Mission update from the Belfry: Nightwing and Red Hood. Powers Club. 6 AM PT

>Mission update from the Belfry: Nightwing and Red Hood. Powers Club. 6 AM PT.

New Gotham Knights video coming.

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Where's the stream? 33mins left.

Oh yes.
This is probably the only DC properly I am actively hyped about.
>no Batgirl.
Well, fuck.

I hope they still do the PS4 version, I don't want to buy a new PC just to play one game.

Look we all know Batman is playable

Where can I watch this?

I mean, that's going to be very weird in terms of gameplay, because Babs has nicked his entire moveset. Together with a Nolan cape glider. So, how would you make him distinct?


What do you mean? Babs played like Bats in her AK DLC and no one cared

Pretty sure this was originally announced as 2P. Wonder if they added 4P after the delay?

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Who will you play as? I'm going to play as Red Hood and my friend will play as Nightwing.

I guess the idea is that you play as 4 different characters with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Why would you play as Batgirl when you can play as Batman? Unless you REALLY like Batgirl.

It's out

Batgirl, probably. Because the idea of her of all people taking over after Bruce is hilarious.
And I like Babs.


its up, looks kinda jank, hopefully looks somewhat better at launch

So bois, who do think are the possible DLC characters. You know they're gunna do some.

i hope theres some kind of PVP involved
the origins game mode was amazing

You just know it.

there will be skin options for all the characters
spoiler for robin
cass for nightwing
you get the idea

Huntress would be cool

But will it be Bruce or Damian?


batman inc
deathstroke with jason style for nightwing dlc
roy with dick style for red hood dlc

Looks kinda janky compared to what we've seen in the videos before.

Oh I like that

The enemies just look braindead

It's from the beginning of the game, the enemies become harder when you gain more XP.

So I see it like that - Huntress as a reskin of Jason, Cass as a reskin of Dick, Terry as a reskin for Babs, Spoiler as a reskin for Tim. Or something.
Or they will shove in Duke Thomas and Kate Kane somewhere into this game.

PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game got cancelled

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So huh, how’d you like Jason soul double jump?

If that means he has the All Blades from RHATO, I'm down

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To be fair, enemies were really braindead in the Arkham games as well, so that's par for the course.
They had some really blatant rubberband AI.

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If that's true, then it will sell like shit.


Is true, unfortunately

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>"he fires non lethal rounds that still do a *lot* of damage"
>enemy remains standing after being shot 5 times

> shitty OC suits

Wait, so I cannot play this game alone?

It says 1 player right above it

I dunno. I want to like this game but it seems soulless, as Knight was. Maybe the formula's run it's course anyway, having played this combat system 4 times now.

That's great. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this game very similar to that upcoming Suicide squad game?

Gear systems and stats are cancer

Yes and no. Yes, as in, you can play solo or coop but solo play will still feature AI companions in the Suicide Squad game. No, as in, the Suicide Squad game is more based around gunplay and movement than Gotham Knights.

The lack of gameplay for SS is a red flag

i want to play as moz's red hood that i apparently am the only person who likest he design of

>tfw I have to spend atleast $1000 to buy a new PC to play this
Well, then I can play Suicide Squad kill the Justice League too, but still.

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>Red Hood flies with spirit power!

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But Knight was fucking great. Only retards who were bad at the Batmobile didn't like it.

I'm with you user, I like both the cape/pill helmet as well as the black and white jacket design

I will buy this game if I see this suit

>But Knight was fucking great. Only retards who were bad at the Batmobile didn't like it.
Trips of obfuscating the truth. The Batmobile was Tedious with a capital T.

Not him but AK was a disappointment. The car was indeed detrimental to the overall experience, especially when fucking Deathstroke was a tank battle. Doesn’t help that several side missions were clearly cut for DLC

Thanks. SS does seem more fun though

This is my thinking as well at this point

4p once they pulled the trigger on being next/"current" gen due to the multiplayer shenanigans.

>mystical leap powered by soul energy

Yeah, I'm not so sure about this decision. Won't be doing a Red Hood playthough if I end up getting it.


I only ever got that when I foolishly bought the Avengers game and after a while I sort of liked it. And then the changes game. On top of the game being so broken you couldn't finish two achievements since they're now impossible with spending $40 or more. Also it's now like 120GB so there's no fucking point in keeping it or getting it outside of the story mode.

Befuddling choice. Should have just been Starlord-ish jet boots.

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But we haven't even seen any SS gameplay yet.
At least with Gotham Knights you know what you are getting. Coop Arkham on steroids.

Nightwing killed this guy

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