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How shit is Yea Forums?

got any raven webms? she's always been my favorite

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Look at the state of modern animation. That should give you some idea

Baaad man.
It's just chalk full of no fun vile folk.

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Raven has saggy granny titties

This need to be adapted.

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Based on the times I have checked it out, bad. For one comics and cartoons should probably be there own boards. Actual discussion seems to be rare. Yea Forums is slow compared to Yea Forums. Wouldn't be surprised if it was once better.

Those are her elbows.

Why are all dc movies so poorly animated?

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Budget cuts after The Dark Knight Returns movies

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Which film or show is this from? I see a lot of the art posted with that Wonder Woman but I don't think I've ever seen the name.
That's my fetish.

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You fucking cocksucker!

Jl vs Teen Titans

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GET FUCKED and stay out of Yea Forums

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I am the only one that liked Damian? An arrogant asshole who's the son of Batman, also bangs best girl, what's not to love?

Generals belong on /trash/.

I go where I wanna go!

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Sag indeed

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Crossed arms user...

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>101 webms

Relationship Goal

They had some balls to do this and I am glad they did because they could not now

Better than /nuPol/ aka Yea Forums


I loved this WW design. I also cannot get enough of WW action. She's like the perfect blend of Superman and Batman but, you know, a hot amazon.

I hate the weird "soft" look this specific style of DC animation has. It's hard to explain but I just don't like it.

Everything looks misshapen and bland. they're trying to do more detailed styles but that's the only thing these designs have; more detail. Everyone looks strangely built.

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it's was at it's worse in flashpoint

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>because they could not now
it was 2016 you dumb zoomer

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