Ezra still on as The Flash

Out of Hawaii and getting counseling
Why does WB keep giving this guy so many chances?

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He threw a chair at a lady. There is only one side.

I seriously have no idea. Maybe because he uses "they" pronouns. But the man is going to land himself in jail soon. Just what kind of fucking contract does he have?

do you know what SWATing is?
I can call the cops on you and say you did something, when you actually didn't do anything
and they will report and arrest you

when Ezra was arrested for the chair thing, they said it was "under investigation" and let him go after like 3 hours. it could have been a SWATing type thing where nothing actually happened.

>Ezra's side of the story
Ah. So, I see WB is cowing to the Twittards treating him like a delirious puppy instead of a very powerful man acting without receiving real consequences because of his status in society.


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but he's mentally unstabel so it's okay

>faggot simp #34134243758464 has arrived
right on schedule.

Based. Love the seethe this guy is causing on all sides.

how is that post indicative of a simp? user is asking how there could be more than one side, and the reality is it's easy to fake stuff like that.

that guy is uncanceleable, he can go and shot the president right in the fucking head in front of millions and face no consequences.

They are above the law. They can’t be bothered to pretend otherwise.

Man, The new season of The Boys is really shaping up huh?

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because the lunatic has consistently shown himself to be an unstable menace. anybody still running damage control either works for WB, or desperately wants to fuck the faggot.

>Why does WB keep giving this guy so many chances?
Because the film was almost finished when this shit started happening and they'll be out hundreds of millions if they cancelled it (not just eating the cost of production, but paying for all those broken contracts)
Similar reason why they don't recast and refilm his scenes with someone else, they don't have time before release, breaking Miller's contract would cost them immensely, finding and filming someone new would be another huge set of costs, and the end result would look like shit

They're locked in, they're gonna take the PR hit and release the movie, they'll lose less money in the long run that way. They'll probably recast him in future projects but cancelling the film or recasting Miller at this point in time would be financially retarded.

They won’t do anything until the movie comes out. To recast him now only hurts the box office revenue

you can be unstable and still be the victim of people calling the cops on you for no reason.
in fact, him being unstable makes that even more likely, because think about if you were some annoyed Hawaiian and you wanted him gone, just call the cops on him and say he hit you with a chair, they would rush over. whereas if you said "some faggot is here being unhinged and won't leave my house" they will take their sweet ass time getting over there.
they also hate white people over there and see them as outsiders to begin with.

There's mentally something wrong with every actor. I'm speaking from experience.

At this rate I bet he can get away with rape and murder because of his pronouns.

All the bars Ezra was hanging out in/by in Hawaii are racist and anti-LGBT

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>Why does WB keep giving this guy so many chances?
Discovery probably looked at the reshoot costs for the entire movie and said "just try to contain his real life mess until it's in theatres". Him in counselling wouldn't be hus idea, but great damage control.

Johnny Depp was fried for a lot less and discovery boss friend the Amber heard people behind his firing. Is this WB last stand against discovery boss?

you have experience with every single actor?

He's mentally ill and unhinged but because he's rich, pretty, and a triple minority he never has to worry about any of the consequences for his actions henceforth ,for as long as he lives. He can always buy out silence and have other mentally ill fans and the backing of the hollywood industry prop him up as being "innocent" and "misunderstood" no matter the situation every time.
There's literally nothing anyone can do about it and anyone who's made up their minds will not change.
With enough stacked up minority statuses plus wealth you can never be held accountable for any of your actions and we just accept this as as something normal.

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If Amber Heard is at risk of getting the boot for shitting on a bed, so is Ezra. The difference is timing, specifically Miller’s film not being out yet and in late production

>Why does WB keep giving this guy so many chances?
Its more like they're desperate to get the movie out there since they're banking on rebooting an entire franchise with it. Cant release spin-offs till the movie comes out.

White privilege

But has WB even said anything about Amber? They've seemed pretty blindly on her side for years even as shit was coming out about her being a psycho independent of Johnny Depp news.

If he goes to jail for like a month or two and get a rehab for like 8 months and lay down a bit for a month or two he would still have a chance to save everything.

What is he going to jail for?

>be the victim
The funniest, most rich thing about this whole entire thing--nobody would be calling him a "victim" whatsoever if he weren't a pretty boy, especially a rich one.

Nobody would be giving some ugly unhinged maniac THIS many chances following time-after-time of aping out. No, that motherfucker would be fast-tracked to jail, or to a mental institution.

>going to a bar for locals and getting mad that they don't want white hipster foreigners shitting up the place like the rest of the island.
I thought you couldn't be racist to white people?

Why do people assume he's under some sort of protection because they use, "they/them" pronouns. Crime(s?) were committed and it's easily accessible public knowledge. Maybe this was Ezra's first or second offense, or maybe his version of events are drastically different for what happened and WB sided with their actor with the added condition of going to counseling.
Only dumb thing is the dog whistle comment, other than that it explains a lot about what possibly went down.
What a simple google search can do, god I hate anti-woke culture.

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you can when it's convenient for the narrative--or when that white guy is some Twilight-tier "uwu so dark, handsome, yet troubled" fag

Really? The entire world is against him? Because this is hardly the first time

He did not

That is the first arrest
The second arrest is pic related, but there hasn't been any indictment/charges officially given yet and it's been 3 weeks

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What's their source?

go ask 'em.

Why are you so smug at being so completely fucking wrong? You think WB is listening to Twitter? Most of Twitter is retarded like you.
WB knows what happened, so they’re sticking with Ezra.

>There's mentally something wrong with every actor
There's mentally something wrong with every human

Well it’s Biden so yeah, instant hero

ezra's ass

>Ezra Miller shooting Biden
Holy based

this isn't a reply to you, just putting this warning out there for everyone else.

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Difference is she did shit the bed, whereas Ezra hasn’t assaulted anyone or thrown a chair at some hole

>Rich "white" fag shitting up local minority bar is the poor innocent victim and those nasty minorities are clearly the perpetrators and in the wrong.
So glad all humanity lives by anime shonen rules that if a villian is too pretty they're clearly just morally ambiguous and misunderstood.

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Dude, he lunged at someone!

you are so fucking mad right now kek
your little incel narrative is crumbling down before your very eyes and all you can do is cry out "REEEEE SHILLS"

Oh fucking puh leeeeze, all the ugly actors are pedos, rapists, violent, look how long it took to fry Weinstein. You’re so bitter because Ezra is not only innocent, he triple mogs you.

He's part of the (((tribe))) AND a literal faggot. He's untouchable.

I'm mad? For calling out a shill? In this thread? Me?

THE Brian Michael Bendis?

Nope, I’m one of the only ppl here that knows anything. Rest of you are part of a dumb mob.

>WB knows what happened, so they’re sticking with Ezra.
You're an idiot if you believe this
They're sticking with money. The reason they're doing nothing is because there's nothing they can do that wouldn't lose them money.
After Flashpoint releases they're probably recasting him with an actor that carries less liability.

>You’re so bitter because Ezra is not only innocent
He's not gonna fuck you no matter what, user.

>very powerful man
let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I could send this niggafaggot into the next dimension with one punch if he came up to me. he just picked fights with only women and reddit males so of course he didn’t get his face rearranged.

They're sticking with him because they don't want to lose money and know that they can just sweep this away with enough time.

Oh no! A...are they ok?! Lunged! How awful! Think of the children! Wtf is wrong with the world that 20 somethings in a bar act up? I want Doris Day to play Flash! What’s happening to America!!!

>I, shilling for the rich man with a documented history of mania and unstable behavior, is totally in the right here about him never having done anything wrong!
Okay, buddy.


Yeah, no, people being mortal doesn't detract from their power.

You look so fucking stupid right now

If in doubt go to the gutter, amirite?

And they can only sweep it away with enough time because it's not nearly as serious as Twitter is pretending it is.

This is absurd then. I could understand releasing him again if the time between these two incidents were like 6 months+, but this is practically a month's time. Why would the release a person who was charged with
>disorderly conduct and harassment
then charged 3 weeks later with
>assault in the second degree
??? They're clearly a risk to society, I don't know what WB sees in this person to keep their ass around

Well I'm glad he's getting help. Hopefully it's sincere and it sticks.

I’m not shilling, I’m literally telling you the fucking truth.
>no recast
>no assault charges
>no evidence of any abuse
>WB believe Ezra’s side because Ezra has credible eyewitnesses and evidence
Now suck my dick right after you screencap this

multiple people got arrested? news to me.

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It would only make sense if the assault charge is nonsense which I bet it is, probably something like: is saying

Wait, Bendis? Bendis the comic author? You're Bendis?

A risk to society? Lmao. Yeah and apparently so are all of us just for being on Yea Forums. Go to sleep granny.

>Now suck my dick right after you screencap this
Can't do that; corpo melts off the genitals of their shills to avoid an outbreak.

The charges were dropped from the first one too :-)

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(((Why))) indeed

Screencap bitch, you’ll see. Then come back here and make a post headed “I’m the neckbearded lady who cried about Ezra Miller” and I’ll come for my apology :)

>>no assault charges
there's literally a police report in the thread stating that he's being charged with assault in the second degree.

now, whether or not they're gonna stick is one thing (obviously not, he has money), but you can't just claim they don't exist and to be on the side of truth.

So basically Ezra's a shithead, got it. Won't be watching him in anything.

That's not a charge you fucking idiot, that's what he was arrested for

>tranny supporter throwing around the tranny stone
glass houses, user. glass houses.

Reminds me of the venom meme
It seems like there's too much press about this for it just to be fake. Though if it was fake wouldn't WB or Ezra come out with the truth? WB is catching flack for dropping Amber but not Ezra, and Ezra finally got some momentum in his acting career.

and your claim is that somebody else smashed that lady with a chair, then handed ezra the chair at the same exact time the police just so happened to arrive to frame him for the crime?

>if the press reports about something, it means it must be totally real and 100% truthful

>WB dumps Depp because Heard published a story about how he was abusive without fact-checking anything in the article
>now that Depp has turned the tide on Heard and it's becoming clear they jumped the gun with him, we have WB actually taking this fiasco with Miller as such because they want to get all the facts first before making a decision that would affect a film in their precious franchise
WB has a ton of egg on their face after the Depp-Heard thing, because they swiftly took her side right off the bat because she jumped on the bandwagon of actresses levying accusations against male members of Hollywood in order to cash in on the free career boost. They kicked him off Fantastic Beasts and the series took a hard nosedive while Aquaman did pretty well. But now that the truth is coming out and the situation between Depp-Heard is actually the opposite, WB doesn't know what to do with Heard in the DCEU. They at least coped some loss with Mads taking over for Depp but the more this defamation trial drags on the more people are rallying behind Depp, so it wouldn't be surprising if the next Beasts movie is protested until they apologize to Depp.

>was subsequently arrested...after being located on the roadway during a traffic stop
they didn't see any of it happen you retard, he was already outside the house

>in 2022
he said there's too much news on it for it to seem entirely fabricated, not that any news report must be true.

how does it feel to be too pussy to argue in good faith?

>A risk to society?
Well yeah. I'm speaking purely about them being in Hawaii where all this went down, if things keep going the way Ezra could charged with first degree if he's not checked into some sort of mental health facility
TIL that some court use "MIX" for nb people. Also pretty impressive the other two charges were dropped, hopefully Ezra takes this as a second chance (or third depending on how you look at it)

The amount of people always downplaying actors crimes because they play a character they like in a movie is always the most sociopathic low iq behavior. Do you really have nothing going on in your lives that this fanatical celebrity worship is all that you have? Your logic centers are so clearly impaired when it comes to discussing the implications that your favorite actor is not a good person and that they abuse their wealth and status in society to get away with awful crimes.

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No, so I'm wondering what you logically think happened. Did all of the patrons conspire together to ruin some random actor's career because he happened to walk into the bar they were drinking at? Was it actually Ezra's twin, Ezro?