Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

obligatory AWOOGA

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oh geez. Well. No one was in the wrong, just an impulsive act, that was quickly overcome.

ask me about catcalling at recess though

>woman sexually harasses man
>hahaha so quirky :)

>man sexually harassed woman
>this is literally the worst thing that could be happening to her right now.

Women are less sexually aggressive than men so they can get away with more explicit signs of affection because that's not seen as the norm or inherently threatening.

>obligatory AWOOGA

really missed out on an opportunity to go full Tex Avery.

Call me when a woman harasses then rapes a 18 yo 300lb neckbeard like you.

Nah. It's because men don't care about being sexually harassed because attention from women is rare and welcome. Women only want attention from men they're attracted to and they only find about 5-10% of men attractive.

>only find about 5-10% of men attractive.

that seems like a low-ball for Mei

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Is the implication that women don't rape men? Are you retarded?

>the world works exactly like a joke I've seen in a webcomic edit
Absolute midwit

well I'm not denying that women *can* rape... thought there are some jurisdictions where a woman can't be charged with that crime.

I'm the sensitive person here.

Are you afraid genuinely of being raped by a woman as a grown adult?
Do you genuinely feel that way when you leave the house?

It does though. Women see you as ugly too bro, no matter how much you simp for them.

You're basically agreeing with me that women are allowed to be perverts and men aren't because a minority of men (emphasis on minority) can't control their rape urges.

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why are women so lame? bad stuff might happen, it's a reality that ALL men accept yet women can't seem to top bitching about it

Because men enable them because simps, like you see ITT, will defend and validate any of their retarded beliefs for a chance to get spend some time in their hole.

Women are allowed to be perverts because they don't threaten you with rape or even have the strength to do so.
Again, if you find a woman that's strong enough to manhandle you, a full grown man into submission, then you might have a point, but thus far you've only proven me and the femoids right.

Women are allowed to do anything because simps like you will defend their right to do so.

Mei. This is exactly why my friend still wears masks when he goes outside.

>thread goes from "why can women show sexuality and not me?" to blackpilled incel seething about attractiveness
Kek, talk about fragile male ego.

He's right though. Women don't want unwanted attention from men because they see most men as ugly. It's a fact. Men don't mind attention from women because we don't see most women as ugly.

>no argument
I accept your concession.

My argument was pretty clear. It ultimately doesn't matter what a woman does, she's allowed to do it because men like you will defend her right to do so.

>doubles down
Sorry sweaty, that's not an argument ;)

Hope she sees this bro, maybe she won't think you're ugly anymore.

>Movie teaches women to sexually objectify men

>>woman sexually harasses man
This has never happened EVER and won't ever happen

Women don't rape men AS OFTEN.

Women can show sexuality because men are starved of attention and we genuinely want to fuck most women. Men can't show sexuality because most of us are ugly to women and our attention is not desired.

Yes even you, the safe, friendly user who would never rape a fly. Women don't want your sexual attention because you're ugly to them. Truth hurts.

How many people took part in this research?

Keep trying the autistic screeching, you might beat those nasty sjws yet!
Concession: (x) accepted

It does, just not to you because you're part of the 80%.

I'm married, bro. Women are just afraid of incels like you because youll sperg out and say youre going to rape them when you get rejected.

It's common knowledge at this point. Only ugly incel men seethe at the facts.

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If it happens but only with chads then I have even less reason to care about the tears of the chads. I'm the starving African kid and they're the millionaires of the relationship world.

>I'm married bro
Yes as an ugly man your job is to marry the woman after she had her fun in her 20's.

You're not answering my question.
>How many people took part in this research?

Women can't rape men so it's always harmless. 100% sexual predators in prison are males

Hundreds of thousands, millions potentially? They stopped releasing data like this a while ago because it was making SJWs like you seethe.

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>goes from "women don't like u cuz ur ugly!" to "haha ur the backup" after getting btfo
The amount of mental gymnastics you have to go through right now is hilarious.

well shit... this is sure going nowhere.

I heard it was only 100 people though

>Hundreds of thousands, millions potentially?
Do you got a source for that?

No one said ugly men are incels for life. They usually have to wait until they're older and women want to settle down.

>mfw get call out for a creep by a random woman at your work and now you are known as the local pedo because she caught her kid with lewd drawings of you

tell me im wrong

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Keep coping bro. Im sure it's cuz ur ugly and not because you're obnoxious lmao

How dumb are you? Okcupid is one of the biggest dating sites in America. At the time those stats released it was second only to Tinder.

Have fun porking your fat wife and thinking you're not ugly.

>Who was in the wrong here?
Her mother.

>active users = people polled
Whoa....is this the power....of blackpilled logic?

47th post, best post, as I always say

You're just coping at this point.

>tell him to keep coping
>he does
Work on your personality before talking to women, bro.

Yeah maybe I'll land a fat wife like you did lmfao.

>ITT "nice guys" coping with the harsh reality that they're part of the 80%
Women don't want you to harass them because you're ugly. It's that simple. They're not scared you'll rape them. You're a fucking comic book nerd. They're afraid you'll think they're attracted to you.

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You still haven't answered the question. Do you even know the study you're referring to? What reason do we have to believe you didn't just make these pictures yourself?

Just keep coping, ugly incel.

This holy shit why are incels so retarded? Do they think women care when a hot tall guys sexually harassed them? To them that's flirting.

Incels hold those graphs as their bible without looking for a source because it allows them to cope.

>Nooooo okcupid stats don't matter because I said so!!!!
Keep coping 80% incel.

>women don't want me to talk to them because they think I'll rape them :(....
How are modern men this mindbroken? They don't want you to talk to them because you're ugly, don't shower, and talk about cartoons all day. You think Chad gets accused of sexual harassment and rape?

>incel gets insulted
>thread turns into incels calling other incels incels

80% incels are just mad that they're being rejected because of their appearance and not because of rape.

Femcel coping bullshit to justify female harassment. This is how people like amber heard are able to operate so effectively

Pretty much. Women like Amber Heard exist because simps and women never call them out on their shit.