 dollars to a expensive escort to do that...she don't accept the money and call me pervert

You dumb fuck.

Member the Halloween episode? He with the genius boy and Doctor Morpheus were the only ones who understands the real menacing of the celebration. Rusty and the rest are already cinic adults without any children spirit


Probably because the recovering pedophile is ACTUALLY recovering vs a show that shows some writer and artist actually interested unrepetantly in children fucking?

from the Go Team Venture! book

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>Truckulese's torso isn't a costume it's a box containing his organs