This ended up saving animation. Without it, we’d still be in the dark ages of the 2000s

This ended up saving animation. Without it, we’d still be in the dark ages of the 2000s.

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>Gravity Falls
>Steven Universe
>Star Vs
>Rick and Morty
>Owl House
Yup, I’m thinking based.

It was Flapjack, all 2010's important cartoon creators begun in it

Flapjack was garbage and nearly sabotaged the industry.


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I command you to masturbate

*Late 2000s
An important distinction, the early 2000s gave us some of the greatest of all time
But yeah, we did get a brief renaissance during the early 10s, at least in terms of CN and Disney.
>Early Adventure Time
>Early Regular Show
>Early Gumball
>SymBionic Titan
>Mystery Incorporated
>Dan Vs.
>Randy Cunningham
>Kick Buttowski
>Over the Garden Wall
>China, IL
>DC Nation
I'd say it ended in like 2014-2015

you forgot problem solverz

>An important distinction, the early 2000s gave us some of the greatest of all time
Nah, the 2000s as a whole sucked ass. I don’t get why people arbitrarily cut it off at like the late 2000s.

The 2010s were so good in animation that a show got their own board

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>Early SpongeBob
>Ed, Edd n Eddy
>Duck Dodgers
>Aqua Teen Hunger Force
>My Life As A Teenage Robot
>Danny Phantom
>Megas XLR
>Samurai Jack
>Kids Next Door
>Billy and Mandy
>Invader Zim
>Dave the Barbarian
>Jimmy Neutron
>Venture Bros
>Clerks Animated
>Clone High
>Brak Show
>Teen Titans
>I don’t get why people arbitrarily cut it off at like the late 2000s.
Because literally everything here was killed off by the late 2000s, and the few that didn't went to shit (except for Venture Bros)

Still waiting on the next big thing to come in and be as fresh and creative as Adventure Time. Feels like cartoons have begun to stagnate again.

>Early SpongeBob
>Ed, Edd n Eddy
Those are from the 90s. The rest are pure shit.

What? We literally have Amphibia and Owl House; cartoons are viably thieving more than ever before.

>Those are from the 90s.
1999. Having the majority of its run and its peak in quality in the 2000s. A kid born in 1998/1999 is not considered a 90s kid because they barely even lived through the 90s
>The rest are pure shit.
No, they're not

Amphibia and Owl House are just discount Gravity Falls and Harry Potter. Not a single original ideas in either of those shows

they're really just the offspring of the trendy "cute colorful cartoon that has lore" that AT started, a decade ago. They contribute to said stagnation

Never gonna happen. Streaming has turned animated shows into cheaply-made, disposable content to be thrown onto the library pile. Nothing lasts more than 2 or 3 very short seasons, and nothing gets much attention outside of niche little fandoms because of how disposable they are

this again?

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I remember Centaurworld being a thing for like a month or two before pretty much vanishing. Streaming kind of sucks.

We were never in a dark ages. I'm sick of people saying this. It was a slow time but it wasn't a dark age. There were 6 great feature films, Phineas and Ferb, Chowder,
Flapjack and funny Nickelodeon shit like Penguins of Madagascar and Barnyard airing in 2009. It was not that bad.

This, what we're in now is what I'd consider a dark age. At least the late 2000s had SOMETHING good being released

For real lmao. Now it's either woke reboots or Gravity Falls rip offs. I can't decide which one I hate more. Good features are fewer and far between as well. The last one Id call great is Spider-Verse, which is almost 4 years ago now.

After Owl House and Amphibia are over the Gravity Fall rip offs are probably done. I don't see anymore.

We have Mitchells vs the Machines and Turning Red. It’s on par with Spider-Verse which didn’t even need to be Spider-Man related.

user stop arguing with a troll.

I'm not even the biggest fan of BGC and TGAMM but I can at least appreciate them moving away from the big standard AT/GF formula. I still remember that one twitter thread where people were in shock over Molly McGee staying light hearted and comedic instead of going into lore.

MvtM is shit and Turning Red is even worse

Instead we’re just getting shitty comedies like Hamster and Gretel. Americans hate dark and mature themes in animation.
You are the cancer killing animation consoomer.

>Americans hate dark and mature themes in animation.
So why do shows like Avatar, Gargoyles and BTAS still get talked about fondly even decades later?
Why do dark/edgy animes get so popular stateside?

So you hate uniqueness?

I appreciate lighter cartoons, I like watching them after a rough day. I see why people like the heavier animation, but it's just gotten over saturated and samey. Plus, most "mature" lore shows don't really execute the concept in an interesting way. looking at your, SU: Future

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Doomed us to shows that think shipping is critical to plot and creators that have little respect for ideas not their own.

I say it was a bit of a poison pill.

>such a good cartoon that Yea Forums banned it sitewide
>going even further and banning the entire franchise sitewide
>going yet further and banning anything even tangentially related to the franchise, sitewide
Never forget how the anonymous legion was defeated by cartoon horses

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Future was the shit

No nigga, I hate them because they're fucking shit.
I'll give Mitchell's the benefit of looking nice, but Turning Red looks like a GrubHub advert

Maybe you're right but now we need a new Adventure Time to shake shit up again, because I'm fucking sick of seeing shows about lolrandom worlds that actually teach you about not being a manchild while being written by manchildren and there's a skeleton man because wow we're so dark.

and it's about to save animation again.

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It was an okay kids cartoon but it enabled way too much lazy wonky animation in the name of "muh style" and was probably too influential for its own good

Fionna's thighs could save anyone.

Based. AT is the chemo keeping animation alive.

Better than what the 2000s had. Shit was literally uglier.

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Nah tuck you, we need more of AT’s influence.

Based inoffensive cartoon BTFOs offensive jamaican orange peeling forum

>This ended up saving animation.
>Without it, we’d still be in the dark ages of the 2000s.

>the dark ages of the 2000s
You retard.

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The 2000s was awful. Literally just ow the edge. The 2010s are more meaningful.

1 ugly 2000s movie for 100 ugly 2010s movies

>Lilo and Stitch
LOL u blind

It was all pretty ugly my guy.
They look like fucking potatoes.

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Style is important in animation,

Yeah but the non-binary dykes had to ruin it with Steven Nonbinaryverse.

Enbies are cool though

Most of them were just all edge no substance

Disney made the right choice switching to SOL and comedy with BCG and Molly McGee. Looking forward to this new golden age of animation!

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>that pic

What? It's just a happy, healthy family.

Nuclear families are never happy or healthy.

>there's a skeleton man because wow we're so dark.
They even managed to fuck this up.

Sick freak

>Looking forward to this new golden age of animation!
This is no golden age; we need more shows like Amphibia and Owl House, not Molly McHapa. It’s like we’re going backwards not forwards.