Why is Amphibia anti escapism

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Because it's a message kids need to hear. Having fun with imagination and fiction is OK, but you shouldn't take it too far at the expense of real life.

Its funny how it unintetionally becomes pro escapism considering that the worst part of amphibia everyone hated is life in LA

Society needs to just face the fact that real life is unironically outdated

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speaking of expenses, for 80%+ of people correlation between wastes and gains actually makes escapism more rational way of acquiring happiness
I can elaborate on that if you want

Marcy is fucking beautiful

made for corruption

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Real life is great as fuck. You’re just a pussy

>Video game industry at all time high
>Sports industry all time low

The people have voted and you are wrong

And even aside those you hold extreme ignorance about the state of the world

>Real life is great as fuck
Said no one ever

Life in LA...that is your problem user, worse city in America since the 90s

Name one (1) piece of pop culture that isn't anti-escapism. Extreme escapism is unhealthy.

Oh you’re confused. See I wasn’t talking about what was on my screen but I understand if that’s what you think real life

You prove that ignorance is bliss lol

Good reply. Work has to be banned. Everyone serving their love/unique purpose = innovation.

There’s no progress in a world of slaves.

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Yeah bliss isn’t that good. And honestly the people are tards for the most part.

Society is outdated.

It’s time for total progress.

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As someone who had bombs dropped on their family funded by Los Angeles tax dollars, love your love and NEVER do what you don’t want.
Trust your feelings always and NEVER tolerate.

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you are either born unironically privileged what i doubt because you are here, or they brainwashed you into accepting the fact that in real life you recive only tenth of what you deserve propotionate to your efforts while escapism is more than a fair trade for most.

Damn right.

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>or they brainwashed you into accepting the fact that in real life you recive only tenth of what you deserve propotionate to your efforts
Classic entitled escapismfag

If you can't see how things are shit you're just dumb. There are fields of sage.

People need to understand that escapism is more rewarding than life unless you are born priviliged

Why humiliate and break yourself over for a bitchy hollow mediocre woman who will fuck you over anyway when you can have a waifu?
instantly, for nothing, and even tho she is not fully real, she's perfect

Why achieve anything in a world where everything is scewed and people are ungrateful? overcome a fair challenge in the game, your brain won't tell the difference

Why have friends in the world of narcissits and npc's when you have videogame compaions and cartoon/anime characters who's unique personalities will charm you and who will stay with you till the end?

Why waste imesuarble amount of money that you need to spend a lifetime of tedium to earn to trael if you can just boot up a beautful open world game.

Why do anything if you can just immerse yourself into biullion wonderful worlds and expiriences for a few dollars or even for free?

Maybe they arent real, but in reality it's sometimes just impossible to reach real analouge of what they offer. Your carreer will not work out, you will never know love or be loved, your friends will leave you, world around you will be ruined by elites and savages, why live here?

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>Why humiliate and break yourself over for a bitchy hollow mediocre woman who will fuck you over anyway when you can have a waifu?
Because your hand isn’t that great

fuck, forgot how shitty spacing looks

dunno, my hand is pretty good with some help

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You sound like a fag

i just belive in objective value when it comes to economics(and certain people are constantly ripping us off) and idelaistic when it comes to desirable condition of society

every man rasied today is in one way or another is a fag

You’re a bum who thinks the world owes you something

Jesus Christ you’re hopeless. If that’s really how you feel about the world at large then maybe it’s better that you don’t interact with anyone outside of your own little fantasy, and spare everyone else the displeasure of having to interact with you.

Maybe we should actually look in to WHY people are retreating to escapism en masse before blindly telling them to just stop retreating to escapism en masse

Because most lack any sort of willpower to take some control of their lives and would rather live in a lie?

When you do something you expect to get a proper result.
Yes, the word owes me the value of whatever labour i put in
And yet it does not deliver accordingly, in some areas of life it can even be mathematically proven

>Dude just like do something lmao
Another retard who thinks everything can be changed if you try hard enough. Classic.

What areas of life does that include?

Pretty sure that's what he does already, fag

as i already said, life is dark, depressing, unnecessary unfair and not rewarding, while means of escapism provide the opposite expirience

But this truth is uncomfortable to elites and their normies, because it is their fault/because they cannot challenge the drone programming imposed onto them by elites

>Dude just like do nothing and die
yeah I guess being a hopeless retard is better than actually trying. Do you just watch Amphibia for the pretty colors?

Yes user, you figured it out, those people using escapism to cope with a bad hand of cards in life are just too darned lazy, they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and try harder. Just ignore the fact that more and more people are ending up with bad hands for some reason.

Yes, that’s often how living works. You need to make an effort for what you want

Pshh that means facing reality.

among simplest things to evaluate is production of physical goods
i'am not a commie, but workesrs are indeed exploited and deceived

Unless you have some means of completely changing the way the world works, then stop bitching about things you can’t control, and look at the things you CAN control. “M-muh bad hand!!! I was just unlucky okay!!!!” Seriously? Defeatism is a plague in modern society.

What goods

that is the thing you moron, escapism is the most value you can get from a bad or maybe even mediocre set of cards

It is incredibly cost effective
if megacapitalists werent after short money grabs they would probably destroy the entertainment industry so there could be no way out of their rigged system and left only some useful propaganda and no more

wait a minute...

No effort will ever change people around you. Life doesn't go as you plan it.

Oh no I'm sure you can make a murderer a great person, just try harder!

>Unless you have some means of completely changing the way the world works, then stop bitching about things you can’t control, and look at the things you CAN control
It sounds like you acknowledge that shit's fucked on some level, but you just expect everyone to just suck it up and take it to the chin like a battered housewife. But why would or should I willingly choose to put my all into a world that will never give me anything remotely commensurate with my efforts, when escapism is more stimulating, more mentally rewarding, and more pleasant overall?

I’m not responsible for how they live their lives, I’m only responsible for myself and those I care about. If my brother or sister wasted their lives like a total NEET I’d tell them to get off their asses

If your value is based on media consumption then I’m just going to assume you have NOTHING else going for you and find an escape through it. If you want to blame megacaptitalists then sure I guess? There are other ways to get value out of life.

this one gets it
escapism is simply a rational thing to do

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>There are other ways to get value out of life.
Oh yeah sex and...uh...wageslaving for your wife who cucks you anyway?

Shit is fucked on every level, user. That doesn’t mean I’m just going to give up. I only have this life and I’m not going to waste it in something that isn’t real. Even if nothing comes of it, even if my efforts ultimately don’t make a single impact on the world, it’s still worth it to me and everyone that I care for.

Do you have any friends? At all?

ok ok, this might be an issue of different value systems.
I, whithout bad faith ask you, what else there is for even a common man, not mentioning the unfortunate.

Look fuck face the decision to what kinda live you give more value isn't encoded in the Book of Destiny, or math or in physics.
We can all have our own reasons to belief and or feel real life is great or not because we aren't ten and we know all the difficulties associated with it.

Why not quote Tolkien while you’re at it

i had "friends", they turned out to be pieces of shit, only one was good but he was so much of an autist that i was simply incapable to maintain our connection

it's like there are no good/moral neurotypical people in this world i swear

Fair enough, if you want to fight, then fight, but you shouldn't be surprised or outraged when most people don't want to play a game that's, as you put it, fucked on every level.

I don't and not looking for, I don't understand people's retardation and just feel better off in solitude

are you masochistic?

Because Marche was 100% right

its actually is, all my life moves influenced by my genes and ouside forces that are beyond my contol