I'm sorry

How did your theatre react to that scene? Even over the deafening and piercing note, I could hear people gasping.
I don't think your average moviegoer will remember him as a jobber, despite what Yea Forums seems to think.

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It was shocking for my audience. Both the general audience who knew nothing about the character, to the hardcore fans.

So many gasps. It was obvious to me, he was a variant. He’s fodder for Wanda.

I think many were shocked Wanda would just kill someone like that. Did they forget she just massacred the magic users at the temple?

I don't think I've heard such genuine shock in a theatre before. Usually you are ready for this shit in like a horror movie or something but it was pretty out of left field. The entire audience jumped or gasped or laughed. I kind of wish I went to an earlier showing to see how the younger audience and families reacted

he looks so bad. like they got the janitor to step in at last minute to fill space.

People talk about DS2 as there wasn't different realities and we will never see anymore those charaters

The cameos were 100% done for the memes, so I don't think people will expect them to return (with the exception being Fantastic Four).
But I think Black Bolt will gain a surprising following simply because he came out of the left field, had a cool scene disintegrating Doctor Strange and he got the most memorable death.

Do you think they will bring him back? Black Bolt should be a larger than life force of nature that can level cities with one word, but they made him seem like such a bitch. They better bring my boy back and do him justice.

>trains his entire life not to speak
>oh shit is my mouth gone better speak
If I hadn't pirated the film this is when I would have walked out and demanded my money back.

it was a cool scene

>starred in a shitty not-Xmen show by a jew exec seething over Fox
>most memorable outing is as cameo cannon fodder

Better than his TV counterpart

For the most part I haven't see anyone that thinks Black Bolt is weak. Most people are shitting on Reed for giving away how his attack works.

>his autistic smirk like a kid who is proud of himself
>his terrified scream when he realized his mouth was gone
MCU treated him like a joke character.

My girlfriend was confused because she didn't know Black Bolt was at all.

This movie was bad

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I heard shock when the guy's stomach bomb cellphone rang in TDK.

Forgot the nosebleed, dawg.

And why is his mouth there?

What happened to black bolt? How did wanda stop his scream?

Took away his mouth.

I don't remember the reaction to this particular moment, but overall they were slowly dying down. I could hear neckbeards laugh about anything Wong said and women gasp at everything Wanda did in the beginning, but as Wanda killed more and more people this gradually died down. Only thing besides that was that everyone cheered for mr fantastic and professor x

My theater definitely had a lot of gasps during the flashback and his death scene. Also a collective "OH NO" when Reed fucked everything up.

I mean to be honest this was really brutal for a marvel film. He blew his own brains out with his own power, that's fucking hardcore and Raimi as fuck

how stupid you, as a writer, can be to make the whole deal about "smartest man on the planet" and then make such a stupid move. I guess it was totally intentional for a "joke" purpose because if the writer think "Damn im so smart, Wanda is menace" then that fucker is totally a nepotism baby

I think understand Reeds logic here. Outside of intimidation he probably thought Black Bolt would be quicker on the draw. Wanda and every magician has had to do some sort of hand movement or red energy for even their most basic shit. Even when she shredded Reed she shot out red energy. Comparatively BB just has to make one sound and it's over. Yet for that one moment she erases Black Bolt's mouth instantly without any star up movement.

yeah but dont forget the other two characters stood still while their friend was being tortured and murdered. The writing was awful, not even the first X Men movie had so many dumb moments. The movie wasnt great but it could have been better without the Illuminati shit.

>Illuminati shit
They needed to remind everyone that they own F4 and X-men now

Wanda takes his mouth and he oneshots himself

One dude in the front yelled "Come the fuck on" that's a out it for loud noises

Well he did have sex. All the true geniuses are virgins. So Reed lost his intelligence when he had sex.

I assume it was just fatass Americans gasping for breath.

They literally clapped.
I'm not joking.

People forget that Reed didn't want to kill Wanda because she was puppeting their version of her who was an innocent woman. He probably told her BB's power because he had no idea that this Wanda was so much stronger than their version, so he thought the threat of getting sneezed to death could scare her.
Also he couldn't have guessed that she could just do that in an instant.

Doesn't RR do probability stuff int he comics, at least? He shouldve guessed her powers before she showed up to know what they were up against.

Seems like bad writing to just show how powerful Wanda is.

Didn't the group fought and restrain a doctor strange that had the darkhold?

It’s more that his fucking brain exploded inside his skull and we actually see it happen. That was not very Disney like.

I mean, wouldn't Xavier already know how powerful she is and could let the others know ahead of time?

I can't wait for Cinema Sins, lol.

And we have a more like 616 version of the Inhumans royal family in the MCU now?

I was so certain he would rip a hole in his no-mouth. The actual outcome was surprising.

That strange gave up peacefully

I am somewhat upset they refer to it as 616. this universe is actually 199999

90's music start playing

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I meant to say, can we have an Inhumans movie with the Inhuman royal family more like 616 than the worst accusations of X-Men fans about them in the MCU?

By Feige. It’s been 616 in the movies since Endgame

No, It was Mysterio in Far From Home and it was a con-stunt.

Wrong. Rewatch the scene when ant man gets out of the quantum realm. There’s a note that says Earth 616.

>X-Men and F4 of 838 come to get revenge on 616
>mfw it’s called Avengers vs X-Men
>mfw this causes an incursion
>mfw the next movie is Avengers: Incursions
>mfw this leads to Avengers: Secret Wars
Three part avengers mega event. I hope I’m alive to see it happen. After this there will be a massive reset in the MCU.

so how does the multiverse work now? the ceo of sex got two different spidermans to show up in the mcu, but sling rings were meant to open realms in the same universe. At chavez is meant to be the only one who can actually physically travel between universes without causing incursions so how does it work anymore?
How are universe created? Are they only created from signifant events rather than a universe where hulk didn't get to the toilet in time.
And was that the same captain carter from what if?

The two spidermen were sent to the MCU by strange’s spell. Both spidermen and their villains came at the same time. Ned just found the two Peters.

My theater cheered when Xavier, Reed and BB showed up and was silent when they died except like 1 or 2 people laughed after Xavier got neck snapped

absolute kino motiff

based raimi giving the fans what they want

tbf I laughed at some of the deaths because I read the spoilers.
The one I don't think anyone really laughed at was Captain Carter's because she bothered to fight.

I kind of hate this, but it goes back to the Loki show. Somehow branched timelines can create extremely wild variations so you can have Kid-Loki, Alligator Loki, Old Man Loki, Chick Loki, and so on. This is just on an extreme degree where all of history has been reshaped and includes very different actors (no joke intended).

Personally I would have preferred different, totally separate universes each with its own timeline variants shed as branches of probability or whatever other technobabble you can swallow, but changes in the MCU timeline can be quite ridiculous.

About the only thing they showed is that branches are naturally occurring, keeping the TVA busy. So 616 may have had a point in the past where mutations appeared but it got culled so no mutants in 616. It's hard to say. There's a degree of deviation that the TVA will allow. For instance Old Man Loki would have been the primary Loki except what he did that got himself pruned was he decided to leave his exile after his "death". All that the TVA approved history needed was for Loki to otherwise fuck off, either into exile or death, it didn't care otherwise what kind of Loki. Could have been Clown Loki as long as he otherwise did all the deeds our Loki did and then stepped out of history's way.

>fork sticked into his forehead
cmon guys, have a little taste
its great to admire someone but it needs at least a little style to be considered worth busting a nut to
this guy is a genuine retard
what is his past anyway ? the dad was yelling at him so he killed him with carnig fork and from now on, he speaks only when he kills ?
fucking tasteless retards

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Was he main continuity blackbolt?

editors from marvel wiki seems agree with my opinion 616 mcu are just editorial name it oficially stil called Earth-199999

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Not a Shocker, they still need some way to differentiate everything, keep the materials separate.

>p-please buy and read Inhuman comics

>oh shit, back in my dimension that guy hates and tried to kill me
>so naturally I'm going to drink whatever he offers me

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Blackbolt is fucking hilarious. This is his origin.

>marvel wiki
>phone posting

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>Captain Marvel
Dead silence.

>Black Bolt
The tittering of a few tryhards who read about him on Wikipedia pretending to care.

>Captain Carter
Gasps and "YES" from people who understood that reference.

>Reed "Big Tuna" Richards
Actual whooping and cheering and gasps of surprise.

>Professor X
Full-on screaming.

why are you so triggered about this? who gives a shit, comics and movies have 2 different multiverses now.
616 comics
616 movies

why is it bad i just want point out that someone have same opinion like me that mcu its still Earth-199999 and not 616

reminder that Kamala is inhuman so the chances of BB showing up in MCU is 99%