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Ready for Nightwing's arc?

>Rescue and Search
>Bart Allen went shopping. Zatanna Zatara stops by to talk baseball. Daring Dan Danger returns.

>Ego and Superego

>Zenith and Abyss

>Over and Out

>Death and Rebirth

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>Bart Allen went shopping. Zatanna Zatara stops by to talk baseball. Daring Dan Danger returns.
Sounds utterly pointless.

They're written as mundanely as possible to avoid spoilers. They also wrote the Aquaman and Rocket episode descriptions that way as well.

Chalant interactions let’s gooo

I'll never understand why they had Dick settle with Barbara. It's so boring in comparison.

NO batfamily?
Where is his girlfriend Batgirl?

I miss Terra

We'll probably get some Bat-Family scenes, but not too many. There is currently no one holding the Batgirl title.

Probably losing more movements “saving” League of Shadows assassins

Some point about how you don’t always end up with your first love. I think YJ Dick and Barbara’s relationship is cute but I’ll admit it was nice to see a relationship other than Babs or Kory for once.

Artemis and Eally already proved that point

Are those final episode titles official?

They were leaked via Google searches, I believe. And Rescue and Search was proven true today, so the rest likely are too.

you’re the only one who feels this way ever

We're getting a bit more of her in the comics, at least.

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That was such a stupid plot point, it legitimately still makes me angry. All it did was make Barbara seem like a complete idiot.

Getting caught up. So group marriage is a thing in Atlantis. Do you think Delphis wants to get in on Kaldur and Wyynde.

I wish I could watch an episode on release day. It takes about 4 days for a leak link

She'll probably end up with Garth like in the comics.

Kaldur, from word of God, is 100% homosexual so it wouldn't be the same trio dynamic as Lagoon Boy's

Hah would love to see some sassy dialogues beetwen them

Heh I think we will see some Batfam moments. IIRC Greg and Brandon is a huge batfam fans. Honestly I'm little bit afraid Dick arc is gonna be too crowded. I mean we have some news from Markovia immigrant issue, Jason Todd appearance, and I think maybe some updates from The Light and Darkseid

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I bet he'll relate to Zod's son about having a dad with high expectations

He is polysexual (aka retarded SJW code lingo for bislut), nice try.

He isn't. He been confirmed gay since the show was cancelled for a while. It's the whole reason why gay Kandur is introduced in the comics

Is Beast boy death yet?

What the fuck is Dick gonna do here? He's weak as fuck


Both of those things did indeed happen in that episode but yeah they were mundane side moments.

I want more Cassandra

>Death and Rebirth

Gonna guess Future!Lor-Zod dies... but Present!Lor-Zod is born. Only character I can think of where both dying and being reborn can really fit atm.

He's investigating Conner's disappearance now that Zatanna suspects he's alive.

Which one?

The one with the hot scars

There needs to be an episode with Cassie, Cass and Cassandra Savage just for maximum confusion.

I'd be happy if she modified her costume to be the second Batgirl. You don't even need to explain it further, the Artemis arc already sets it up.

>remember this show exists
>watch season 3
>unironically black muslim lesbian with rainbow powers
>stop watching it

It makes sense in context even if it's massively cringe.

>Death and Rebirth
Alright who is going to die, Jay Flash?

Wasn't Lor a version of Nightwing in the comics too?

Race-bending Zod because??

Because they liked Kryptons version of Zod I guess.

Somewhat related but why are almost all the black characters voiced by one guy?

for the same reason they race changed most of the Kryptonians with Zod with the exception of Zods wife who they left white, it's just another "fuck you, whitey" from the anti white faggot writers.

yup, Khary Payton does most of them. He seems to have had some kind of elicit sexual relationship with the production staff and he put both both his mixed race kids on HRT so he is practically entitled to have whatever roles he wants.

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I guess it's hinting Conner situation

kryptonian genocide


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I bet you think you're real fucking cleaver, don't you, Greg?

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The show reuses as many voice actors as possible, not just black ones.

Kinda have to when they have like 300 characters.

Not on the poster but because we've seen preview images of it I suspect the B-Plot of at least an episode or two will be Brion and Markovia.

>The one with the hot scars
Which one?

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I think this would have made more sense.

When are they killing Beast Boy?

Fair but it's just more noticeable with Khary Payton. I think he just has a more distinguishing voice.

The hot daughter

It's kinda disappointing that Nightwing's arc is gonna have to focus for tying up all the loose ends but I guess that's how it'd have to be structure wise.
Still hoping we'll get some Brion in there but who knows at this point.

>make all the evil Kryptonians black and in prison
>"fuck you whitey"
user, are you retarded? It's the other way around.

We know he's there, he was in preview images and stuff they released for the back half... and all that's left is this arc.

His new racial traits reflect better on his violent nature and tendancy towards crime and not even waiting for his parol to end before starting to ape out again.

...we're not getting Jason this season, are we?

That's it, I'm done with this show.

Good thing Babs wasn't there to jump in front of Shiva and get double-crippled while giving her enough of a free shot to kill the rest of the team.

If you weren't done with this show when the fish polycule was a thing and the aesop about not trusting prophecies was broken because Arthur dumped his job of Being King on Mera in a panic and somehow everyone was okay with it despite her being a lynchpin of the very monarchy the non-Poseidonis Atlanteans complained about, probably should have quit a lot earlier to be honest, but it's still late in the game to complain.