So what does Galactus do when he's not eating? just being a giant floating guy in space?

So what does Galactus do when he's not eating? just being a giant floating guy in space?

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He eats, then he sleeps, then he wakes up and eats again, then sleeps again. That's all he does when there's not some universe-threatening crisis that he needs to be a part of.

at that point can you even call such a creature sapient? galactus sounds like fauna. or a plant.

>just being a giant floating guy in space
Not even that considering that's just the human brain's comprehension of him.

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Whacks it.

He jobs to weaker character

That's sort of the point of his character. He's more of a force of nature than just some dude. It's kinda dumb but he always was a pretty dumb character.

Visit his daughter

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He's still humanoid in shape, That's for sure.

His situation is pretty akin to a curse, sleeping is one of his few ways of escaping it for a while. Now and then though he will just sit down and talk to people. Though it's not all that common.

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Why do that when Frankie Raye would have been more than willing to do it for him?

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At least two of these are not humanoid in shape.

jack off in his ship and shoot intruders with his gun that he legally owns the rights to wield

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Job and get summoned by Franklin as his fucking herald cause comics are written by hacks.

Marvel forgot about this.

Does Galactus excrete poop planets?

Galactus has a monthly poker game with all the other personifications.

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He's established as a force of the universe. "something needs to do it"

Galactus isn't an Abstract, he's just a guy from the previous Universe.

Galactus isn't Galen, user.

>Galactus was created during the union of the Sentience of the (previous) Universe and Galan of Taa, and is described as "the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos."

yeah that's where the asteroid belt came from
big G just drops by our solar system to take a shit every few centuries

hmm. So that explain different icy and rocky asteroids. Its the food he ate.
What happens when he had Diarrhea

Literally me.

where do you even get that much lipstick and mascara?

Galacta is the size of a normal human, not even close in comparison to her father.

He's on a bowling team with Eternity and the Beyonder, they play against the Celestials.

What's the point (fun) then?

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How can I ever ink and do reflections like this
Also the solar and ghost Galactus are nightmare fuel, imagine those towering over the entire planet

Or someone to job to.

>the collective human consciousness just decided to see Galactus as a giant guy in an embroidered bathing suit with a natty helmet
Pretty based of us desu

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Cates remembered

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Pretty sure with the cosmic power she can be what ever she wants

So did Ryan North in Squirrel Girl.

Frankie was such a shit character but she was fun.

A lot of the time he's not eating and there's nothing exciting going on, he's seen tinkering with his machines.

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Another example.

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He also apparently explores the universe sometimes.

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Not canon, but The Last Galactus Story involves a lot of Galactus doing whatever and exploring a cosmic mystery in his downtime.

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It must be pretty comfy being Galactus desu
>cool ship
>borderline omnipotent
>got a best buddy with you all the time
>great snacks all around you that you can have whenever

Galactus being a chiller cosmic version of Reed whenever he's not suffering his hunger makes a lot of sense

What issue is this?

I still think Frankie Raye should have been Cosmic Ghost Rider instead of Frank Castle.
>Is already a quipper, unlike Castle.
>Cosmic fire would go great with hellfire.
>Mephisto already has an interest in taking her soul.
>She had a romantic connection with Norrin, which would have made the Fallen confrontation way more impactful.
>Her crush on Galactus would give her a great motivation to become a Ghost Rider (after Thanos blew Galactus's head off, she could have became a Ghost Rider to avenge her unrequited love).

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If you can get past the existential angst of having to kill billions on a regular basis to live anyway. The Last Galactus Story is surprisingly comfy, though. I wish we got to see more of that side of him more often. Maybe I'll storytime it later if the thread's still up.

Yeah, his backstory seems to suggest he was a Reed type before he was a cosmic entity too. He also has quite a few parallels with Norrin.

It's the first story in Epic Illustrated #1. It's also collected in the third Silver Surfer Epic Collection.

>When you realize Galactus is a reference to baryon asymmetry

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>Maybe I'll storytime it later if the thread's still up.
Yes please, bumping to keep the thread alive

Have these clowns ever not jobbed?

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I don't think anyone even remembers her at this point.

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ty user

>The Lifebringer
All I can imagine now is Galactus Linkara running towards Earth from across the universe.

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Most of these look like rejected Celestial designs.

Fair warning: this story is incomplete. It was supposed to last for ten parts, but Epic Illustrated got canceled at issue #34 and the final part was never drawn or published. I'll see if I can dig up a summary of what the ending was supposed to be while storytiming.

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So was the Beta Ray Bill mini from 2005ish the only time this was ever referenced again?

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fucking bitches and smoking weed

Yeah, these anons already mentioned some other times it's happened

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He is still a cosmic. He is the next step beneath the abstracts like In-Betweener, Celestials, Eon, and Stranger.

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Solar form is basically what he really looks like. Cosmics see a sun thing in a human shape. Everyone else sees their culture's version of a destroyer god or god of death. Earth people see the ultimate costumed supervillain no hero can defeat.

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She is alive in current FF for some reason

The paneling in this comic is pretty strange with all of the dead space between panels that gets filled up by text. I can't recall anything else Byrne has done that looks like it and I kinda wonder why he did.

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