Now hear me out…

Now hear me out…

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>Now hear me out…
Go back to twitter, underage tourist

I don't blame you, user. I would too.

Yeah, I would.

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You would what, user?

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I'm listening

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I'm so happy you understand

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I would have sexual relations what that woman.

needs less futa

Now hear me out...

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What kinds of sexual relations?

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Amphibia may be ending soon, but it's good to know at least one solid waifu came out of it. I hope Mrs. Boonchuy lives on in fan art for years to come.

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user, that is a MARRIED woman. She has a daughter and two adopted frog children!

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Then I'll watch her and Bee gettin it on if that's the next best thing

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>user, that is a MARRIED woman. She has a daughter and two adopted frog children!
seduce the children, got it

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>Seduce Anne

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I see your Mrs. Boonchuy, and I offer you a Mrs. McGee…

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They're not even on the same planet.

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That artist pisses me off more than Blushmallet did back during the SU days. Their shit is amateurish at best and WAY overhyped by coomers.

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I kinda know the guy... is him that bad? or just bad artstyle?

Their art just seems really limited. All the waifus they draw have the same basic body type, and just something about the line art and "shiny" lighting kinda irks me. The artist isn't BAD or anything—I'm actually quite impressed by their use of color in their work—but they're definitely overhyped and have been coasting by on coomers being just that desperate apparently. Kudos to them for mainly drawing MILFs tho.

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Yeah i see where you're coming from, but you what they say, porn sell, even with a limited artsyle

So many fun expressions in this show. Amphibia feels almost tailor-made for me. It's got action with swords & other medieval weaponry, high-tech robots, magic, peril at every corner that's played both straight and comedically, and a perfect blend of shonen anime influence with classic stylized, cartoony goodness, all wrapped around a touching coming-of-age story about three friends falling out and coming back together after having grown and changed in different ways following their separate paths and adventures. Anne's essay plot thread genuinely got to me. I love this character. The hot mom is just an added bonus to an already perfect series.

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For me, it was Marcy's arc. The writers DID know Sasha could've easily chopped off Darcy's head with one wrong move, didn't they?

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>The hot mom is just an added bonus
A very, VERY appreciated added bonus.

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Just like with Anne, Sasha was holding herself back trying to save Marcy without killing her.

Hmmm… It was kinda hard to see in the spectacle of it all, but that's also what I assumed. Inbal Breda boarded the Sasha/Darcy fight from what I understand. She's the same one responsible for the Anne/Sasha fight in Newtopia.

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What a comfy, pampered girl. I sure hope nothing traumatizing happens to her…

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that's because Matt is one of us

>user, that is a MARRIED woman.
I’ll fuck her husband too

Made for Maggie

Yeah, it's been a great ride. Even the more standalone episodes still managed to be entertaining in their own right. I also love how all three seasons feel distinct from one another. No arc ever feels like it drags on for too long. And the series coming full circle in Season 3B with all those Season 1 callbacks weaving into the narrative was just beautiful to see. Shame about the threads being so shit tho. Mrs. Boonchuy coom threads are the only ones I find bearable, and they don't pop up as often as I'd like.

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For me it's Camila Noceda, forever and always~

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Frankly, I wanna do nasty stuff with all three of them.

I like the sound of that. Throw a cute mom my way and I immediately go feral.

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I agree, posted some good choices too. MILFs that actually have mom energy are the way to go.

so true

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The countdown to art of her wearing that suit commences.

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>annoying "cool" foreign mom
Did you know Anne is Thai?
Her parents are from Thailand?
She only shoves it in our face whenever she can.

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My chad bros

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no not that one


No, no, she'd say it like this.

"Nao heer meow"

The kind that ends with 2-5 children being born.

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What's wrong?

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It's just how migrantcels acts like

Same. I fucking hate his artstyle so fucking much it's so bland and boring and he gets a retarded amount of likes and retweets. I really don't get it

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>Anne Boonchuy but with wrinkles.

And a cute accent. You can't forget the cute accent.

And a shitty accent. You can't forget the shitty accent.

Exactly. She's Anne, but better.

and the scent. You can't forget the scent.

I can almost hear it. It's adorable.

It's send her back to Thailand

>"yo yo yo what's up my kneegas

A splash of Chytrid should fix two of those problems, and Anne could always suffer a terrible Kayaking accident

She was easily the best part of season 3a.