Give me

>give me
>a clue
>tell me what I need to do
>to get lucky with you
how did they get away with it

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The Girls of Rock & Roll was also a song that was only in a bikini car wash sort of movie, and there was no equivalent "boys" version of the song, they made that up for the film.

still the best Chipettes

Oh boy

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We're up all night to get lucky

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Welcome back.

Thanks, don't know how long it will last, but I'll be doodling. Gonna make a pot of coffee before I get started here

Dear god, you just unlocked some repressed shit. I think the Chipettes might have been the catalyst for my sexual awakening, Jeanette Miller specifically.

The answers are Theodore and Brittany. There is no room for debate

I wouldn't be so sure, while Theodore does look like he's getting the best, Alvin's feet are curling inward. What kinda BJ makes a guy's feet curl inward?

TMI, man. I just found some old too cringe it's funny meme

Alright,time to doodle

While I agree that Britanny is clearly cumming her brains out, I'd like to note that both Alvin and Simon seem to be losing control of their legs from how fucking good they're getting it.

I always wondered why the Chipettes look human.

Look at the alternative with that 3D bullshit and you'll know why.

Are you asking for prompts or just announcing there's something in the pipeline?


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Fair enough.
I was hoping to maybe expand one of my silly collections.

S...Silly you say? Well go on...

They aren't cute or funny. I just collect Manara poses and megamilks.
Bonus internets for creativity if it's perflat megamilks or there's an amusing spidergwen stand-in.

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Here's an example of a creative one from terrible.

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I don't mind upping both folders as seperate rars on sendspace if you want them, but before I do that then ask yourself if you're really comfortable with openings rars from random strangers you talked to on Yea Forums.

Here's one Jerk did for me, despite not knowing what megamilk actually means.

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here we go

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lel 11/10
I am saving that with both hands.

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I'm glad you liked it, I always try to exceed expectations when it comes to the silly request that I like.

There was a time when the world more or less accepted the fact that adolescence was a transition phase in human development that is dominated by sexual development.


Creative interpretations and genuine monkeypaws is the best kind of drawfaggotry. And fuck the beggars shitting up the drawthread, thinking they're entitled to free commissions.

Think this was my last creative one.

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Ooooh, brilliant! That's definitely not something I would have thought of on my own, thanks for expanding my idea pool


I'll admit I didn't get it at first, but once I did I was havin' a giggle.

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Theodore doing the rare male Ahegao in both images is hilarious.

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Alvin and Brittany are the kind of people to put on a show. They'll over-act and they'll look like they're the best at sex, but it's all an act, and they're probably working so hard looking like they're having fun, that they're not having much fun.

Theodore and Eleanor are probably the most naturalistic. They're probably both just doing what feels good and enjoying themselves the most.

Simon and Jeanette probably did the most research. Simon knows where the G-spot is, and Jeanette knows about the thing with your toungue. They're probably the best at making their partners come, but tend to over-think and not enjoy themselves too much.

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Fucking LeL

>the thing with your toungue

Songs pretty good

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got damn, we are getting spoiled by drawfags nowadays

Oh, I thought I had the dumb because I didn't get the black bar in the first one. The sheen effect makes it look like it's meant to be something other than a censor bar.

Well, they're meant to be physically worn, not just plastered over haha.

If its physically being worn by the character then the Jannies can't get me.

They look kinda like obsidian plates, being worn as some weird kind of jogger jewelry mockery.
>If its physically being worn by the character then the Jannies can't get me.

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Jeanette is best
Nice art, my dude. Always nice seeing some art around here.

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Meanwhile this movie:
>Chipettes literally look like little girls
>shitton of intentional and also random pantyshots, with upskirt camera angles even
>one of them making a snake horny
>end up in a harem with harem clothes
>legs spread towards camera in swimsuit, several of them if not all have such a scene
>sex lyrics
>ripped clothes
>ass-out dancing, model poses while looking at the camera with duckface

I can prove all of that with screenshots I accidently made. Cough.
It's kinda creepy. I've seen user whine over less. Like that fucking "sexualization of Avatar characters" thread yesterday.

I always imagine that the creepy ass animated male villain was the director.

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Oh hey its art copypasta representing modern Yea Forums. Throwing up content into each other's mouth until the end result ends up back on Yea Forums.

>i have no idea what megamilk is or how old it is pls raep my face
Lurk moar faggot.

>screenshots I accidently made.
>It's kinda creepy
Yes you are

Turningredposters are mostly Disney shills and shitposters. You absolute retard.

Pretty fucking new if I don't know it, considering I've been gone for 5 years because Yea Forums went to shit. I haven't seen that shit anywhere since 2007.

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They give me material so I take it, what can I say? For some goddamn reason I deleted all my screenshots though.

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They made a sequel to this?

>i saw this thing 15 years ago but it's still new!
Stop outing yourself like that. You are not an oldfag and you'll never be one either.
You being Yea Forumsermin explains it all. I bet you couldn't tell me what pic related refers to without frantically trying to look it up on kym.

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>LOL you use KYM
You outed yourself by knowing what KYM is.
Another user btw.

Remember when user literally fucked the eyesocked of a dug out skull? Or Splitface? Or the origins of Pepe? Or when we used an "orbital laser" on a McDonalds site? Or voted Bubble Bobble the best game ever made? Or counted down to Japan Time? Or Chomp Chan? Or Boxxie? Or Chin Chan? Or Yea Forums City Craptastrophe? Or half of these shitty threads causing bans? No, because it's always the newfags who derail a whole thread by implying they know oldfags.

some can draw them in french maid outfit?

Oh and don't forget, remember when Yea Forums posted cheese pizza and niggers and wasn't some faggot place used as a tinder by 12 year old Mexicans?