Batgirls #6 Storytime

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I love Batgirls!

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.t coomer.

this book is shit

...why is Babs spoiling her secret identity in front of a main villain? You know hems going to escape Arkham at some point, right? Does everybody and their dog now know she's Oracle?
Also, holy shit, this book is chaotic. Like it's actually missing some pages.

I thought the book was over, there’s another issue?

>I thought the book was over
Why would you think that? It's an ongoing. It's not doing so great sales-wise, but DC so far hasn't said anything about cancelling it.

Thought it was a 6 issue mini series. Everything I’ve seen has said “6 of 6”

It was a six parter story arc. Why this story needed six part is a different issue.

>tfw someone made a thread with a art-accurate picture of cass kissing babs a few months ago, and I read this whole shit only to find out it wasn't canon
user if I ever find you you'll have to taste my yurifag fist

just finished it, it was okay like the others, not anything incredible but not unpleasant.

Cass, literally last issue we saw you confidently heading out to take them all down! Why?! This serves no purpose in the story! You could just have a page of Cass fighting and nothing about the story would change!


Hey, if we were to nitpick every retarded story beat or plot hole in this arc, we would be here forever.

>I’ve always been an outsider, and I’m perfectly okay with that.
Weird to have that kind of character beat when she’s… not an outsider anymore.

also can someone explain to me how steph survived? cuz besides le funny trope, I don't really see the point of baiting this hard

Stop trying to make Seer happen, DC! She's never going to happen!

I guess this is why this book is not doing it for me. It's a "tell, don't show" territory.
Character keep telling us about their personalities and feelings, but we don't see that realized, because those characters are written so paper-thin. When was Steph even behaving like an outsider in this book?
Babs does the same thing few pages before that.

I know, and it bugs me so much. The writing on this is sloppy. It has enough energy and charm to not be god-awful, but it's still just not 'good'.

I can give it an "Okay", but that's it.

She survived because shut up.

>It has enough energy and charm to not be god-awful
For me this charm and energy feels forced. Like the book is throwing colorful shit at you to distract you from how sloppily made it is.
And I guess I am a humorless boomer, but for every 5 jokes, 2 feel forced and 2 don't land.

You ain't wrong, but I was mostly referring to the art.


Hey at least on the bright side, there were significantly less narration boxes...

What was even the point of making a big deal of the Spellbinder capturing Babs, if she unfucks this whole thing herself within seconds, up to and including no-selling the fear gas?

This hasn't been cancelled yet?

Unfortunately, no.

Reading bump, thanks OP!

>unfucks this whole thing herself within seconds, up to and including no-selling the fear gas?
That's starting to become a real issue within the entire Batline. Stakes keep getting lowered because tension is getting resolved too quickly but not in a way that is satisfying. This is one time where preptime actually makes sense considering he's not using anything they haven't seen before regularly.

If there is one book this week that feels like some incoherent ramblings of a madman, it's this one. And I've just read a comic where Joker is a fucking pterodactyl.
Thanks for your God's work anyway, OP.

I'm gonna say this much, this didn't need to be 6 issues. You could've told this story in half that.

Yes, but more decompressed story arc equals more issues, equals more money you can milk from customers. Throw in a fuckton of variant covers each month and you are set.

I don't see 6 of 6 on the cover.

New Batgirls thread, good.
Ah yes does anyone really care to give this new spellbinder a motivation?

Bumpity bump! It's me!

Pretty sure she's been an outsider for most of her n52/Rebirth existence, too. There were brief times when she was part of a team, but they were brief.

So the issue was an allright ending i guess but the stuff with absb feels really rushed, altough i guess its something to give her.

And man i hate that corona is leaving.
Just how comics work for a while i guess. 3 issues could have done the same with tighter pacing.

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Pretty sure she's been an outsider for most of her n52/Rebirth existence, too. There were brief times when she was part of a team, but they were brief.

Same way Bruce survived in TDKR.

>little more you can do tied to a chair.
Subtle. Didya guys get it? Did ya?

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Eh n52 maybe, but she very much got approval right out of the gate and had no real issue regarding Bruce, or anyone else's approval.
Its something i guess.

Sure, it’s always a part of her character. But for her to reach the point of accepting and embracing it *now*, when she’s as “in” as she’s ever been in this timeline, is kinda weird.

>corona is leaving.
Is he leaving, or is he just taking a hiatus?

He's not doing the next issue(s), he might come back later.

I don't like Seer either, but I think making her a forced ally is more interesting than the stupid troll stuff she's been doing for the past 6 months.

I like Corona a lot, but I wouldn't mind other artists. I'm just pissed that is has to be Rodriguez. Ugh. Why not Sweeney Boo or Eleonora Carlini?

Do... Do you have the picture?

Yes, but Tynion wrote her making herself an outsider. It's not as sympathetic as the Dixon-era "Tim and Bruce treat her badly", but it does give her more agency.

I's really tricky, given how weirdly they wrote Steph between Tynion leaving Tec and now. She goes back and forth between wanting to be part of the Batfamily and going back to her "Batman sucks" attitude. I think Cloonan and Conrad are just trying to tie together some threads into some kind of narrative, given that few of the writers really gave her a throughline for the past 2-3 years.

We've had two issues solicited with Rodriguez, though Corona is still doing covers. However, given the feedback on the art I'm seeing, I wouldn't be surprised if DC just doesn't put him back on.

>However, given the feedback on the art I'm seeing, I wouldn't be surprised if DC just doesn't put him back on.
I thought everybody likes the artstyle? Like, this is one (and the cynic in me would say - the only) thing that DC tries to sell this book on.

fuck off dronespammer

No, sadly, Corona is getting a fair amount of pushback in the comments and conversations I've had. I love his art - but I keep getting people telling me it sucks.