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More than 1 panel edition.

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Do not read this comic.


Ah yes, lemme guess.. Mike wanders about his everyday life while constant conversations of his text messages with Sandy are displayed.

Showing how shallow and incompatible they are while Mike just looks sadly at Lucy being emo or some shit and regretting his choices.

Taeshi and Suit couldn't be assed to show the vital conversation of them getting back together for random dramatic purposes - but we'll see excruciating detail of small talk between them for this chapter. Never once cutting to Sandy or showing her as a character, just a weird faceless obstacle for Mike to also get depressed about.

Cause yanno, hammering in how sad both the main characters are and extending the love triangle of Mike x Sandy x Lucy is all this comic has to stand on.

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What a cuck

Read this comic

so she is not going to college, I am smelling a decline of life after her 30th b day kek
What will be the drama this time, I hope polo does not simp anymore

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next page: lucy's upset about something. mike stops and stares at augustus talking her through it while sandy keeps yammering in the background, mike tunes her out then just replies lol haha XD

At least they both are now

She'll be married to and raising the kid of a famous athlete by then.

Huh, the fact Sandy is talking this much with Mike now suggests the only reason she hasn't spoken to him before is because of whatshisface, the male side hoe, and she was never actually that busy.
>She did say she cancelled a bunch of shit to have more time for Mike
Still though.

Next page: Mike's brief moment of happiness comes to an end, because Lucy isn't happy, and because the whole world revolves around Lucy, and if Mike wasn't such a bad person he would disregard everything else in his life in order to give Lucy everything she wants, whenever she wants it, exactly how she wants it, regardless of how it conflicts with what she has wanted at any point in the past.

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Hope they don't meet, let Lucy face the consequences of her acts without more than her teddy bear patting her ass

That's a familiar text template

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And yet, given the plethora of issues plaguing this comic, this page is somehow an improvement. We might be getting hammered on the head with the obvious, but that's better than borderline malicious ~ambiguity~, there's more content than normal, and time isn't being wasted getting to the chapter's first bit of drama. Plus said drama actually makes sense.

All that said, yes, I also predict that this is going to be one of those dragged out scenarios. Sure, "Track Meet" is the kind of title that says "higher than usual energy," the page count is more than halved, and re-using last chapter's description implies Taeshi is trying to make some pottery. Normally good signs, but this is still BCB. Expectations based on experience should be maintained.

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I really hope this doesn't go beyond Augustus happening to look back, meet eyes with Mike, and they just do some silent understanding where Mike keeps to his promise.

Because if Lucy finds out he's behind them then you know she's just going to start shit or start talking shit about Mike loud enough for him to hear.

>lucy's upset about something
What a shock

>mike stops and stares at augustus talking her through it
Okay, so we've got some continuity going

>sandy keeps yammering in the background, mike tunes her out then just replies lol haha XD
Which white cat is getting tuned out? If it's Lucy, oh good more dragged out drivel. If it's Sandy, then we at least have avoided another reversion

Sandy. Mike completely zones out looking at Lucy and Augustus and ignores a bunch of messages by Sandy

>She did say she cancelled a bunch of shit to have more time for Mike
There is no way her mom would have allowed that. Not if Sandy's telling the truth about her filling the schedule with shows. Sandy is lying about one of the two.

I will flip a gasket if Mike is all of a sudden in love with Lucy again.

Why is Sandy complaining about her mom "making" her go to shows if she likes modeling these days?

Because her mom doesn't want her to drop out of highschool or not go to college.

>Because if Lucy finds out he's behind them then you know she's just going to start shit or start talking shit about Mike loud enough for him to hear.
In a better comic, that would not automatically be a bad thing. It would use this as an opportunity for Mike to demonstrate a new and better response than intimidated cowardice or autistic meltdowns.

That's a weirdly positive development. For BCB.

he doesnt have to be in love with her to feel bad about driving her to try and kill herself. he's always been a sensitive guy and he even came around and tried to apologize pretty soon after his initial spergout that caused everything

She only wants to do shows it sounds like. So having to deal with shows along with school leaves little time for anything else. That or her mother is making her go to more shows than she really wants even if she does enjoy modeling.

Y'know, why is he so happy to talk to Sandy when he just had a whole ass conversation with Daisy about how he hates her.

Taeshi is writing her. That's the readily, depressingly applicable answer. But also Sandy is a two-faced bitch who's now blaming her sins on others as of Eternal Flame.

Mike types less manly than his girlfriend. What a lesbian.

Fic text is a basic iPhone clone. I stole it from and then tweaked it a little.

What I don’t understand is why Mike was always a jealous sperg when it come to Augustus and Lucy even when he doesn’t «like» her

thats paulo, mike's hardly had shit to do with augustus

The only reasonable answer I can think of is that Mike enjoys feeling involved, getting the chance to be supportive, and so on. In a better comic, this could show ye olde tendency to backslide into Sandy's web getting arrested by recent experiences.

>he doesnt have to be in love with her to feel bad about driving her to try and kill herself

Excuse me bitch, what the fuck??

Mike never told her to kill herself, he just gave her an edgy speech about her being a toxic person - which is true.

She decided to spill her ketchup after being extra super retarded when he wanted to make amends. I guess she also wanted to spill Paulo's seed in the process or something like that according to last chapter.

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I think the anons in this thread should remember that all cats are imperfect and fallible. My cat threw up on the carpet and destroyed my sofa, but like Lucy, I will give him a second chance.

Mike's issue with Lucy was how she took him for granted. The girl had a bad habit of using Mike like a teddy bear. One moment she'd cling to him for comfort and safety, then turn around and hurl him across the room in frustration. He came to believe there was no love in their relationship, just one-way utility. The way Lucy suddenly got all buddy-buddy with Paulo the day after her failed confession solidified how replaceable Mike felt. Factor in the absurdity of Worst Cat taking Daisy's pseudo-rapist into her home and treating him as her best friend, and it's easy to understand his displeasure.

Unlike your cat, the BCB shits can't be spayed and neutered to make sure they don't procreate. We have to deal with their terrible screaming and yelling when they go into heat.

Status Quo is one helluva drug, at least to Taeshi.

She will do everything in her power to extend BCB, squeezing out every single ounce of potential drama, tension and interest out of it until it's a dried up husk.

Like I wouldn't be surprised if this bitch thinks she will still be doing 3 comics a week 10 years from now on BCB. Where everyone ins perpetually in high school and perpetually angst-ridden teenagers who can't really move at all lest she dare have to make up another plotline.

I mean hasn't it been around 10 years since she LAST said when the comic was going to end?

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Originally it was to end around 2013.

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>but like Lucy, I will give him a second chance
That count is lowballed by a couple of magnitudes

>Comparing a real life breathing feeling pet to a horribly written cunt of a character.

Dude should you even be owning an animal?

I really want the comix to end so i can be free from this hell

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I have NO ISSUE with it going on for another 10 years or so, but she needs to come up with some new and exciting plotlines for us to follow. And I think it would go a long way in getting her interested in writing the comic again. There are still plenty of hallmarks from teen dramas she hasn't even TOUCHED yet.

Now that I think about it, the fact that Polo and parasite actually did it only makes the whole suicide thing worse because when taking her to the hospital they could have actually found that she was fresh from shagging and twist it as "poor widdle Lucy tried to kill herself because she was raped!" or at least consider it for her whole motive. Like there's no way her family didn't find out after a medical check up and just decided to ignore it

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>wasn't the last story a fun one? :)
>Double down was a "beast" of a chapter
>let’s see how our favourite protagonist and his totally healthy fulfilling relationship is doing!

So we've got the annoying cutesy act, bald delusion, and passive-aggressive seethe all in one comment.

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If the sexes were reversed, how would the story change?
I believe like the discord mob would feel sorry for femMike and detest maleLucy for being so toxic

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They would have to do a rape kit on her and that's just not gonna happen. The whole Lucy fucked Polo thing was just simply to add more meaningless drama to the story. Just like suicide, it's more fuel to the "Woe is Lucy" campaign that Taeshi is hellbent on constantly perpetuating.

Because she is absolutely incapable of making Lucy a likeable, complex or interesting character. She has to strongarm her fans into feeling sympathy for her by giving her shit-luck, but only *just enough* because the universe dare won't harm Lucy *too* much. No, she MUST be reminded of how popular, sexy, intelligent, witty or loved she is at any given time. Complete with over the top birthday celebrations, random group meetings where she is put up on a pedestal or more often than not, her incredibly OP ability to win any argument or obstacle by scream-crying enough and rendering her target brain-dead to respond to react in any meaningful way that would harm Lucy's ego.

Not even Lucy's own mother can dare counter this god-tier ability. Because again, Lucy is the center of this ass-kissing universe and Lucy only suffers in relatable ways that are just barely enough to get the most surface level responses for her synchophantic fanbase. And cosmically, Mike suffers extensively for any trangressions against her, but is forced to continue to have them because """""""""plot""""""""""""""".


When you look at this whole situation from the outside, it's laughably absurd and overdramatic as hell. Poor Widdle Wucy has become its own parody because Taeshi just cannot stop herself from trying to milk just one more ounce of sympathy from the reader.

Sandy's new couch

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>History about a girl who is in love with a guy that threats her badly but is also very dependant on her
>girl tries to find love somewhere else and now guy is switching between being a jealous sperg and a shoulder to cry (presumably)
>girl gets feed up with guy and tells him off December style
>guy tries to kill himself because of it
Lucy male would literally be called a incel constantly and people would be more right to take Mike female side

Wouldn't work, Bcb made Lucy's tsundere bs as abuse and no one would pretend to be on Mucy's side after beating and punching Fike o the point of blood and/or scapes.

With the number of times Lucy passed up on Mike or stonewalled shit it would make the Male Lucy more pathetic than the rent a girlfriend protag.

I was shitposting. I do not have a cat. Whoooosh

Second hand, extensively used

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What Taeshi probably wishes she could write is a character like Jinx, who is actually mentally tormented, unhinged, emotionally dependent, traumatic backstory.. ect.

Instead we just get a parody of that kind of trope without any depth or intrigue.

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It would be satisfying if both characters arrived at a point where Lucy screams at Mike but ends up flummoxed when he stands up to her without yelling back or acknowledging her accusatory bullshit. I think Lucy would not know what to do because she's rarely if ever had to deal with that particular response.

Taeshi, why is Michael's gray off? What happened? He's way lighter than usual. How can you fuck up like this?

Male Lucy sounds pathetic as fuck. Almost the definition of limp-dicked.

Im sure theres someone out there who is into the idea of an abusive M!Lucy boyfriend

>remembering something basic like the eyedropper tool

I think it's just really bright outside.

How could she have missed this though? The particular shade of gray she happened to use here genuinely hurts to look at, what the fuck.
Other "bright" chapters don't make him this bright though?

>He came to believe there was no love in their relationship, just one-way utility.
Did he ever apologise to Lucy for treating her like a Sandy replacement?

But they aren't even using a couch in that pic?

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Makes ya wonder how many "favors" Sandy has done to progress her career

The abrasiveness, athletic ability, and prettiness sure but, Lucy's emotional bs does not work with a guy. The self-inflicted wounds would anger readers cause FMike had made attempts to start the relationship.