What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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They just want to celebrate gay and tranny audience. Money doesn't matter. For them, gender is all that matters


/biz/bros, Is it time to go all in?

Isn't the MCU and Star Wars stuff profitable for them?

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>What went wrong?
Pederasty is a sin! The Almighty punishes sodomites!
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Stocks are imploding because they were trading way above what the companies were objectively worth based on speculation that shit would go up forever. Well, the low rate free money part is over because they had to tighten up the money supply before America turned into weimar Germany. Crypto is imploding even worse because it has no intrinsic value

>The Almighty punishes sodomites

And buy gold and run from shit stock markets.

Taking a look at their long-term stock prices it's currently trading at numbers comparable to what they were making between 2015- first quarter 2019 before the massive spike in share price in the latter 3 quarters of 2019 (something like a 40% increase) and the massive spike in share price following COVID recovery. While their are a lot of structural and long-term cost/revenue issues at play, it can't be overlooked that Disney stock has experienced massive overvaluing in the past 3 years.

Mods he posted it again

>Discovery will buy Disney in your lifetime
>JLA/Avengers movie happens

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Trump lost.
The US economy entered a recession, Biden trying to restart it by stimulating military-industrial complex.

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>investing in gold
Yep, /biz/ is here.

Forget gold, I hope you have guns ammo and food

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Market bubble is bursting due to rising interest rates used to tamp down inflation. Disney in particular had a lot of speculators who bought in due to growth in D+. That growth has slowed and earnings are coming for the quarter. The fued in Florida ain't helping though its short term effects are likely minimal in the face of demand following reopening.

Most parents dislike groomers.

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Along with Netflix. Really AT&T was lucky to pawn off WB before it became a further drag on the stock.
Disney's 4 x billion dollar movies this year will probably help set things aright.



The problem is that it has to make up for the massive revenue losses and accrued expenses over the pandemic. While it can shuffle a lot of numbers around to make things look good, they're ultimately stuck with a multi-billion dollar weight to drag around for the next several years. Just take a look at the Cast Member threads that one guy working at WDW posts every other month, pretty much anything about the corporate side mentions they're running on shoe-string budgets in most areas.

>What went wrong
Your mother fainted in a mental hospital after seeing a patient smear the wall with feces and blood and when she came to she was pregnant

Do retards actually think we're anywhere close to Weimar hyperinflation? That happened because Germany printed several hundred times their GDP and planned to make up the debt by conquering the fucking world

Most of the price issues in the US aren't due to inflation at all, they're due to supply problems and price gouging

Everything you know is wrong.

Banks don't issue currency, the government still does that

Go woke
Go broke

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>supply problems
Jfc it’s sad you actually think this lol

Unironically yes. Lots of media companies are having weak comparisons to their COVID-infused digital content boon. Makes investors, gives you good reason to buy.

Yeah ok ignore the fact that 3/4 of every USD in existence came into existence last year


Kowtowed to chink nazis. Repeatedly.

That's not even remotely true
The amount of USD in circulation is about 2.2 trillion up from 2.1 last year and 2.05 the year before

You're either a liar or extremely gullible, and either way nothing you say has any value.

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haha isn't it kinda weird how this only started happening after disney stopped donations to politcians? probably just a coincidence though lol

Don't waste your time, this guy obviously has an agenda. The way he posts, every time, makes it clear

The entire markets reeeeing

when the wind is slow

But aren't they funding anti-LGBT bills

You're retarded.

>M1 is the same as currency in circulation
You're the blind being led by the blind

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My agenda is pointing out that you're a gullible retard that has bought into a mountain of obvious lies

Clearly not enough, I'm waiting for it to his $100 to buy.

I'm gay

lol did you fall for the "its ok if we create trillions of dollars out of thin air" stuff

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Me too, what are some guys you find hot? Yea Forums related, of course

You really should Google what M1 is. This is embarrassing.
While you're at it Google Weimar inflation so you understand just how much Germany printed compared to their GDP

Movie success doesn't equate to stocks in a company where movies are only a fraction of their earnings

>shiny rock that never goes up in value

Remember when there was an excess of Mother's Day cards? Supply problems.

it's ok if we print trillions of dollars mr. goldstein said so

This is what these people actually think is a gotcha
That's how insanely simple these kids are

If it's not hard to understand, please explain how it's not about supply.

>I am unironically illiterate
Excellent work

No, he's being dishonest and concern trolling. There's a difference.

Vlad from Danny Phantom is pretty sexy

I do not agree at all, sorry.

Apple or Google are more likely to buy Disney

Sooner or later
>Paramount Global (formerly Viacom) will buy Disney
>Paramount Global (formerly Viacom) will also buy Discovery/Warner
>Not only will we get a JLA/Avengers movie but a Star Wars/Star Trek movie will become a reality

Nothing, retard. Disney is unstoppable and soon will buy your pathetic dc company. Marvel always wins!

MOM will be a flop

They make slightly more money from their parks and cruises then they do from entertainment, and we just went through a worldwide pandemic.

Enjoy consooming the mouse, faggot.

If it's about overestimating how much a stock is worth, isn't supply a huge factor in that?

You're fucking moron. Disney is the biggest company ever, then can easily the entirety of Europe with their MCU money alone. Seeth harder, dcfag.

You'll have more wealth holding gold than holding fiat

t. mouse consoomer