The last game you played is now a short lived Netflix series

What content from the game can you cram in 24 episodes?

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Netflix isn't based enough to animate the last game I played

Well... Yeah?

How based are we talking?

>EYE Divine Cybermancy

Well this will be interesting beneath layers of poor translation and intentional vagueness

Oh boy... 24 episodes is more than enough.

>Dorf Romantik
I guess railroads to nowhere would be interesting.

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So...Minecraft Story Mode Season 3?

Man I wish there was a Hollow Knight series. Spesifically a mini series with a set number of episodes. Just about the Knight exploring Hallownest.

It'd basically be Chaotic with Pokemon.

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>Elden Ring
There's no way you can fit all of the lore in a 24 episode Netflix series unless you skip most of it.
>The Lands Between
>The creation of the Elden Ring
>The Erdtree
>The Shattering
>The Black Knives and Godwyn being killed
>Radagon's marriages
>Marika's children
>The Elden Lords
>Carian and Liurnia
>Radhan vs Malenia
>The Tarnished
>Radagon being Marika
And that's just the beginning of it. There's still a lot more like Destined Death, the Haligtree, Ranni the Witch, Miquella, the Golden Order, Omens, the Dung Eater and his plan, the Albinaurics, and a lot of other things.

Already confirm 3 season, even when they not show 1st ep yet?

Assassins creed origins, yeah it could work

>24 episodes
That’s like… 3 Netflix seasons full of Prototype 2

I doubt that I am smart/creative enough to actually make anything worthwhile.
Maybe make something that could happen between 1 and 2?

But I imagine that season 1 would be about some random 18-24-ish living in a city where we get snippers of what happened during prototype 1. With the virus outbreak and whatnot.
I imagine that season 1 would end with the mc getting infected with blacklight/a minor battle with the military

Season 2 would be getting to know/use the powers with Alex Mercer as the mentor who has removed himself from the world.

Season 3 would end with a fight with Mercer where MC would be killed but eventually give Alex the idea of infecting people with the virus, creating a new world order and wiping out the normies.

Naturally filled to the rim with eastereggs and foreshadowing to James Keller/MC of prototype 2

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>Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Eh, could go either way really

Kirby and the forgotten land...actually that's cut out to work perfectly

>3 seasons with 24 episodes

Well I guess it can be like that anime Animal Crossing movie. The games story and route depend on the player.

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Question: There's Netflix in Virginia's prisons?

>Kingdom Hearts
Well I guess it's a stillborn series thanks to Disney+ being a thing.

But if it's shifted to Disney+ I can see it working like this.
>Takes place during the ten-year gap between BBS and KH1.
>Shifts between Xehanort's, Maleficent's, and an unaffiliated POV.
>Xehanort's POV would focus on his time as Ansem's apprentice and his underground experiments.
>Maleficent's POV would focus on her plan to collect the seven Princesses of Hearts (fuck that Hearts of Pure Light crap that UX/KH3 introduced) and how she started to control the Heartless.
>The unaffiliated POV would involve world-bound characters experiencing their homes being invaded and consumed by the Heartless and showcase how destructive they were during that time. Worlds that are "popular" but don't have clear-cut villains that could exploit the Heartless would show up in these scenarios. And yes, recent IPs like Moana, Turning Red, Luca, and Encanto would pop up here.

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>Dead Space
Would be kino or just SJW bootlicking hot garbage

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>Curse of the Dead Gods
Could easily make something on par with Samurai Jack, but then again this is gonna be a netflix series.

>Sims 3
It'd probably be like freeguy except instead of fighting devs he's fighting a player who fucks with the characters for his amusement.

The protag's will first become self aware during a pool party when the player removes the steps to get out of the pool. They're all in there for days pissing themselves and dying of starvation, to the point where death decides to just relax by the pool waiting for each one to drop. The protag gets so distressed being surrounded by dying friends that it forces him to adapt, pushing himself up out of the pool, something beyond the comprehension of the other characters who still think steps are the only way out.

>Yakuza LAD
The worst part is that it's 100% within realm of possibility.

If the Dead Space movie is anything to go off of, it can just be hot garbage.

>Monster Hunter
It would focus on the town growing and the balance with nature and how the one Elder Dragon is ruining the balance. Just like they've done for years now.

>deep rock galactic
Have the whole thing be a mockumentary with some extra reporter being sent to interview the 4 dwarves, talk about the company, and follow them around on missions.
Would be a neat way to show the offscreen stuff like the mission control offices and the R&D team.

It's Netflix, what route do you think they would go with?

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>Banjo Kazooie
The entire first game's story can be accomplished in 24 episodes, maybe even less

>Euro Truck Simulator 2
Eh...Love drama about bunch of truck drivers?

Seems like something they'd do desu.

>played pee pee poo poo dead baby game
No way in a million years netflix would ever animate it.

>war of rights
sounds kino

> payday 2
Hell yeah dude


Not possible in 24 episodes, even skipping huge chunks of content, plot threads and characters.

>Killing Floor 2
It would be a gorey horror-comedy action show. It can either be episodic, with each episode focusing on a different group of mercs clearing an area of zeds, or it can be serialized and be about the mercs tracking down the Patriarch.

Is the person in the tweet saying this like it's a bad thing? I know the financial reason of doing this is so Netflix can pay their production teams less, because unions demand you get a pay raise for each consecutive season vs. ordering one season and then splitting it up later. But as far as an audience viewer is concerned, I would much rather have smaller season orders where the production crew can give each episode more "personal" time than the cable standard which is a 20-episode season and they have to pump that shit out like a factory.

The Binding of Isaac?

How will they handle each villagers friendships and storylines?

Dragon's Dogm-Oh, wait.

Psychonauts seems like the type of content Netflix would try and pick up that I wouldn't mind watching.

>The last game you played is now a short lived Netflix series
Funny, it already got one as well. Thanks Monkey's Paw.........

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How about Clarkson's Farm, except with waifus?

(Yes, he's that guy from Top Gear)

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>Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
You could easily make it and Dawn into a series, maybe with recurring 1999 flashbacks.
Although I think the lack of Dracula and the Belmonts as established, recurring figures in history would hurt the twist. The Netflix series starting the Belmont legacy with Trevor and then immediately ending it with Richter also feels wrong for this reason.

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Yeah they're not doing that. Every character would basically be wearing a fucking Burqa shouting about feminism or something.

>Game Dev Tycoon
Umm... that already got made.

Ubisoft's next big way to "revive Rayman".

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The last game I played was Sonic 2

First Rabbids, then Minions, now this. Are the French okay? Genuinely? Are they?

Why can't they just give us a new game instead like a normal gaming company?

>three episodes of the fight with Shiva
>three against Demifiend
>Five for the rest of the series

24 episodes of british shitpost plus 5 minutes of story each episode sounds neat

>the french

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You got a movie then instead

This is the easiest adaptation possible

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Most recently would be animal crossing. That's pretty predictable. Second to that would be UMvC3 which would be a really awesome show everyone loves but would die quickly because it's really expensive to animate fight scenes that look like comic pages and the licensing rights become a legal nightmare with Disney involved. Gets 6 short episodes that are mostly just cool fight scenes, season 2 is announced, and it is never heard from again.

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90% is just the reps of the alignments talking about meaningless bullshit, one episode of the Nahobino getting assraped so he can learn humans are the real demons. And huge final ebin battle so normies can post screenshots online

>The Binding of Isaac
I don't know how that'd work. Though I'd wonder if Netflix's preference for making characters black would bite them in the ass with this. Depict Isaac, his mother or his father as black and you're going to have people bitch.

You could maybe do an anthology or Samurai Jack style. May be possible to cut it close depending on how you handle it

>some badly made edgy shit that probably has malware

you type like you got picked on and for good reason

Nice projection.

>Fortnite (no build is fun, fuck you)
Well it would certainly be interesting. As for story, probably just a bunch of 22 minute "matches" where silly shit happens until the last man standing. Like a pg final destination

nice deflection

Oh...oh no

>Friday night Funkin
Bro it's more how can I spread the few existing official weeks into something over 24 episodes