ITT: Redheads are the best

ITT: Redheads are the best

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I wholeheartedly agree.

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I'm more of a Brunette person

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Then you are in the wrong thread pal.

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Honestly I'd rather have him stay male and get pegged by the girls instead of have him being trans.

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Who is this semen demon?

Weird question, but there are a lot of red heads that are bombshells, and a lot of redheads with freckles, but they don't seem to intersect a lot.
Would a general audience consider bombshell characters like Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy to be less so if they had freckles?
There's attractive freckled characters, but I get the sense they're relegated to being tomboys and such rather than traditional bombshells.

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Ahhh nigga, you gay.

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My niggas

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>Brown hair

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Snapdragon from High Guardian Spice. Also it's a guy.


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You heard me, colour-blind fool.

Get your fucking eyes checked then

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Wow, you sure showed me.

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my WIFE!

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I unironically wish we got to see Snapdragon transition.

Why are so many tranny characters redheads?

Are there enough tranny characters to generalize like this?

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God I want him to stay male so Amaryllis and Sage can double team him with strap-on and stretch out his cute boy pussy.

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Needs cleavage.

They have the best feet too.

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Not fair they made her hot.

Why do redheads in cartoons get brainwashed so often?

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>no Babs
This thread is 1/10.

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How in the fuck are Lekku even hot? I mean they are. But how?

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Probably because of creators who think being a redhead on its own isn't "enough." Which is weird because its ignoring all the stigma (for lack of a better word).

according to Disney and Netflix they are all black

More like Hollywood. Either someone big there hates redheads or they got lazy and can't be bothered to find actual redhead actors anymore.

hopefully no one will fire a negrofication ray into this thread

Thank god someone else noticed, this has always made me feel ridiculous. Redhead glasses tranny is THE webcomic archetype. Its unsettling to share in it

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>THE webcomic archetype
Great, now I'm wondering if the reason I've been mistaken for trans because of this

Almost assuredly dude, its ridiculously common. I think its because red hair is also sort of rare and its feminizing? No offense but thanks for drawing cover fire lol

I mean, if you're gonna play pretend that you're a hot woman, might as well go with the whole package.