Death Battle

Would this be a fairer fight than Homelander vs Nolan

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>They're unironically using wider Image Universe stuff for Nolan
>He's getting scaling from Surpreme
Not even sure Super Saiyan Bardock could beat that

Can’t tell if left is Hyperion, Supreme, or some other brick I’m forgetting

Who can fight my boy raymond?

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Mr Majestic

Klonoa, Kirby, or NiGHTS
Dream based characters like Rayman

>If I had to sleep with one of them based on how they looked in their Death Battles, think for me it would be between Windowmaker and Bayonetta.
The worst part is that despite their glitchy or mishandled models I may agree with you. Anything but a manly looking WW or Black Widow.

I don't want Kirby to go 3-0 with Rayman.

>they're gonna spoil Invincible to a bunch of Netflix-only normies to list the feats
At least something good will come of this.

Klonoa is an easy win, he is close to NiGHTS but he got nothing on kirby

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Didn't Saitama already killed Omni Man and Superman by crushing their heads together?

>he is close to NiGHTS
NiGHTS kills things by literally just flying circles around them, Rayman doesn't have the agility or speed to avoid that.

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Krillin should fight nolan and unlike NUdock, not only he has feats but he can probably win

NiGHTs exists in the Sonic Universe and he's stronger than anything in it. He's literally impossible to kill.

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NIGHTS is for Klonoa
Klonoa is for NIGHTS

Nolan Vs Bardock or Injustice Superman would work best.

I get it, because both of those franchiscos are dead af.

I'll be honest, there's a cabal of bootlickers in the fandom that I hate and seeing them try to justify the next fight has been great.

>steel is neutral on poison
>poison does not affect steel types
I'd go with magneto, unless koffing can learn a fire type move

But Magneto isn't made of steel, he -controls- steel. Which means that unless he can shield himself from poison gas he's fucked.

Who can challange the senate?
also who the fuck thought that vader vs dr doom was a good idea

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So how many previous verdicts did they invalidate with their Vegeta/Thor conclusion? Carol Danvers vs Android 18 is definitely wrong by their current logic, since Danvers is much closer to Thor than 18 is to UE Vegeta. Hulk vs Broly also seems incorrect, since UE Vegeta should be more powerful than Broly currently and they had Thor and Hulk as peers.

Why did you use the most cracked out panel of Nolan for this

>Tfw I can't think of any good match ups for Kenpachi that aren't either stomps for him or he gets stomped
I just want my fightsexual boi to get a close fight

why wouldn't he?

Majestic pops Omni-Man's head like a balloon. Dude's been said to be as strong as Superman.

Because even Nolan cracked out can solos The Seven

Is Kirby one of the most powerful vidya characters to ever exist?

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>UE Vegeta should be [HEADCANON]
L to the M to the AO

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Better than Mags vs Tetsuo.
Klonoa is getting remasters in a couple months.

They didn't scale Geets to Broly/Beerus because Super is super vague about how the highest tier characters compare.

cope, brolyfag

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Not quite.

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>Danvers is much closer to Thor
HAah.... hah... ha... ha.

No. No she isn't. Star-level at absolute max.

Thorbros... not like this...

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>star level
Thanos, who is stronger than Thor and Danvers combined, can't even bust planets consistently and needed bombs to do that at least twice. None of them is star level and never will be.

>gas pokemon

I WISH commercials and crossovers were used in feats
Sully goes from a strong monster with no battle experience to someone that overpowered venitas for several seconds

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Don't care since they all are weaklings compared to Chadlayton MULTIVERSAL bullets

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>I WISH commercials and crossovers were used in feats
See smokey vs dog guy
Was only used against KH1 Sora who was still weak at the time NEXT

>episode had to specifically only use mid-tier feats for him in order to not make it seem like a one sided stomp

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That was a robot

whatever helps you sleep at night

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>I posted in this thread that it basically sees you trying to do anything like that and says "no"
That's not evidence of resisting Continuous Negation (pic related if you want clarification), or Continuos Prevention. So far, It seems It has the same issues like GER.
>"This person is inside the land of Avalon of which you do not have permission to enter"
But I'm not targeting the Person, I'm targeting Avalon. Also, that claim can also be negated anyway.
Where is the evidence that you cannot affect Avalon itself? All I see is a Prevention that surrounds its user. See, If the Sheathe and the Land are the same, then "Entering" is moot and the whole "You don't have permission" seems pointless. Just affect the Sheathe.
It is not like it is a strong prevention, You don't need to enter a house to affect it after all.
>"I snapped my fingers and you all stopped existing, hehehehehe
am I to be impressed? A snapped can be strong enough to destroy universes. It barely counts as proof for Reality Warping.
Since You brought that up, show me evidence of these Reality Warping cases.
notheless you avoid discussing about Akashic Records Users and instead you provide me with a strawman of something way lesser.
It all scales to the Root. Is the Root universal or multiversal?

Thor’s black galaxy feat

>he doesn't know about the latest development in ballistics
Do ya' believe in OMNIVERSAL guns now, Mr. Clayton?

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D-dear God...Kirbybros are we fodder?

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pic related

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They'll never use Disgaea and even if they did they'd lowball it because the numbers and representations would break even their autism
Data-Riku = Kh Data-Cosmology
Pete and Sora easily overpowers him

>Stat lore is exponential where a track star has a speed of 10 and FTL is speed 50.
>Level ups are even crazier as Laharl was pulling Flash shit when he subdued the crews of an armada of millions of ships in space in a few minutes at only lvl 50
>Stats can go into quadrillions and levels can go to 99,999,999.
>This doesnt even count reincarnation stacking which is a thing

Could be hilarious if they just went all in on the silliness


yeah, mostly because every matchup is fairer than homelander vs omniman, nolan sneezes and homelander is gone

posting my wishlist, it may be updated soon

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Same could be said of Beerus and Goku being able to destroy a universe

Muppets vs 31 Minutos

How about these two? I think this would be a really close matchup.

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Here's a gif of Sora easy Multiversal feat

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>Rocky vs Karate Kid
Rocky would obliterate Danny