I miss them.

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The only ship that matters

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Giving Marcy the hardest thing.

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Would you be okay with one or more of the girls staying behind in Amphibia?

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Why is Hop Pop the only frog with pecs but no nipples? How do frog tits work?

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Don't worry Marmar, I won't slam the strap on into your cervix anymore.

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Can The Core still do this? since they where linked before Darcy.

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Anne is definitively staying, it's not like her parents give much of a shit about it

Disney can't show nipples on main characters for some reason, they've been doing this for a while

Those two can stay. Anne has a family that actually cares.

his hair wasn't the only thing he lost

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>Initial form is a big robotic octopus that nobody actually gets to fight
>then a possessed human
>then a huge otherworldly thing fought in space
By final boss conventions, the Core’s very last form will be some tiny harmless thing that dies in one hit

HP is transmasc

>anne manifests a lotus pattern when using her powers
>sasha manifests a heron pattern when using her powers
What pattern will marcy manifest while using her power?

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good question, what visual motifs are associates with marcy?


I'm a little peeved the plantars and anne didnt have a sappy reunion with bessie

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I think it was crown related

oh that could definitely work, between this and her BOTB outfit

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bless the user who made this

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Even out

I love Marcy so much I want to squish her and scream to the heavens that she's my scrunkly scrimblo.

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He still has it in in the previews so The Core could come by knocking. Though I guess that's what the grievous bodily harm was for.

>the very first frame of the show is the final boss
how can other shows ever compete with this level of kino

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Go masterbate or something.

Ew not even like that.

the constant presence of the blood moon is pretty cool in retrospect, also
>coincidentally there's a blood moon on the 15th
crazy shit

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Will you faggots just stick to a thread?

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The blood of a gamer.

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Yes. This one is better

Now that the show is ending

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Clearly the speds can't contain themselves.

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>Andrias confirmed for war torn body repaired and improved upon by technology
Based as fuck

why are there so many background characters on this thing


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way too many literal who characters.

Does Marcy have any mind control collars in her backpack?

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Has Dana done much other Amphibia art?

The other one has more posters

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Like one other pic that I know of. Don't have it atm.

Short of being obliterated, can he even die like that?

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Endgame right here brothers.

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Out of the three Sasha is the only one I can see staying after all the shit that has lived, can't imagine going back to being a cheerleader. Marcy is still a Nerd, Anne is Anne, but Sasha had a drastic change to her personality.

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Has tiny radish man ever made a reappearance?

Marcy likes rape play and pet play so she saved a few and let Sasha have them. Only fair after what she did.

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I think he was on some promo art for root of evil? or maybe that was a fan drawing

He was eaten in The Dinner.

2 be continued

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Saved them all

cute stuff, thanks for posting

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How many more references can Matt fit into the last 29 minutes?

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Artist is doesthenightknow, good stuff good stuff

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The funny thing is that Sasha probably doesn’t want that from her
She probably just has her do chores and give her a massage


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Anyone theorizing that she became more of a degenerate because of a snag in Darcy's memory wipe?

What's Sasha a reference to again?

I think Sasha would have a hard time getting through to Marcy. Considering how guilty she feels.

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Some bitch from Fire Emblem iirc

Fire Emblem.

Anne's in the pool twice and there's no Tritonio btw.

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it's edelgard's post timeskip design from fire emblem 3 houses, haven't played the game but I'm aware she's a bit controversial

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She's got a thing for bondage after being strapped down at least.

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>c tier
i love you sashannefag and i agree that it is the superior option but come on. marcy is a fun autistic gal and deserves b tier at the lowest, a tier more realistically. i dont think i had had a moment where i was disappointed that she was on screen

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>Anne's in the pool twice
I think that's the Shut In version of Anne
>there's no Tritonio btw.
He's there but with his teacher disguise for some reason they didn't update his look.

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>Marcy is that… another core helmet?
>ah, Sasha it’s, no well… yes but this time it’s different. In the core I was trapped in a fantasy world while they used my body. But this helmet, I built it to turn off my brain for a little bit so I can… not think about things
>just, just let me use it to relax, ok?

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meh, I'm not crazy about her type. The fan overreaction probably sours me some. She's at the top of c-tier if that's better.

I think the wiki only had his teacher design too for whatever reason
despite him ditching it almost immediately

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