Reminder that the MCU killed MvC

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Why isn't Marvel trying to capitalize on the fighting games market?

Because people from Disney don't like cheesecake

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They know it’s dead and not worth it

MvC:I was probably their attempt at that honestly, its a shame because it plays fuckin GOOD, its just everything around it kinda sucks ass:
>dogshit graphics
>copypasted MVC3 roster
>most of the marvel roster got MCUified
>no arcade mode endings because story mode exists
>dogshit story mode
>$8 character DLC
>$30 worth of costume DLC
and arguably the most important thing,

at least the new characters are good but man, such a travesty.

but psylocke is in ultimate alliance 3 and she's caked up the wazoo

Shh, you'll ruin the coomer's persecution complex.

Good, MvC2 was the last good one really

Capcom killed it with easy mode bull

if you are going to cry characters like iron man is in marvel vs capcom you are a fucking dumbass

>fighting games market?
lol what even sells much besides smash bros

Marvel in general wasn't helpful with any of the Capcom games. They didn't understand why Japan wanted to use shumagorath or sentinel in 3. Doesn't help that they let ea get the license and made some real stinkers like marvel nemesis and X-Men fighting games.

are you really dumb enough to think im upset about fucking iron man in a marvel vs capcom game

>$8 character DLC
>$30 worth of costume DLC
On top of a $60 dollar game
Oh by the way want to buy an arcade controller to feel like you're playing an arcade

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although fighting games are still somewhat niche, they still sell a fuck ton. SFV, Tekken 7, MKX-11, all games that sold very well. shit, dragonball fighterz selling like hotcakes put ArcSys in the public eye and brought guilty gear into the mainstream(which is also doing very well saleswise)

There's a little bit of optimism in the game. Like making Task master task master. That simple process of this is what a character looks like in the comic so we just make her look like that in the game.

Instead of what if we made him a girl
And also make the mask not look like a skull for China dollars

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yea iirc capcom had to fight fuckin hard to get x-men in marvel 3 in general, so its honestly not too surprising that they're not in infinite but it still sucks

I don't get it either. Why would I wanna play as a fucking mook cannon fodder robot?

fucking coomers

because he was god tier in 2 so he became a fan favourite

MVC2 top tier legacy
honestly I would have cut him for cyclops given they also didnt keep cable but whatever

This game would've 100% succeeded without the X-Men if it only looked good.

Spiderman too. Mvc4 is what happens when marvel does take an interest in a game. You just know Japan wanted to make a hot miss marvel not the dyke Captain. At least the fans have cracked the code of mvc3 to add in new characters.

Thanks Ike Perlmutter for banning the popular characters

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motherfucker i dont care if ultron has a flight ability i wanna play magneto because its fucking MAGNETO

It was down to marvel wanting to screw fox. Till the sale of fox to Disney fox wasn't allowed to make toys and merch of the x men to hurt the brand they even tried to kill the X-Men in the comics and replace them with the inhumans.

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1: people liked him in 2
2: hes like the 2nd thing people think of when they think of x-men antagonists

Pretty much. All the fan favorites were locked behind a stupid ass ban.

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did it really? Capcom roster in this game was weak too

the capcom side also stunk for sure, but even though they share the same issue, i feel like marvels side is worse because it was largely going for mcu synergy.
>no super skrull
>no doom
>no iron fist
>no playable modok
>im really surprised ghost rider and nova got in honestly
and I know I keep bringing up in this thread but the lack of x-men REALLY hurt this game man. MvC wouldn't exist without x-men and to not have them in the game is disrespectful and makes the roster genuinely worse in my opinion

And comicbooks.

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Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't this the only game X23 is on? Fucking shame.

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Outside of no X-Men and Fantastic 4 stuff, MvC:I has a shit visual style, the music is ass, there's no personality going for it, not enough Capcom representation, Captain Marvel and Iron Man sucks as characters, and I can go on even more about what's wrong with this game, but I think it's not just the MCU's fault, I think Capcom, at the time, was fucking themselves over like usual too.

nobody plays those trannybait games.

Don't forget the "Characters are just functions' from that Capcom shill

Yes, making woke games without what consumers want and putting out only woke stuff is doing very well for Disney's pocket, right?

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get out of my fuckin thread retard

>Megaman gets some focus in MvC
>it's the worst game in the series and the remix of X vs Zero is limp as hell

fuck off jackass

100% agree user, Ono did objectively good things for capcoms FG department(mainly SF4) but in hindsight its clear that he wasn't doing good over there anymore after the fact. SFV is in the best spot its ever been due to the new blood helming the project, hopefully SF6 keeps it going and we get good fighting games from capcon again.

outside of mobile gachashit yep, really unfortunate because she's great in mvc3

touché user... touché...

They are a bunch of retards that got lucky.

How did Koei get away with this then?

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>and arguably the most important thing,
So what? Nobody care about X-Men anymore. The only variety these games have to offer is different characters than previous versions.

I was flabbergasted when I saw this dude, caked up the WAZOO

She was in Marvel Heroes too. God, I miss that game so much.

They got no financial support from Disney like they did in the past and they had to split profits with them. So Capcom had a much smaller budget and ported over a lot of characters from MvC3 to save money. For example the infamous Chun-Li was apparently the MvC3 model but without the comic book shading so she looked horrible because of it. The DLC characters were better because they got money from the initial sales of the game.

>Ms Woke lmao
when a bad idea really goes wrong

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>it plays fuckin GOOD
This is a common marvelshill meme but gameplay-wise it was the most boring of vs capcom games.

It was already dead before 3, they just milked the nostalgia we had for 2, for as much money as they could.

Disney only cares about mobile trash games, since they require less effort to get money.

I mean, they are. Anyone who thinks that the character skin matters is super-casual. It's time to learn about hitboxes, hurtboxes, start up frames, and the other parts of the game.
It will start making more sense for why some characters play better, even if you don't like the character itself.

Don't talk shit about Combofiend. He had to say something because he was part of the team or he would've been fired. It was a no-win situation for him.

Lol he had to try to peddle absolute horseshit, het gets to live in retarded infamy.

It's the only genre that would be even more dead than Avengers.

You are not to get quads at me.

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why are you such a dumb cunt

Hate to tell you this but comic books have a long history of being woke. They are also trend chasers. It's easy to see a kungfu movie and say that's popular I'm going to make a karate guy as a superhero.

Starts off game saying heroes punching down.