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You left out Doctor Deadite

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There is also jack coleman

Why are they all Benedict Cumberbatch?

We couldn't have a Joaquin Phoenix/Hugh Laurie variant or something?

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Kind of a bummer we didn't see bottom right from "What If?". So what are the implications of the third eye exactly?
Because that costs money


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This image unironically made me fancast Laurie as Raimiverse Strange

But in this universe he's just a famous neurosurgeon.

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>You left out Doctor Deadite
That’s Defender Strange tho


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Correction; It's Defender Strange, puppeted by Doctor Strange, wearing a fucking cape made of damned souls. So given how unique it is, I say it deserves its own name.

this is some supremely gay shit gottem lmao

This and the musical note fight was the most Raimi shit ever. I hope he gets to make his own Marvel movie with no constraints or mandates as a thank you for salvaging the wreck of this one.

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>Supreme Strange
>Strange Supreme
Yeah. I’m calling the blue clothes one Illuminati Strange. Fuck trying to remember who’s who.
>Doctor Deadite
That sounds pretty cool.

Strange 3 vs Dormammu

What about Strange Strange?

Dr Strange Supreme is best Strange

>makes worst appearance for Strange
>he should get his own movie!
Full retard, man.

the main one should be called 616 dr strange

Sinister Strange was cool, wish he got a bit more time

user, it's completely transparent that the parts of this movie that don't work were things the studio wanted and Raimi didn't have the power to veto.
>America is a character that the studio has been wanting to force into the franchise, and this was the first movie that made sense to do it, regardless of the consequences to the actual film itself
>movie grinds to a halt so Disney can flex that it owns the film rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men now
>lame, generic post-credits scene required to be in every movie to set the next one up that completely undercuts the madcap, Evil Dead style ending
The main concept for the movie existed before he was brought on board as well. Every bit where he was able to squeak a bit of his own flavor into the movie was brilliant. Raimi deserves the chance to take whatever characters he wants and go hog wild, like with James Gunn.

So is Cthon or Mephisto going to be the next villain? Will Strange make another bargain with Dormmamu? Also this would be a great chance to introduce Ghost Rider
>STEPHEN. VINCENT. STRANGE. I see your soul, your sins. Your crimes reach far into this universe and beyond, and you dare lecture me about making deals with devils? Judgement is here!"

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>lame, generic post-credits scene required to be in every movie to set the next one up that completely undercuts the madcap, Evil Dead style ending
I don't know, I feel like the ambigiously bad ending getting undercut in the next scene by Strange just casually using his third eye and jumping onto the next adventure is a total Raimi move.

I can see Shuma-Gorath or Dormammu proper showing up for Strange 3. Cthon is probably saved for Wanda's next outing.


does he actually do anything cool? i think he just throws the gargoyle motherfuckers off the cliff then jobs to wanda so america can win

i really want wanda to stay dead or at least dormant for a while. what else is there to dredge up in her arc?

They technically already spent their Shuma-Gorath coin on Gargantos given the visual similarities, and Dormmamu is likely going to be a secondary role/reluctant ally seeing how he was already the main antagonist of the first film. So it's either Cthon (referenced), Mephisto, or Nightmare I guess. Since Strange dabbled with dark powers, and is infected, he may be forced to make a deal. And with damned souls already established, how could they not introduce The Spirit of Vengeance?

It's just Strange piloting Defender Strange's corpse




Dude he traps Wanda in a storm of souls. That's cool

Zombie Strange is definitely the coolest. Raimi did it again.

Children's Crusade could be next. Put her on an actual redemption path towards anti-hero status. She may not show up for a couple years, but she's likely to come back.

Also, why has no one mentioned how thicc Christine was?

Right so you introduce Ghost Rider in 3 then start Midnight Sons assembling Moon Knight, Blade, and Elsa Bloodstone

>Strange gets cucked in every universe.
You hate to see it.

someone post the webm that shows her brapper

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She's definitely a cutie, I can see why Strange continued to pine for her. At least he has Clea now to move on with now

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I really wish Ash was in this given all the Deadite shit

Clea was supposed to be Christine variant

Variant Christine had an ass of madness

says who

>Sinister Strange putting other cucked Stanges out of their misery

>Who said it had to be living?
Pure kino scene.

>Using the Darkhold east his beard and mustache

>no pictures
Embarrassing thread.

>salvaging the wreck of this one.

Why are there so many fucking Stranges?

Dante’s inferno with Strange descending the levels of Hellworld to find Cthon & maybe seeing a disgigured man at the bottom of the pit would be based

But the mcu avoids religious imagery like the plague. Also I doubt parents are gonna want their kids watching a movie about being in Hell

He is in the Multiverse of Madness.

Wait, didn't America almost throw Wanda into a hellscape near the end?

>disfigured man at the bottom of the pit
Who is this supposed to be referencing?

I was happy they remembered Wanda's original mind fucking whisper powers from Age of Ultron.

Can he defeat Ned?

I can't get past his silly wig.

Dr. Doom, having been trapped at the bottom level of hell personally tortured by Cthon for trying to rescue his mother. Strange of course frees him against Clea’s wishes & opts to lock him up in the sanctum but eventually comes to regret it when Victor kicks shit off

>that was probably me

If we're talking about deals and souls of the damned, then I'd love to see Triumph and Torment. It would be a great opportunity to flesh Doom out from "not yet another MCU villain."

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my apologies, user.

had I known Raimi would put Christine's magnificant ass on the big screen I would've taken more

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None managed to fuck Wanda
The man himself

Had no idea rachel mcadams had an ass. Expected flat.

At what point are they going to reveal Sokovia is actually Latveria that was conquered/renamed in Doom's absence?

This was the sickest fucking shit.

If that rumor about Marvel eventually doing R-rated MCU projects is true, I'd put him on Midnight Sons and just let him go crazy.

What are their powerlevels?

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don't ever call Sinister Strange an incel again for worshipping this ass

They even had a line about it in Game Night. Good movie.

They definitely were pushing the envelope with DS2. I'm sure R-rated stuff is coming.