Why is this costume so popular? Seriously every woman from a cartoon will be drawn wearing at some point or another

Why is this costume so popular? Seriously every woman from a cartoon will be drawn wearing at some point or another

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think it was in a movie or something

Because it's from star wars and because it's skimpy, so it quickly became the go to "hot" outfit for female "nerds" to wear to conventions. It's a classic piece of cosplay at this point.

Oolas coafume was way way hotter. Since its essentially a fishnet sling bikini.

I never really watched Star Wars since i was told it was liberal "Empire are Republicans and Republicans are Nazis!: propaganda. Friends wanted me to see one of the new movies once but the trailer was just some Mary Sue woman and black guy and Asian girl all over the marketing with the white guy being evil so I didn't go

Now draw Raven in it. Hood on.

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Animators are boring nerds with predictable fetishes.

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Lmao you're a retard

It’s not just the outfit. It’s the idea of lowering someone

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>OD'd on cocaine

Shut up zoomer.

The idea of fetishizing slavery grosses me out, but I do love the idea of forcing women to wear revealing outfits.

Star Wars is genuinely a cornerstone of American Media and Film

Why not?

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Hell, it's a cornerstone of world wide pop culture as a whole.

"Forcing women to do a thing appeals to me, but forcing women to do other things grosses me out".

That is a weird stance, just saying.

i like forcing women into things
that includes taking my dick

He's not wrong though. Star Wars us steeped liberal and left leaning ideals

Matter of scale. It's forcing a woman into a life of servitude and rape, versus just having her walk around in a slutty outfit.

How do you get filtered by WW2 in space?

Because it gets me stiff. Fuck yourself.

The Sequels maybe, not the Original Saga

Cause it's a classic.

It's hot because Leia was a princess of a planet and rebel military leader forced to dress like a slut and be the slave of a crimelord and dance for his palace.
It isn't the slave bikini itself that is so hot, but what it represents.

Nazis and Facism is evil is a left leaning ideal

That's why I like to add Mind Break into the mix

Only disney star wars. OG lucas star wars is jungian archetypal esoterism

Reminder that Disney can't refer to this as her "slave" outfit anymore

I had to check to see what it was. I don't remember it.

Like into a sarlacc pit???

...or making her eat ALL the eggs.

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They renamed Boba Fetts' Ship Slave 1 to just "Boba Fett's Ship" in some areas while it's just called the Firespray Gunship, which is just the model of the ship.

Please I’m begging you, have sex.

This, and beyond that it’s nostalgia. A lot of guys remember slave Leia as one of if not the first “I have a weird feeling in my pants” movie moment from when they were kids. It’s an awkward memory shared in the public conscience

It's from a somewhat famous movie

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> i was told it was liberal "Empire are Republicans and Republicans are Nazis!: propaganda.
I think the person who told you that was projecting. The empire doesn’t bear much similarity to the American right at all, they’re just straight-up Nazis in space.

It's the leash and collar that do it for me.

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>Empire are Republicans and Republicans are Nazis!: propaganda.

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So what I'm getting from this is one guy with an obsession for this slave outfit and far too much money is commissioning artists to draw girls in the outfit for a fetish?

never saw star wars but I've seen the outfit before.

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No the costume is a legitimate sex icon. Shit ton of people like it it's not just one autist like the how to train your dragon guy

The degradation and humiliation is what makes it super hot.

Nah you're just living under a rock.

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Fuck off porn addict tranny

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Fuck off /pol/ tourist

>Fuck off porn addict tranny

What does /pol/ have anything to do with this? If you're gonna try to insult they try better next time.

This, the Empire is also one of the coolest portrayals of a fascist regime in fiction, only the Imperium of Man being comparable. Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers, Vader, the numerous badass officers with posh British accents, it’s all kino. It’s also socially acceptable to like them, and do things like play as them in video games. You also have Imperials in the old “legends” books who abandon the dark sides autists to focus on building a safe, orderly, society.

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Because they're the ones that shit and piss about degeneracy and anything that isn't bitching about cartoons having browns and gays in them.

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Wanting the board to be anything other then a softcore porn dump doesn't have anything to do with /pol/. Especially when it's the same images and threads over and over.

Hey, sometimes we talk about wanting to kill ourselves because our waifus will never be real. It’s not JUST softcore porn.

What about the guy who constantly complaining about Disney's find a Gloom children and the new laws going to destroy it all because Disney opposes = an intentionally vague new law which punish teachers for even mentioning if they have a same-sex marriage partner in passing?

user, you have drank too much koolaid. Please, for your own sake, get off this site.

Porn sure rots one's brain huh

>socially acceptable to like the empire
Twitter and Reddit threw a shit fit when a police officer had an empire logo sticker on his car and they threw another shitfit when that Star Wars LARP hotel let people be part of the empire and basically play as gespato outing jews hiding

whoever made this image is sad

If it's PG-13 is not porn.

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>whoever made this image is sad

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