The fuck didn't Dodgers hit that?

The fuck didn't Dodgers hit that?

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No holes

Do we know if the Martian clean would actually be considered attractive to most people of his species in that continuity? Also Martian Man tricked him get you basically would have the worst job on the planet if he marries her.

She's the equivalent of a Xenomorph in Dodgers' eyes.

Like most of Daffy's traits, he flip flops on his interest in her. It's safe to assume they eventually get together.

He wouldn't settle for a woman who lost ms. Yea Forums

I miss RelatedGuy.

She was dethpicable

He's still Daffy Duck. Obliviousness is simply his nature.

He's knocking up Yea Forums waifus in paradise now. We should all be so lucky

>he's gay
>Tina has him on lock

She ain’t got a mouth nor is she a duck. Daffy wants his own Lola Bunny, but instead he’s stuck with some queer Martian bitch lusting after him.

What did the tweet about his death say? Twatter won't let me see it without a fucking account

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They both lost. Jobbers belong together.

>The fuck didn't Dodgers hit that?
would you fuck a bitch that ain't got no mouth or nose? Chances are that she doesn't even have an orifice to hit considering how Martian anatomy is lacking them. All you have left is a murderous war-mongering psycho bitch who you can't even properly tell to shut her mouth.

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Because the hot alien queen chasing after and getting rejected by Daffy fucking Duck is funny.

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The more I find out about people who make porn the more convinced I am that it is an objective evil.

>didn't get married because of a lie

It still pisses me off

Might as well as why didnt a regular person fuck a gorilla.

Saving himself for Bugs

He lost by:

Ichi Voto?

Who, Jack? Daffy lost by 40. Jack was robbed btw.

Daffy ain't much of a duck though. He can't even fly or swim.

Does the term "vagina dentata" mean anything to you?

He has standards.
Also ducks have corkscrew dicks...

Who cares?
Spinel stole the 2019 election just like Biden stole the 2020 one

His beak also comes off.

He almost did marry her (and thus almost became King of Mars) until Marvin manipulated him into rejecting her.

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This was explained years ago.

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Daffy has a long history of being a faggot like that.

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He ain't a simp

so did he off himself or what?

They all were actors. Or, if you want an in-universe explanation, not enough brain (given that one episode).

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Daffy is a volcel
I respect him

Why is duck dodgers the only good thing to come out off the loony tunes since the original shorts?

Every other thing either just repeats the beats of the originals coming across as lukewarm rehashes (LT Cartoons, Back in Action, Wabbit), does something too different that alienates purists (Loonatics, LTS, Baby Looney Tunes) or is plain and simple a naked cashgrab (both Space Jams).
Only Duck Dodgers and, arguably, Taz-Mania find the sweet spot of feeling fresh and not shadowed by the originals but still feeling like Looney Tunes.

he was a martian all along

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>that text
mentally stunted incel moment

do you mean the pic or the post?

>wanting to have children
>unprotected sex and risking STDs and unwanted pregnancies

the pic

The answer plebians can't handle

>newfag took the meme seriously
Many such cases

The pic is based on a Resident Evil 4 meme and Daffy has his lisp.

go away election tourist

I would do it if only to watch Marvin seethe that his waifu queen is married to the person he hates most

Ducks almost exclusively reproduce through forced rape. It's not a pleasant experience for either duck.

Because he’s a giga omga, ultra maximum chad who doesn’t simp to any good pair of childbearing hips he sees

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Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers was on point. It even accurately predicts the future of the Looney Tunes from that point on.

I thought that line was her mouth, why is it so high up on her face

It does its own thing without breaking away from what people want in their Looney Tunes.

Make up