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Talk about your favorite storyline: Republic, Empire, Dark Times, Knights of the Old Republic, Tales from the Jedi, Legacy etc.

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For me, it's Master Tholme
>Jedi spymaster
>Trained with Anzati
>Dresses like a villain, still a good guy
Really appealed to my edgy 13 year old brain

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Somehow . . .

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I really liked seeing pic related's story continued in Dark Times and concluded in Legacy.

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Yeah, Vector was really well handled. I really liked the impact it had on the storylines themselves, it kept being mentioned and its consequences were really important

>that one kotor arc where the art shifts into bog territory

I will disagree with you user and I thought it was really tacked on some parts. On Kotor and Dark Times i felt naturalz but the whole thing with Vader felt like a weird episode of a filler arc and I don't quite recall what happened in Legacy

Was he based?

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Celeste shows up and helps Cade and crew make an ambush for Krayt who was looking for a way to live forever or heal his body. They fight him, Cade's jedi-turned-imperial gf and Krayt almost die and Cade destroys Celeste and the Talisman. Legacy was very shitty

Here's your art bro

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>Legacy was very shitty
That Darth Talon tho

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He can do body shapes well enough, but this like he has never seen a human face before

You fucking coomer
Astraal was hotter

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He wasn't the worst character ever, but he got too repetitive in his reluctance to do anything. Edgier than even Anakin too

He was awful along with the rest of Legacy.

What the fuck was his problem
>Give a talk about tolerance and peace about the Tuskens to Anakin Skywalker
>Falls to the dark side and turns into a Tusken Raider immediately after Order 66

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How much of his issues were unresolved sexual tension with his mom?

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Like 40%. Weird how she was really hot as Corde but completely bogged as Calixte, even looking like a tranny sometimes

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>Astraal was hotter
Third worst Vao, however

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The best of their output was in the smaller-scale stuff. Dark Empire had a nice sense of pacing and scope but was a terrible story, Tales of the Jedi was mostly the same, and Legacy was likewise terrible. The gems were in things like the Republic series or Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison.

As a kid I actually had to read three times the issue where they tell you they're the same character because I thought it was some printing error or something

>Tales of the Jedi was mostly the same,
Tales had tye best designs maybe in the whole franchise. They set out to make a "primitive" Star Wars and they actually pulled it wonderfully. The almost Conan the Barbarian look everyone had, protesters, weird droids and primitive looking technology, it really felt like thousands of years before the films

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I saw it coming but it still doesn't make much sense logistically. She's a Grand Moff, I'm sure her presence is required at all times. Hell, at the end of the day she didn't even do much as Calixte, so why bother with the double identity?
Then KoTOR came along and just made it be a different OT. Shame really, I like some of the naval influences, even if most designs were really messy. Nice work tho, I'm sure Phillip Druillet would be proud.

Can't believe Quinlan traded Aayla for this roastie

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I thought it was lame that he bullshited his way back into life and ended up being a bad guy defeated by the hero.
Him getting betrayed kinda made the relevant point of evil not sharing power because it will inevitably fight internally for it, which was the whole point of the Rule of Two. Since he can just rez whenever I guess he was right and Bane wrong

>She's a Grand Moff,
Another odd choice. Should've made her just an important imperial spy
>Then KoTOR came along and just made it be a different OT.
Kotor is a good game, but very lazy at times. Malak is just shittier Vader

I liked the feel of the world in Tales. That's about it, though.

Aayla's a Twi'lek, such union would breed... Difficulties.

He can't breed Aayla, unfortunately

Tom Veitch wrote it. He's kinda bad at his job

>Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison
Shame they killed pic rel. He had potential
Hey, it worked for Cut Lawquane. Less so for Kanan and Hera, but still

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His death was funny.

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Pretty sure the kids are adopted

Star Wars is so married to its artstyle that we can't have something like that in movies or videogames.You can see it in the EU and but the sequels take it to the twelfth degree. You could retain elements enough to let people know they're still seeing Star Wars but people like playing with their stormtroopers so we're just fucked.

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Yeah it was lol
>Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive and author for Lucasfilm Ltd.,[13] mentioned on his Twitter that while Shaeeah and Jek have a human father, their biological father is not Cut.[14]

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>Star Wars is so married to its artstyle that we can't have something like that in movies or videogames
I think I realized that when I saw they couldn't even make the Republic troopers different from the clones that would only show up 4000 years later
>You could retain elements enough to let people know they're still seeing Star Wars
Yeah. Fuck, Mandalorian couldn't one season without someone whippin a fucking lightsaber

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For me, the mandalorian designs were a stroke of genius.
The crusading knight plate style contrasts wonderfully with the modern strike plate style

>nobody posted best boy
You fucking faggots

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>twi'leks are now canonically breedable
Well, I'll be damned

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Weird how he went from a methodical and intelligent officer in his first appearance to a roided, out of control lunatic when he met Luke some issues later

Is that Tank? Fuck you Tank.
You didn't even have mustache

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It's a great day for the galaxy, human women currently on suicide watch.

Everyone was on crazy roids at the time. Look at Luke's forearms. Hamill was never this big again
Or it could be that Rebellion was written so bad it got cancelled

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The last issues were starting to get good imo, but yeah that series was a mess. Not that Invasion was much better mind you

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How can other species even compete?

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what, did we read the same comic? He was calm asf in the last issue

for me it's techno space elves, but twi'leks are still respectable

I miss the EU.
It could be real shitty at times. Remarkably so even. But it had some real gems

Crimson Empire. The first one. Second was meh, and third one is just terrible. But the first one? Lone wolf, on his final mission, to kill all the traitors, who helped defeat the Emperor. Fantastic story, and one that made me fall in love with Imperial Guard.

the balls to the wall craziness and relative lack of oversight that enabled the shit is what lead to gems.

Dunno man he seems a lil bit unhinged here

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Wait, where am I? /fit/ or Yea Forums? I've literally never heard people about roids on this board

Also, did Aurra disappear from the comics after AoT came out? Not that I liked her and Dark Woman, but it seems like that plotline just fizzled out
I'm a Chagrian man myself

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Well, user since you're here,don't do it unless you're gonna compete
I dunno a single guy that geared casually that didn't end up regretting it later

So? Did he kill Luke?

Fuckin A.

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>Also, did Aurra disappear from the comics after AoT
She kept going I think, what made her fade out was the new Clone Wars show that kinda fizzled with the continuity of everything Clone Wars related at the time

Fortunately that was bigger Luke, and the real one was unscathed

Nah, he didn't train calves so they gave out before Luke ran out of breath

Yeah, then Darth Vader gave him a medal and they all went to the bar to have drinks

Behold, the best Star Wars comic arc. The reason? Plagiarism

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Proboscis Luke is the key to all of this.
I thought Dark Woman was cool, but Jan Duursema had no bussines giving her those massive tits.

>Jan Duursema had no bussines giving her those massive tits.
You'll jabe to fight tooth and nail against Duursema to stop her from giving porn star level bodies to women
And that's why she's the best

I feel like some plot elements are so common they have to be public domain
Yojimbo and Seven Samurai are some of those

That big lesbo can't help herself, and I love her for it

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Is there a single more smug bastard in the series?

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The arc is called Blue Harvest for a reason, it's both a reference to RoTJ's filming title and Red Harvest, a novel by Dashiell Hammet that inspired both Yojimbo and For a Fistfull of Dollars

Well, Villie has never been pictured not smiling

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That Luke could have just beat the shit out of Vader in ESB

Think again buddy

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Jarael was so hot

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