Objectively the fastest being in all of fiction

>Objectively the fastest being in all of fiction
>No one even bothers to debate this fact
Is there any other examples of a character just being the undisputed best at something?

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OP being gayest

>Objectively the fastest being in all of fiction
>No one even bothers to debate this fact
There are plenty of disputes.

VS Battle Wiki has the Flash in 3rd or 4th place in terms of speed feats iirc.

>Objectively the fastest being in all of fiction
Several characters in fiction are "infinite speed" fast.

>There are plenty of disputes.
>VS Battle Wiki
do any non-retarded people dispute it

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>>Objectively the fastest being in all of fiction
Not so fast

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You're free to dispute their calculations if you want to.

And look at the numbers, the Flash isn't anywhere close to the firs two.¨

The only people who think the Flash is the fastest are people who haven't debated on battle boards.

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I like Flash but he’s a jobber. a dude with a gun is seen as good enough to be a notable Flash villain.

Except Wally ran across the universe in literally 0 seconds. That is objectively infinitely times the speed of light.

>And look at the numbers
Wally beat Instant teleportation
>The only people who think the Flash is the fastest are people who haven't debated on battle boards.
Wally beat Instant teleportation


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My OC is way faster than the Flash.

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No, he time traveled (alluded to earlier in the issue) while being boosted by two planets of runners. The argument is about as valid as "Goku is infinite speed for breaking out of time stop."

If you want to include stuff like that you might as well include the Shrike who can literally walk back in time.

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Notice how all of these speeds combined aren't enough to contend with the 2 fastest on VSBW's list.

Granola did that, and he didn't need to be amped.

This is a cope post. Wally literally traveled across the universe in 0 seconds.

Catwoman is the undisputed best at taking down Flashes.

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there are plenty of character that could be classified as having infinite speed

>>Gets debunked
>Moves the goalpost

No, it's a literal refutation of your claim...and it wasn't across the universe either, so you haven't even read the issue you're referencing. And like I said, this time travel feat was only possible because Flash was amped by an entire planet of speedsters + Earth. And that's not getting into whether "instantaneous" is being literary.

You literally have to ignore the entire comic for your argument to make sense, which means that it doesn't make sense.

The best feat for the Flash on that list makes him closer to human speed in than to Amitabha, even in terms of %.

Invisible Dragon is of course far beyond that even.

Not standard Wally, which is what most people think of when they debate these things.

He's literally ignoring the explanation in the comic.

It's not like this is a fair debate anyway, because the Flash is inconsistent as fuck, whereas Amitabha is very consistent.

So even if you wank the Flash as hard as you can and downplay Amitabha as hard as you can the Flash will still lose.

>Runs faster than instant teleportation

Did that character beat instant teleportation?

>no one even bothers to debate this
That’s untrue. Golden Age Captain Marvel is absolutely faster. That’s indisputable. Golden Age Superman is nearly as fast as well. But Fawcett Cap is stupid fast. Travels from earth to the rock of eternity in seconds. That’s galaxies away, far beyond the speed of light.

>So even if you wank the Flash as hard as you can and downplay Amitabha as hard as you can the Flash will still lose.

Wrong. Take the statement for DC’s Big Bang, multiply it by one million quintillion hexillion and a half due to Fawcett shenanigans, multiply it again by 1.33e+50 (due to Wildstorm shenanigans), make that into a sphere and divide that by a planck time and Wally’s faster than even the highest feat on VSBW by like 20 zeroes.

>>>Makes a claim.
>>Story context debunks the claim.
>Gets mad and ignores the context.
Weird hill to die on, but at least you're dead.

user in the blink of an eye captain marvel travels from earth to the rock of eternity. No flash could do this. Not even Wally.

Why are flashfags such retards?

>Make my own calculation including non-canon verses that are not part of the 52, ignore the explanations given and come up with my own. Come up with a bullshit number with 50 digits.
Dude, even 50 digits ain't shit.

Amitabha has 121 digits and ID has 226 digits.

Earth-5 and Wildstorm are both in the DC Multiverse. And DC universes are the same size due to occupying the same space, just being separated by vibration.

So it’s 60 trillion light years per half second, which is 120 trillion light years per second. 60 seconds per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, the DC universe has existed for at least 20 billion years. That’s 7.56864e+31 light years for the radius of one DC universe. For volume, that’s equivalent to 1.81611e+96 light years. This is only for the observable universe, DC universes (including Earth-5) are at least one million quintillion hexillion (1e+45) times bigger than this. So that’s 1.81611e+141 light years for a single universe. There’s at least the same amount of universes in the Multiverse as there are atoms on earth (Wildstorm snowflake scan), which is equivalent to 1.33e+50, so that’s 2.415426e+191 light years. Zetabeams exist within that entire space instantaneously per Adam Strange and Wally outran it in a planck time, or 1e-44 seconds. So that’s 2.28512063e+251 meters per second, or 7.622342e+242 times light speed.


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This is cope

Sorry people don't blindly believe VS battle retardation.

Holy fucking based. Putting autism to use

How adorable. They must have really liked Wally vs Archie Sonic.

>>>Story context debunks the claim.
nta but not really. flash siphoning kinetic energy is part of his powerset and something he does casually all the time. Also if you don't want to count that Wally also outran the Speed Force itself in Rebirth which is even more impressive.

The fact that you have nothing more than a blanket insult proves you are mad and if you are mad it means you lost

>3- Sonic the Hedgehog
>5- Flash (Wally West)


>>No one even bothers to debate this fact
Droopy is faster.

>Is there any other examples of a character just being the undisputed best at something?
Power Man

>Source: VS battle wiki
Kek, they will be fine

Superman had raced Flash at least seven times. Jim Shooter was actually the first to write such a story

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Fun fact, Superman hasn't won those races even once and he has lost to all 3 of the flashes.

The feat you're referring to (the Flash outrunning the trillion light years in half a second) is literally what gives the Flash 26 digits.

Ignoring the numbers from the comic and pulling headcanon numbers out of your ass to get 50 digits and then realizing it's nowhere near enough so you have to pull out even more unrelated shit (and getting the math wrong on top of that) does nothing but make you come across as disingenious.

Earth 5 isn't Wildstorm btw.

VS battle wiki autistic

It's not a "muh preferences" list it's literally just links to highest calculations on the site.

He outran instant teleportation.
You can cope all you want about this fact

Correct. Earth-5 is the Fawcett universe, the second scan in that picture.

26 digits is wrong. In reality it’s 242 digits. And that’s >>> anything on your list. You said you couldn’t “wank” Flash high enough no matter what you did to beat those measurements, but I did. All contained within those three scans. Everything else was just a priori.

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Flash is just like the Hulk, both can increase their speed and strenght infinitely but both speed and strenght are not infnite

Flash speed is not infinite, it grows infinitely, so he will get faster and faster the longer he "power up" but he can't reach infinite speed that would make time stop

Death Battle doesn't care, which means anyone with at least room temp IQ doesn't care.

Sonic, Touhou one-off vague statement Buddha, and Worst Korea generic wuxia protag combined get stomped by Wally West. He outran the speed force, the combined kinetic energy of the multiverse. No one has a feat like that. No one even close to that. His speed was given in Death Battle as an incalculable X.

The Flash will always be the fastest, and cope battle hugbox will just have to keep on coping.

>That would make time stop
What do you think he did during Final Crisis?

>Wally is 242 digits x ftl
Uh VSBW sisters…. Wtf…. I need to dilate now


Wanking and making shit up is two different thing.

Wanking has to do with cherry picking the best feats and ignore everything else.

When you start pulling random numbers out of your ass (nowhere to be found in the comics) isn't wanking.

There's a reason "max-wank" Naruto isn't 10^10^100 lightyears/plancksecond fast. This is also why your "muh Flash is just as fast as ID" calc doesnt work

Yeah but they acctually let Flash go so fast he breaks everything, on multiple occasions.
It's only happened with Hulk like... twice. One was a what-if and one is a bad future that may have been avoided.

Correct, Flash is the fastest man alive. It goes
>Flash victory
>Flash victory
>Flash victory
>no conclusion
I’m just pointing out OP’s premise, that’s Flash’s title hasn’t been challenged or disputed, is false. Flash has been proven to be fastest man alive

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>He outran the speed force, the combined kinetic energy of the multiverse.
Even in theory that's nowhere close to 10^200.

Also, all he did was run around the planet, no?

Fuck you

Ran around the planet fast.

You're right it's not even close. It's much, much more. It's every speed feat in DC and more.

60 replies 24 IP:s.

It's just this one Flashwanker praising his own post while pretending to be somobe else, isn't it?

Well OP is debunked.

Wasn’t making shit up. Pic related. All statements I used were from DC comics.

You lost. It’s over.

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The flash is slow

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>e-e-even in [HEADCANON]
Don't tell me your retarded ass forgot that DC's multiverse is premier in infinity-stacking?

Both have infinite speed
Death Battle has the shittiest speed calculations
They are saying that Flashes infinite speed will be larger than Sonics infinite speed because of Speed Steal, so Infinite+Infinite=Larger infinity... except that isn't how infinities work. Larger infinities are still equal to smaller infinities because they are both infinities. You are notorious for sucking up to Death Battle so I can't really say I am surprised your trying to hold this whole "Death Battle win" as a sort of trophy even though the show has been the laughing stock of the battleboarding community since Starscream VS Rainbow Dash.