Who are your favorite internet animators...

Who are your favorite internet animators? I don't think anyone comes even close to Egoraptor's Awesome Series and Girlchan.

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Nice Joke

Psychicpebbles and SexualLobster.

It's not bait.
It's not a joke, Egoraptor made a lot of great animations.
PsychicPebbles is okay but Hellbenders was too random for me. SexualLobster is just dick jokes and isn't very funny.

Lee Hardcastle vimeo.com/293546950
Robert Morgan vimeo.com/83521683
PilotRedSun youtube.com/watch?v=aFdE__2OKc8
Noah Malone youtube.com/watch?v=TG4jIBStWCs

I don't have one recently, but I did enjoy his loose style, back in the days.

Oh, currently forgot his name, but the guy who does those Ninitendo fight animations. He recently did Street Fighter 2.

Love his Kirby stuff.

This is also funny.

telepurte, retarded memes for tik tok zoomers but awesome animation in 2s

I miss Plague of Gripes' animations. His Dead by Daylight one didn't catch on so I suspect he's wary to commit the time. Frankly I'm only dimly aware of Dead by Daylight, but I'll still watch his Man vs Wild 2BFP animation every so often.

I really like Worthikids, his bprnding of 2d and 3d animation is pretty amazing.

Also, Penny is best clown, I want to protect that smile

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Great style and animation but bad writing.

You're a Disgusting Coomer

Ego raptor got lazy and doesn’t make animations anymore. Now he only goes by Arin and his humor became the very thing he hated (Mike Matei esque)


>It's not a joke, Egoraptor made a lot of great animations.

He makes animations? Could of fooled me

Felix Colgrave, bar none

The guy animations absolutely destroy the average Disney and CN cartoon episode.

I like Mike Pitts works. It's fluid and makes me laugh.

Drue Langlois

Clearly you're a child or simply a dummy trying to make himself laugh.

Hope you had a chuckle, chucklefuck.

I wish he still did

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Does he animate anything still? No?

No, the quote clearly said he MADE animations and they were good.

Perhaps you read that too fast and misinterpreted it? Assuming they meant he still does?

Max G is the animator that made me wanna animate. And not even from shit like WGJ4K or pony.mov but from his early shit like Spookiville, Amazing Adam Android and Joan & Mark. I just liked his style and admired his work ethic. I hope he gets his life together or at least finds some level of happiness.

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tamers12345 is the only animator who routinely puts out content and its quality never dips below terrific. He's been casually dropping 10-70 minute long cartoons for over 8 years, he makes all of these queers look like shit. He knows his audience and he never half-asses it.

Marc M/Sick Animation


Will continue to appreciate aimkid's lemon demon stuff until he inevitably offs himself for drinking the troon koolaid


I love his sense of humor. Marc's an absolute treasure and Arin should never be mentioned in the same thread as him.

This. Worthikids stuff is insanely high quality, but I wish he animated for someone funnier


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Favourite? CCC City: newgrounds.com/collection/ccccity
It's pure, unadulterated soul

Emily Youcis

>It's pure, unadulterated soul
This makes me dislike his content before I've even seen it.

I forgot the pic related.

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He could have been making better cartoons than Tom and have been on Smiling Friends. It's not fucking fair

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What a bizarre thing to say, he could've but he didn't.

Weren't all of Egoraptor's jokes random with a black guy voice/dialect?

I really love when his cgi looks like genuine stop motion. I want to do this with Bionicle.

i think hes a modern day mix of kaufman and daniel johnston

I’m just saying it sucks he died, not only because he was so young but it’s also a shame since he was really shaping up artistically

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>Getting upset over a reaction image
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The discussion is around a Yea Forums topic you absolute retard. Posted image is irrelevant unless there is no body text.

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anime site

>I want to do this with Bionicle.
damn that would kick ass.

This is still one of the saddest stories to come from new grounds. Eddsworld was never my favorite but I really respected Edd and every once in a while I’d really click with one of his animations. He really was just hitting his stride as a creator. I think it still fucked up Tom to this day. They were about to move in together and everything.

Literally no reason for any of the old NG crew to keep doing web animations. It takes a ton of work and YouTube algorithms will just instantly bury it in Minecraft Let's Play Episode 54.
Which is why they all do video game stuff now, YouTube only wants channels that push out daily content. It's not like it used to be.

There's no internet humor from the 00s that still holds up

that and they're doing it for the fun of it, most wouldn't bother entering the animation industry

Max G baby. Egoraptor is a sjw faggot

Felix Colgrave is an easy first choice. Harry Partrige is up there as well for his high quality and Alvin Earthworm for being the best fight choreographer in the modern age

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kek, are you the same nigger faggot that cries over at Yea Forums because of that "anime vs cartoons" spammer?

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I've only really liked David Firth.

>no mention of sr pelo
Disappointed, but not surprised. His animation is kinda lazy, but the humor is top-tier.

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>I don't think anyone comes even close to Egoraptor's Awesome Series and Girlchan.
have you been comatose for the past decade

He's fine but I will say his gimmick gets pretty repetitive. It's the comedy equivalent of a jumpscare. It's fast, sudden and loud and so it's funny. But if that's just every joke it kinda loses its appeal.

How the fuck did he lend a job at Battle of the Bands? As a PRODUCER with no prior experience, which implies he won't be doing anything directly animation-related even though he started his career as an animation, what type of irony is this?

Egoraptor officially lost his buts after the animation he made for his wife. He’s the antithesis of funny now. I remember one time I got super drunk and stumbled on his newest gamegrumps episode and decided to give it a watch. I was stunned with just how bland he had become.