ITT: Comics that didn't age well

ITT: Comics that didn't age well.

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2020 was better than 2019. That's for sure

what was so bad about 2019

Damn remember all of those memes that came in the end of 2019 saying that 2020 was going to be the best year ever and then we got hit with the pandemic and lockdowns

trump or something and the riots in china about a certain even that ddint happen involving students being killed then covid came

Remember all the people acting like 2016 was the worst year ever because bad orange man and some celebrities dying?

>5 posts in
>already two posts about trump
He lost, get over it already,

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I don't even know why people kept complaining that years were shit before 2020. I thpught a lot of years were pretty great but people would ruin the mood by constantly saying "this year is so bad!" I wish they would just kill themselves because they complain ever year without fail.

heckin celebrities dying, this year is taking too much!!

Yeah. Most assumed he was gonna over throw the constitution but were still surprised when he tried

blumpf won

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>Good thing it's sunday. Those buildings would have been filled up tomorrow

why'd she do it...

this was the absolute height of cope from the right wing leading up to the end of the trump presidency. The cope just kept growing and growing for years and this was its zenith. The most absurd hail mary ever. Just outright saying "sure he lost and a democrat is entering the white house and I can't even think of a possible way he could still win... but what if despite all that... he still won?"

What could he possibly have had up his sleeve? His master plan at the end ended up being asking his supporters to storm the capitol like it was a tf2 capture point that would switch sides if they walked around it long enough. A humiliating end to an embarrassing period of american history.

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It's double funny because that sensor never came out.

"this is the worst year ever" this should be banned on sight.
EVERY SINGLE year is "the worst" isn't it? Then the next one will be the worst, then the next one. Fucking die.
I miss the good old times when, after a mother finds out thta putting mud around a dislocated arm and cleaning it with herbs, so it can put it back to place, we burn her alive at a stake.

People who are going to say this about 2022 after going through 2020 are fucking retarded

two more weeks, trust the plan

Someone edit one of the numbers coughing and it will be significantly improved.

The caricature is fucked but the joke is great and wholesome.

Sir, this is Yea Forums.

Political comics are still comics, tranny

Cromwell was right

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I think 2020 mostly killed this mindset, haven't seen it since

>thread is about poorly aged comics
>tumblr tourists instantly overrun it seething about Blumpf
It's all so tiring.

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And the moral of the story was: don't simp.

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Nobody remembers the gorilla getting shot and the few who do don't care

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>board is about comics and cartoons
>Tumblr tourists overrun it

I don't think a full audit of the absolute farce of an election is an unreasonable demand, but I'm not sure what Trump could have personally done.

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Declared martial law, suspended the constitution and used his loyalists in the military to kill anyone who didn't swear fealty.

but he pussied out and didn't do that so I no longer support the big orange faggot.

many such cases

i don't get the theater one

They did a Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar, and updated it to modern times.

The play ends with Caesar (Trump) getting stabbed to death by his senators.

>Et tu, Pence?

Caesar had qualities to him that Trump could never hope to match.

oh okay

Amazing how Trump still lives rent free libshits heads. It's funny

butter emails

well yeah, for crypto fags and literally no one else.

the sentences needed segregation for the joke's pacing.

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Oh man, I wish that were real. American Augustus when?

bad things on the other side of the world that didn't affect me in any way but i still act like life somehow sucked because of them

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I will always remember Harambe

I mean he COULD have declared the election invalid, arrested anyone in the military that wouldn't support him and then organize magatards into a SS force and take over the whole country with emergency powers.... but he was too big of a pussy for that. Thankfully, because a leader that effective probably would have also forced everyone to get jabbed with the warp speed vaccine and now we would all be on the fast-track heart failure.

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its funny because they really did have the whole thing planned out and all pence had to do was go along with it that day and it would have worked, which is pretty terrifying.

This Brentalfloss comic looks like it was made by Dobson, why?

>Brent Black, Dan Roth, & Andrew Dobson
Because it was

>Made by andrew dobson
Welp, im retarded and can't read, please ignore me

>2012 comic
>It's complete shit
Webcomics are a fascinating thing. I still dont understand how they got so popular.

No he didn't, he won. This is Trump's 4th term and he's gonna go on a 5th one. Silly user.

They're free and they update regularly.

And think how it’ll be after the November elections, when Trump will be in charge in everything but official title.

Reminder that Tumblr is pretty much dead and everyone thats left on there are mostly just normal people now. It'd be more accurate to say that twitter tourists are shitting up the place.

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>he lost
Look up 2000 Mules, it's free on odysee.

Havent seen it since 2020 which was actually an abysmal year all around

>spanking fetish was even in Tom and Jerry comics

birthday spanks are a tradition though