Who's your favourite voice actor?

Who's your favourite voice actor?

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I'm not even going to let a single post go in this thread laboring (take note britons, that's how you spell that word) under the delusion that this is a thread asking about people's favorite (again, take note) voice actor. That would be fucking stupid. I'm not beating around the bush for even a second. If I was there when this picture was being taken I would launch into action like the proactive heroic man that I am. I would latch onto those titties like a remora. Suck suck suck suck suck. It would be like amplexus. Everyone present would scramble to try and remove my greedy mouth from her breats, but they would all fail in the face of my resolve. I'd never latch off. She'd be forced to marry me and be my bride for the rest of our long lives and raise my children. Amplexus

J.K. Simmons

Her swallowing my 4 inch body whole on her lunch break and then recording ppg voices as her stomach takes my life and intestines process me hours later.

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Digestion in vore is not hot

Mommy Tara.

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enjoy your ban

You don’t get banned for the words “my little pony” appearing in your post newfag

Will this get me bant?

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why does she look scared?

Living: Tom Kenny
Dead: Mel Blanc

I wanna bite those titties


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You're slipping, Lee.

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Die out

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>newly divorced
some con bros about to get lucky

My wife.

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Whelp, time to go to her next con and hope I’m as lucky as you.

The only actually sexy woman posted in this thread so far

Wait, really?

Both Tara and Grey are newly single. There’s a slim chance (however unlikely) some nerd could have the ultimate mommy voice actor threesome of all time.

Unless that nerd is gigachad looking that is not gonna happen user
Even then, threesomes are rare irl

it will happen if allah wills it

And she voiced one most unnattractive characters.

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Allah does not like lesbianism, pre-martial sex nor debaucherous deviancies that defeats pro-creation oriented purpose of sex so I do not think he is going to will it anytime soon.

that's usually the case but allah told me he'd make an exception for me if I posted hard enough on Yea Forums

She is mid

Just went through a few pages of her photos in google and yeah doesn't seem to be a Stacy
Still mogs(fogs?) the other females posted here so far and would definitely bang her if I could.

Keith David

I still watch his Friends on the Other Side bit as Dr. Facillier and I couldn't tell you a GODDAMN THING about what happens in the Princess and the Frog when he's not on screen

God I was so exited. I love Keith David and I love the Baron Samedi aesthetic so when I heard he was going to do the thing in a movie I was so fucking hype

And the actual movie is just soooo forgettable

Tara really is proof that people will thirst over a pair of tits, real or fake attached to literally anything. She's an old hag who is desperate but not even in a hot way. She's just a sad ho trying to suck her way up the ladder desperately trying to be relevant.

Kari Wahlgren.

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Patrick Warburton and H.Jon Benjamin, although Seth McFarlane is also rather talented.

I want her to lecture me about my white privilege in Bubble's voice

Kristin Wiig
>Lola Bunny - "The Looney Tunes Show"
>Lucy Wilde - "Dispicable Me 2 & 3"

Perfect voice and mannerism for those characters.

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Laura Bailey.
Her Lust/Jaina voice makes me hard as diamonds.

A man of refined taste I see

don't have one. They're just glorified puppets

>old hag
Not everyone here is an underage b& zoomer, you little pipsqueak.

>tfw she could've been the highschool aged babysitter i never had

I'm still waiting for Haruko to come and take me away and tell me these past 20 years have been just a dream...

ashly burch

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I read this in Clancy Brown's Lex Luthor voice.

What a GMILF.

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Sorry skwisgaar, I said 48. Not 58.

>He thinks grannies need to be over 55.
Welcome to the future old man. If you're a day over 30 you're a granny.

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Metalocalypse is required watching around these parts. Leave, and do not come back before you have corrected your mistake.

That is a grandmother that I would like to….

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Her story always makes me sad.

I watched Subzero and Zombie Island so many times as a kid, it's unreal.

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Some one had to post her
Because shes the best

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My pheromones

Not that psychotic cunt.

She actually pretty good as molly

How about some male voice actors

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ok incel

Ashleigh Ball


>meet her at a con
>get to hug her
>presses hard into me
>feel them squish on my chest

she's super nice and patient as fuck though

I remember my first boobs.

You meant hottest to me right?

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>feel them squish to my chest
How tall are you user she’s only like what ? 5’4?

Post proof or obsessed.