Are you gonna miss this show?

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I will remember it fondly, but I won't be sad about it. I'll move on. I will just be happy that I was there to see it through.

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Probably yeah but I'll miss the community more

Telling Marcy you'll miss everything except her.

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Definitely, but it's gonna sting even harder now that there won't be any show to replace it.
After Gravity Falls there was Star vs and Wander.
After Star vs came Amphibia and Owl House
After Amphibia, there will be a fee eps of Owl left, and then fucking what? Molly is lame
Amphibia is the end of an era that made me interested in cartoons again



Seriosu answer yeah, not hugely, but I'll miss it and the threads. They were a big time occupier and I got attached. It'll go down as one of the more memorable and better shows.

Straights will win

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I like maggie and all but stop spamming her and making early threads with her in the OP already

It was good and I enjoyed it but I'd rather it end than drag on too long. It was fun even if some times these threads were ass imo, but regardless I'll miss it like I miss old CN: It was some of the great times I enjoyed but everything eventually has to end.

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They've been memeing it for years and then it finally happened. Let them have their moment.

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despite your quints, this is our moment. Our time and our turn, you've had your turn for months and Matt said it's ours now. I hope you can understand

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Yes but the memories I've had will warm my heart for years to come. I cherish the time spent obsessing over this show with you all. Frog bless you all

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I'll miss the calamity trio and the frogs greatly. Amphibia is such a good show to keep me this invested in a western cartoon for 3 years.

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No because I stopped watching it in the middle of the 2nd season

is this some reverse psychology shit? If so allow me oblige

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Fucking this. Based quads of truth. Was just gonna say this


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Endgame right here brothers

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maggieshits being obnoxious? what a shocker! seriously, i can picture the autistic maggietards pacing around their rooms, flapping their hands, and being unable to sleep just because their stupid character showed up for two seconds.

exactly it's our time at least for now! Next week who knows what will happen especially if we get ANOTHER Maggie cameo

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Darcy is but a creature, just a little critter.

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Given how I almost cry like a bitch this week, I'm gonna be a wreck when it ends for real.
It's kinda funny, becuase I REALLY disliked the show at first, and I'm still not even sure why I kept watching it.

Of all the things people say are cringe in this show, this is the only scene that actually is.
She should have just said "looks like he's been disarmed" and then laughed. It didn't need to be explained to the audience

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That's the joke.

>Polly spin-off, or spin-off set in Amphibia
WTF WHY?! The GIRLS are the ones who need their own spin-off, not the frogs that took up 80% of the show despite no one caring

Funny goblin.

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What's going through her head right now

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>After Gravity Falls there was Star vs and Wander.
Didn’t Wander end like three months after Gravity Falls?

>My back sorta hurts

>t. pedo

Me and everyone I loved almost died. But damn my back hurts like a bitch!

Fries aren't really Matt's forte.

Matt is retarded.

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How did it get to the moon?

what is english

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Russians are funny like that.

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I fucking HATE how this person draws Anne.

mini portal

Maggiechads, I saw your girl on screen. Congrats.

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Really? She dosent look like a boy. What's so off about it?

I'm glad the show managed to end its story, that its more that many good shows got.

like I'm happy I got to experience this show, and this threads too believe it or not.

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Just ignore them. There's always one guy complaining.

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Are you the self-insert artists? Or a shill?

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thank you drawfriend! for the kind words and new Maggie!

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>Wait a minute... that style
this you?

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More like Faggie

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Cartoon network would be dumb enough to do just that.

This was the best part of the episode. Prove me wrong.

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The Sasha x Grim drama is still there.

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Ehh, let em have it. One week of maggiefags is a drop of water compared to a year of shipfags.

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is this the cutest Maggie ever drawn... maybe!

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Andrias accepting he was too far gone was pretty great but I think my favorite part was Sasha saving Marcy

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great pose

Stupid sexy schizo

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She thought Marcy was fucking dead and I almost felt an emotion for the first time in years.

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I love the girls but a spin-off for any of them woul be set in LA and putting any more LA on screen would be a crime.

Yes, it was. Andrias and Anne fight, Darcy and Sasha/Grime fight, and the moon arrival. The All-in episode has so many kino moments.

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How cute of a maggie

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You must be fucking blind if you don't see how off-model that is.

Following up on the promise I made yesterday, I'll be taking a draw request everyday as a send off to the series. Anyone have an interesting idea? Be aware I am not a quick draw.

Darcy as a mouse.

Funny that gay pairings were pushed as being brave and new but the real brave ship that takes balls is older male/younger female.

Yes, what about it?

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Shut up retard and stop posting garbage art

I still can't believe they actually showed the hand flopping in the foreground at that shot.

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I actually did that a few weeks ago.

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